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In 2008 My daughter and I went to the pet store to hopefully see what puppy my sister and her husband will buy. When we got there they had already left with their new puppy. All the puppies were being carried by interested buyers except one- the biggest one. We were standing there looking at that one puppy left in the cage wondering what type of dog. The seller asks us if we want to see it and proceeded to bring the puppy out. My daughter did not want to carry it so the puppy was given to me to carry. When that puppy looked up at me with his big black round eyes I couldn’t resist and said to my daughter “I’m buying him” I didn’t care the price. I knew I needed to have him. From that point on everything was about “Teddy”. Everyone loved him. He was naughty, had a great personality, territorial, loves to eat vegetables and fruits, loving and sweet. We moved from Hawaii to Las Vegas in 2009. He went on a few road trips with us. Hiked up the mountain with my son and enjoyed the parks.
In 2021 his health started to decline. His eyesight was going blind. In 2022 we found out that he has 4 cancers in his body. We decided to euthanize him at home where he feels safe, familiar and loved. This was the hardest decision of my life. It was a very sad day for me. Dr Toby gave us some kind words that was needed to be heard. A few days later I received a greeting card in the mail from Dr Toby with kind words about Teddy. Receiving this card means a lot to me. Teddy was my best friend in those years when I was single. He would be waiting and looking out the window the same time everyday until I arrive home from work. I miss him so much.

08/15/2008 – 05/27/2022

Christine O
Las Vegas NV

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