It has been a week since our Mama Kitty went over the Rainbow Bridge. I still listen for her ra-ow in the morning and look for her sweet face. She came to us from the Lied Animal Shelter in July of 2008 as a foster kitty with 3 babies. I had originally named her Alicia after Alicia Keyes (black and white, like piano keys) but she was such a wonderful mommy to her kittens that we just wound up calling her Mama Kitty. She had just had her spay surgery when I brought her and her kittens home to foster and in the next few days she became very ill. With the loving and dedicated help from Dr. Paetz at Pecos-Russell Animal Hospital we were able to get her healthy again. During the time she was recovering she still nursed her babies so lovingly even when it was painful to do so. One by one her baby male kittens were adopted. My plan was to find her a good home and then I realized she had already found one so she became our first and only foster failure. She learned to live with our 3 dogs and became a great part of the family. She was an indoor kitty but was allowed outside on the patio when we were outside. Then she would get up on the wall and run around with me chasing after her yelling to get down right now. She did, when she was ready, laughing all the time. Who says cats don't have a sense of humor? She also had to learn that it wasn't funny to launch herself off of the dresser on top of daddy at 2 am. Several years ago she started to need meds and subcutaneous fluids to stay healthy. We tried to hard to take care of her to give her a happy and healthy life. After a while, this was no longer possible and Dr. Toby came to help ease her pain and suffering. Thank you Dr. Toby and Nevada Pet Hospice for your kind, dignified and compassionate care, it made a world of difference to our Mama Kitty and to us. Rest in peace Mama Kitty. You are missed every day.

07/02/2008 – 05/14/2022

Lynne Eichenfield
Las Vegas, NV

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