Chopper was only 6 weeks old when he was dumped at Freedom Park. I was jogging while this cute puppy kept biting at my heels. He was so cute, I decided to bring him home. Chopper was a bit destructive, chewing sprinkler heads, causing me to replace my lawn three times. I tried to find him a new home and even debated taking him to animal control, but every time I looked into his eyes, I couldn't do it. Chopper was strong and so full of energy. My best friend tried to take him for a walk. Chopper ran so fast, she fell but kept hold of the lease. He dragged her for at least 10 yards while she wore a mini skirt. As Chopper aged, he slowed down a bit and was the best love dog I've ever owned. Chopper you will be missed. I'm so happy you found me.

11/04/2008 – 04/17/2023

Shellie Clark
Henderson, NV

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