We adopted Dharma along with her brother Bodhi on January 23, 2016, from Sunny Saints St. Bernard Rescue. She was adored by all who met her but mostly by us. Dharma’s favorite things were going on walks with her mom and hanging out at the park, snuggling on the couch with her dad, laying on her futon outside and being petted 24/7.

Dharma loved her treats- after she would go outside to do her business, she always made sure she escorted us to the treat jar. The one thing Dharma did not like was being apart from us. We would be upstairs working in the office, and she had to come up -always laying under her dad’s desk.

More than anything Dharma loved us. We will remember her every time we go by the park, pass her treat jar, and sit on the couch. Dharma will be in our hearts forever and will never be forgotten.

04/16/2012 – 08/06/2023

Annette Hull
Las Vegas

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