My beautiful girl, you beat all the odds! The last of your litter to make it to the end. I will always remember the first day you came home and how you could fit in my hands. I will always remember how you would snuggle right into my arm at night until you were too big and too hot to cuddle for long periods. I will always remember your first thanksgiving and how excited you were to get a plate. I will always remember how upset Patron was that you grew bigger than him. I will always remember how happy you would be every time I would walk through the door. I will always remember waking up to your big dumb face in the mornings when I lived at home. I will remember it all because you are one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I’m so thankful for all the joy and happiness and comfort you brought me over these twelve short years…
I find myself staring at your favorite spot to lay in…and I find myself disappointed that you're not there to wag your tail and smile at me. I hope you knew how much we loved you. I miss you every day.

08/12/2011 – 05/29/2022

John DiPalo
Las Vegas, NV

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