Dot had been by my side since October 2009. I will miss her furry shoulder to cry on and her always at the door with a shoe in her mouth to welcome us home. I had never experienced love from a Pitbull until her; Pits are really a girl’s best friend. It took her awhile to warm up to my (now) husband, she would always sit in between us, or she would stand on top of him when we tried to snuggle up together on the couch. In getting Dot to love him, he introduced her to puppuccinos and they took many car rides on the weekends to get an iced coffee and a puppuccino. Fast forward 6 years after meeting him, and she is now very old and nearing the end, he walks in the door and she uses the last of her energy to get up, wag her tail, and greet him while waiting for all the doggy rubs. She was so gentle with our kids, letting them play dress up on her or just follow her around for hours acting like a dog with her. She was always next to me while I was pregnant. Once her human baby arrived, we would constantly find her sleeping in his room next to the crib. She was such a gentle giant, and we will miss her always. Until we meet again Baby Dot, I will keep you in my heart forever.

A big thank you to Nevada Pet Hospice for their kind staff and thoughtful words. We are grateful to have been able to put Dot to rest, peacefully in her home while holding her as she gained her wings.

10/17/2009 – 01/22/2023

Mary Nordstrom
Las Vegas, NV

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