How can a small dog leave such a big hole in our hearts?

We said goodbye to Jagger yesterday. We are heartbroken but know we gave him a good life and he gave us many moments of joy and laughter.
Coincidentally yesterday was his 15th birthday. We had an in-home vet come and it was a beautiful, peaceful passing. He was napping in the sun by the big picture window in our bedroom and the vet administered a sedative and he crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. He never knew what happened.

Hurts so bad, but it was time for us to let him go and no longer be in pain and confused. In the nearly 32 years, Elise and I have been together, we've said goodbye to Svarta Bjorn, Gingbat Gingaroo (Ginger) and now Jagger. He's joined them in doggy heaven and I'm sure he's been taken under their wings and is entertaining and annoying them with his impish and comical personality.

Jagger – aka Turd Merchant, Lil Black Bullet, Mr. Bubby Nugget, Jig Jag, Jagaroo and Jaggy.

We will miss you very much.

12/10/2007 – 12/10/2022

Elise Lindborg
Las Vegas

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