I knew the day I met Onyx he was going to be my best friend. I adopted Onyx when I lived in South Dakota. In 2016, we moved to Las Vegas and did a 17 hour road trip together here. He was so happy about the warm weather, he loved to get his tan on!! Onyx loved car rides so much, I had to spell out “car” anytime I was talking because he knew what that meant. Cooking will never be the same without my Onyx in the kitchen with me. I am so grateful for the 13 years I had with you Onyx. You were so silly and had such a big personality. You have touched so many lives, especially mine, in ways I didn’t think possible. I hope you are running and eating anything you want in heaven. RIP

07/01/2011 – 05/25/2023

Tiffany Eppard
Las Vegas, Nevada

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