We are a warm-hearted team of pet professionals here to help when pets are struggling.

Working together we help find the best path to feel better about the choices ahead.

Our experienced doctors are compassionate, talented, and long-time Southern Nevadans.

Our staff is credentialed and trained in hospice and palliative care to give the best guidance.

We come to you focusing on comfort and quality, and don’t perform procedures or lab tests.

We specialize in consultations, pain management, peaceful euthanasias, and dignified aftercare for your pet.

You are not alone…..with gratitude and patience over 9 years we’ve helped over 6,000 local families, one at a time.



Dr. Toby Goldman was a true professional who had the compassion of Mr. Rodgers and the bedside manner of Mother Teresa. It was a difficult decision to have our dog (Bianca) euthanized, but she was in so much pain that it was selfish for us to continue her suffering. Though Dr. Toby had never met us before, he felt like a family member consoling us through a difficult time. His patience is peerless and I could not have asked for a better experience through such a difficult time. From the moment we called, to having Dr. Toby at our home, the entire staff at Nevada Pet Hospice was exceptional. I have recommended to our other friends, who are sadly in the same situation, that using their services is worth every penny by far.

Chris L.

When it was time for my dog I knew I didn’t want to do it at the vet, where she was always shaking and scared – and our vet was so nice. She recommended Nevada Pet Hospice and I am so grateful for Dr. Toby. He was compassionate and kind, and he took the best care of her at our home while we said goodbye. His support made it so I could say goodbye to my little dog while she was comfortable and loved at home. I can’t recommend him and the in-home service enough. The staff as well, they were so kind and helpful. I appreciated not having to call and cancel vet appointments. I could tell that everyone cared and that meant the world to me.

Lauren K.

I wanted to take a minute to recognize this wonderful organization. Throughout the entire difficult process everyone I spoke to or came in contact with was amazing. Dr. Tunnard came to our home and guided us through the whole process. She was so kind and compassionate. Thank you for all your help and kindness, it is invaluable.

Brenda K.

Nevada Pet Hospice deserves more than 5 stars! The service they provide is the very best gift you can give your beloved furry friend. On the business side, their responsiveness and staff are amazing. My initial inquiry was met with a response within a few minutes. Both phone and email got immediate attention. On the medical side, all I can say is I want to have Dr. Goldman be my primary care doctor! What a caring, steady, and professional vet he is. I have had to put about 15 pets to sleep in my lifetime, and this experience WAS THE BEST for both my pet and for me. Dr. Goldman has a gentle touch and there was not a moment of fear or anxiety for my dog Lily. It was respectful and caring and just what you want for your best, best pet. See you at the Rainbow Connection, Lily. And thank you, Dr. Goldman, for the golden ticket.

Walden P.

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