Sweet cookie girl, nonie, Noel. Feom the moment we rescued you, you were the most wonderful dog. With a beautiful smile, you’d greet any and everyone, so happy to see them, strangers or not. There wasn’t a person you didn’t love. You were excited to go the vet. (Yes, you read that right.) You learned to love your little siblings. You never ran away, and those occasional times you’d slip past us, we just had to honk the horn on the car and you came running right back. You’re adoration for bananas and peanut butter was one of a kind. You’re ability in your senior years to accept and love Max and Mia, even Taz, was the most wonderful thing to watch. Your love for Princess was maybe not reciprocated, but seen by us. You were the most avid cuddler and blanket thief. Your concern when we were sad was unique! You were truly a one of a kind dog.

We are going to miss the Scooter’s runs for pup cups. We will miss the butt button wags. We are going to miss the “Elvis”, snuggles, kisses, car rides, giving you “Holly” treats. We are going to miss, "did Santa come?", “go check your stocking” at Christmas. I am going to miss singing to and see your eyes close and enjoy the melody. We are going to miss everything about our sweet girl.

She was the most one of a kind dog and we are so grateful she chose us. 12 years was not long enough with her, but she passed at home surrounded by her family. She lived a wonderful life and was the happiest girl. We will honor her by continuing to rescue animals and stay active in the rescue community.

We love you little jingle puppy. 💚

11/01/2010 – 07/30/2022

Karla Goddard
Las Vegas, NV

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