Bernard and Vilma Bartolome always wanted a son after having three daughters, but it was never in the cards. Then one evening, Bernard brought home an adorable white pup brought in by one of his patients. The puppy needed a new home and Bernard knew just the place. The family named him Ben.

Twenty years later, it was clear that Ben had become the brother/son and best friend the Bartolomes always wanted. His favorite things to do were basking in the Las Vegas sun, stealing (demanding) pieces of filet mignon from the dinner table, and sleeping in his favorite bed under mom's office desk. He loved watching movies late into the night, listening to his sisters play the piano, or go for afternoon walks outside at sunset.

Ben was always prepared to greet the girls when they came home for the Winter and Summer holidays, ready to show what his favorite toy was that week. He watched the family move homes, traveled to California multiple times, witnessed his sisters get engaged and married. While mom was busy working, Ben would keep dad company while he was on the massage chair or watching TV. All he knew was how to be there when we needed him (and even when we didn't).

Ben crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 9/12/23 at 5:49 PM (PST).

We never deserved Ben, but he chose to love us anyway. He was unapologetically Ben – savage at times, but also very sweet and caring. He made us so happy and it was the only thing he did for 20 years. We hope we made him feel as loved as he made us. May the filet mignon be endless and milk flow freely up in Doggie Heaven.

We love you so much, Ben.

06/14/2003 – 09/12/2023

The Bartolome Family
Las Vegas, NV

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