Alex was such a shy girl when we adopted her. We could tell from her scars and her unwillingness to be loved on that she had been abused. We took her into our home anyway, knowing that she would be “stand offish”. She barked a lot and tried to run away several times within the first month (had to chase her down with our car twice), the third time she only made it across the street before returning as we were all calling her name to come back and she did. We already had a little chiyorky in the home with whom she never had a problem with but just wouldn’t play with her. Although she didn’t play fetch or play with toys, she was always there to comfort me through pain. She sat by my side after recovering from a major surgery, she had these soulful eyes that would just melt your heart. Our kids loved her so much, as did we all. We miss her so much already.

09/07/2012 – 12/23/2023

Christine Gomez
Las Vegas NV

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