Riley joined our family exactly 8 weeks later (he fit in the palm of my hand). He brought so much unconditional love, joy, and comfort to us all, no matter what was going on, and he was definitely a “Mama’s” boy, too, and a great cuddler! You were by my side for 15 Years, 7 months, 26 days.

Riley, the past few weeks have been so tough, but I try to keep remembering you are now seeing clearly, not walking into things, and not in pain. Your tumors are all gone, and no more hip pain either. Thank you for mustering up all your energy for the quick spurts of “puppy playfulness” at the end. Our last trip to the park was sweet and peaceful. Enjoy your new wings, playing and running around, pain free, with all the other pups up there. I know you will be waiting for me at Heaven’s gate. Such a good boy, you were, and I love you so much still, and always will. Daddy misses you too!

08/21/2007 – 04/16/2023

Jane Rediker
Henderson, NV

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