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From the second you came home in 2015 to your very last breath you protected us. You guarded our family fiercely from each of the kids to me and especially your daddy. You were on high alert at all times on walks and in the back yard. You took over the pool and every single tennis or baseball brought home as yours. Your understanding vocabulary was outrageous – you knew everything we were saying, sounds of our cars and our visitor's cars and when you met a sketchy person. You checked out my belly, sniffed my toes, and laid your head on me every day of my pregnancy and you guarded your new buddy no matter where she was. You took your new place in line right next to her stroller on walks. By far the greatest of your protections was the night you alerted me that your loving dad was in distress, barking to wake me up and make me hear what you heard. You stood on guard as the ambulance drove him away and comforted us the past 18 months since that awful morning. We are so grateful to Dr. Toby for helping you cross the rainbow bridge into daddy's loving and waiting arms for you so peacefully. We could not have asked for anything more for our family. We are so grateful.

09/29/2015 – 02/05/2023

Sarah M Laesch
North Las Vegas, NV

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