To our sweet little boy. You were just 6 months old when we brought you home. The breeder told us you were extremely friendly and would follow everyone around. Fortunately for us you were passed by because your eyes turned outward. We thought you were just perfect and delightful. You brought us so much joy. You followed us all around the house like a little dog. You loved everyone, even when repairmen came to the house to fix something you would be following them and giving out little cries for them to pet you. We miss you patting us on the head in the morning so you can get your pets or when we ate you were always waiting to get petted. Your dad misses you sitting on your favorite pillow next to him on the sofa watching tv. Our beautiful googly eye little boy our hearts are broken without you. We still can’t talk about you without crying. I cry as I write this. You meant so much to us! We love you Johnny Vegas!!!!

07/08/2020 – 05/17/2022

Farkas Family
Las Vegas Nevada

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