My Rubin’s house rules:
1. Don't come home smelling of other dogs.
2. You must feed me every goodie you eat.
3. Don't call me or lead me to a bath.
4.Let me outside even though I just came in,
there was an area I forgot to sniff.
5.1 can sleep anywhere I choose even if it
means you trip over me.
6. Don't shhhh me from barking while you are
on the phone, I heard the wind blowing the
7. Don't move me while sleeping sideways in the
middle of the bed, you have enough room on
the edge.
8. Don't think you can leave a room without me.
9.If it lands on the floor it's MINE!
10. You will never pee alone again.
He was the best, I just very missed him
I hope he will wait me at my end ❤️🙏🏻

09/23/2007 – 12/17/2022

Guzel Lukmanova
Henderson, NV

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