Oliver "Ollie" became my dog when he was just 9 weeks old. I was 19. We grew up together. We moved to new states, new cities, and new houses. He was my co-pilot and my sidekick through everything. Eventually, I met my now husband and Ollie adopted him too. He wore a tuxedo to celebrate our engagement. He was here when we brought our first daughter home and accepted the role of big brother at 13 years old. Even though there was a bit of a rivalry, Ollie always kept an eye on Abby even until his last days. I am extremely grateful to have had 15 wonderful years together. He was such a sweet, special, spunky boy and he will be forever missed. We love you, Mr. Ollie. Run free, dig all the holes, and eat all the treats.

03/27/2007 – 09/24/2022

Jessi Tamir
Las Vegas, NV

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