Sweet 16 year old Chloe was only with me for 4 months. She was dumped in an empty place by evil people and luckily the SPCA shelter took her, and I try to rescue all senior dogs so they don’t dye in a shelter or out in the open. Chloe must have had some good time when she was younger, because she loved all people and all dogs we would see when I walked her every day to the park. Sadly, she got lung cancer and she was suffering from it. I was SO glad to have her uthanized at our home; I have never been able to do that with sick dogs before. Dr. Alyssa Watson was so wonderful at home, that is so much nicer than being at a Vet place or Shelter. Love you Chloe; hope I can see you when I finally go sweet girl!!! ❤️🐾❤️🐾

– 06/26/2023

Dion Segler
Henderson, Nevada

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