To our FURever loved "Oobs", "Oober Kitty", "Oobs-Ditty-Oobs", "Oobie-Kiddles", Your Dad and I were in the right place, at the right time when we found you in 2006 needing a home as a kitten. For the past 17-1/2 years, you have been very loved, some would say spoiled…It was hard not to…You were anything but a typical cat… family and friends still rave from the fact that you loved taking showers to being toilet trained. You had your moments of being a good, big brother for 15 years to Noobie when you weren't showing your Alpha side. You gave the best head butts, cold, drippy-nose boops of love, kitty cuddles otter-style, and boneless kitty hugs. Your Mommy, though she sometimes thought it an inconvenience having a soft paw on her shoulder or face waking her up early in the morning to get your breakfast at 4:30am, then coming back to bed to find you just wanted to take over her warm spot; she would trade in that "nuisance" for you still being here. Your Mommy will miss most you being her comfort animal and her Pal-low at night. We'll miss your little messy face after eating from an empty yogurt cup or ice cream cup, and then insisting that Mommy use her facial rounds to help clean you up. We will miss your antics of trying to squeeze in between your Mommy and Daddy to snuggle up close between the two of us. No more calling out, "Where's Oobie?! Oooobie!" We'll miss you flopping and being a roly-poly kitty upon entering the house….Oobs, the rain has been falling since you took your last breath…very symbolic of our emotions at this time, but as your Aunt Beck Beck says, when there is rain, look for the rainbow. We'll search….We love you Oobie 💙

06/03/2006 – 01/21/2024

Stan Malone and Catherine Rohlfing
Las Vegas, NV

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