On February 10, 2007, we left our house on Westwood Dr. to go to the store to get groceries for the week. Instead of picking up groceries, we ended up coming home with an adorable little 3 month old West Highland Terrier who we named Dim Sum. We named her Dim Sum because it was one of our favorite meals and she looked like a cute little dumpling.
She loved to play ball and her favorite toy was her hedgehog. We were so amazed when we found out she knew how to play ball on instinct and we thought it was just the neatest thing ever. She loved to roll around with her hedgehog so much that we had a stockpile of them in the closet so we could easily replace it when one would get too tattered.
She was a happy pup who always wanted to be right by our side. She loved parties and knew how to work a room. She'd walk right up, flop on her side and the belly rubs would commence; she was great at entertaining people.
Mornings were our time together. I'd wake up to the sound of her shaking her collar and knew it was time to put her out and make her breakfast. After that, we would sit on the sofa together while I had coffee and played video games.
Evenings were especially exciting for her when her papa would come home from work. She would light up when he walked thru the door and run over, tail wagging, to greet him at the top of the stairs. Usually there would be a few belly rubs followed by a couple rounds of ball.
If you've made it this far, thank you for taking the time to read about our baby girl. All of our babies are special and Dim Sum was no exception. She gave us 16 wonderful years and we will always cherish her memory.

11/18/2007 – 12/28/2022

Clay and Denise Heximer
Las Vegas

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