Yesterday the angels (with Dr. Tunnard’s help) came to take my darling Sydney to heaven. I am heartbroken and devastated but so thankful this smart, feisty, brave, loyal, absolutely beautiful girl came into my life.

Sydney was the dog I always dreamed of having since I was a kid. When I first saw her at 6 weeks old, playing with her siblings, I knew she was the one. For more than 16 years she’s been my best friend and constant companion. We worked cattle together, played at the beach, and until recently she always went out with me when I rode my horses. This loving girl was my protector and slept next to my bed (sometimes in the bed) every night. Sydney has been through so much with me, from living in different places, relationships, jobs, good times and bad. I cannot imagine my life without her.

I know Sydney enjoyed her retirement here in Las Vegas, especially pool time with my husband and I. I’ll never “get over” Sydney but hopefully in time I’ll be able to move forward…and the thought of her will bring more smiles than tears.

Sydney, thank you for everything. You are the best dog I’ve ever had, or ever will have. I love you my darling girl. I’ll meet you and Dino at the Bridge. 💓

02/26/2006 – 05/21/2022

Kate F. Birgenheier
Las Vegas, NV

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