Olly loved to travel with us. He went everywhere we went. He loved camping and road trips. His wheel chair didn’t stop him from wandering and looking for holes to poke around. He loved chasing chickens, but, thankfully, he didn’t know what to do with them if he caught up to them. He also loved cats, and he made us wonder if he thought he was a cat because he sometimes meowed. When he lived with a pack of dogs, he often started the group howling. Olly sneezed to boss me around, flapped his ears when he was getting something he wanted, and had a squeaky yawn when he first woke up in the morning. It was almost as though he knew those were all my favorite sounds when he gifted them to me on our last day together. Olly was my soul dog, and my heart will miss him eternally. You were my favorite boy, Olly bug.

05/04/2008 – 11/28/2023

Angel Morgan
Las Vegas, Nevada

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