15 years we had Lady , there are too many memories with her , but my favorite would be the day i got her , i was in 5th grade and my mom came to pick me up from safekey , and i see her walking across the courtyard and i said “why does my mom have a furry purse”, realizing it wasn’t a purse , i said “oh it’s a cat, wait my mom doesn’t like cats, ITS A DOG!” and there she was , 2 month old little Lady , and she was the key in our family . as devastated as i am that she’s gone , i know she’s running with my Harley boy across rainbow bridge and not suffering , i love you lady ,
thank you for the best 15 years , you’re so missed already miss piggy💗🐾🌈

03/30/2007 – 06/16/2022

alicia ann
henderson, nv

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