My Mom rescued Lily from the animal shelter when Lily was thought to be 4 or 5 years old. Lily was my Mom’s girl, they did everything together, shared meals together, and kept each other company. My Mom got to spend 4 years with Lily before she passed and then my family had the pleasure to take Lily into our home. Lily fit right in with our dogs and cats, she was the perfect addition to our family. Lily was the sweetest girl to everyone and she loved to chase horses and deer and squirrels on our property. We got to spend almost 7 years with Lily, she filled our hearts with love and happiness and she was a gentle reminder of my wonderful Mom. Rest easy our sweet girl, be with Nana and run with those horses once again ❤️

10/10/2008 – 12/14/2023

Warren and Tracy
Las Vegas, NV

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