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Bam was about a year old and the neighborhood cat when we moved into our home 15 years ago. As soon as I became aware of him, I fed him and gave him attention whenever I saw him. This went on for a couple of months, and then one day Bam showed up on our doorstep with an injured leg. I think he knew I would take care of him. Our next-door neighbors, who were Bam’s primary caretakers before we moved in, gave me their blessing to take him to the vet and to ultimately adopt him. That was the day he officially became our baby boy.

For the next 15 years, we loved our sweet and gentle boy with all our hearts. He adored being brushed with his Kong cat brush, and he gave the best cuddles, nuzzling his head against my neck and purring while I gave him scritches. But the independent spirit he acquired from being on his own for the first year of his life never left him. Despite my best efforts, he never adjusted to being an indoor-only cat, although he did become very fond of being with us inside as long as he could get out whenever he wanted. He was always adventuresome and seemed to feel a responsibility to keep an eye on his neighborhood. I once told the little boy next door that I tried to make Bam stay inside for his own safety, but that Bam protested so much that I gave up the idea. The young child said wisely, “You have to let him live his life.” And live his life he did! I eventually affixed a GPS device to his collar so I would always know where he was and could also see where he’d been. I saw that he went all over the neighborhood, having adventures to which I wasn’t privy, but that obviously delighted him. And he always came home to our loving arms.

Bam was recently diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. He held his own for a while, but then started to go downhill quickly. We knew that Bam didn’t want to live a life of debility, so rather than subject him to heroic treatments, we decided to let him go. As I held Bam in my arms, Dr. Toby lovingly took him on his final journey. Rest in peace, Bam. We will always love you.

Kathryn K.

Las Vegas, NV

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Bailee was only eight weeks old when we adopted her. She was smaller at that age than our two Maltese so for a long time she thought of herself as small and never attempted to jump a low fence we had to keep the others off a certain area of grass. When we took care of a friend's Jack Russell, Bailee quickly learned how to follow his lead, jumping onto our covered sunken spa and over the low fence. Her favorite place to lay outside was on top of the spa after that.
Bailee had some fun traits we miss. Her "dad, you're home!" dance at the door every night, or her "time to eat" bark after planting herself in the middle of the kitchen so she wouldn't be forgotten. She loved her food and treats. In the morning, if mom slept too late, she was there to make herself known. She would put both front paws on the edge of the mattress and push it until mom got up! If she wanted anyone's attention, she would put her paw on their leg until she got what she wanted. She didn't mind being vacuumed after a brushing.
Bailee loved to go on walks but her knees would bother her because she was bow-legged so she was content laying by the pool, soaking up the sun. At our other home in NW MT, which is in the mountains, she liked exploring the property or laying outside, even in the snow.
Bailee was our sweet "baby girl". We didn't know how sick she was until she didn't want to eat. We discovered she had cancerous tumors on two organs which caught us off guard. She never acted like she was in pain but two weeks after diagnosis we could tell she was miserable so we knew the cancer was winning.
We will forever be grateful for Dr. Toby coming to our home so she could be outside, surrounded by those she loved and who loved her. We miss her very much!

Pete & Debi Fergen

Las Vegas, NV

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Friday, we said, "Goodbye" to my special friend. I've had Yoda for 16 years. Yoda was diagnosed with lymphoma 3 years ago and was given 2-6 weeks to live. We decided to not do chemotherapy and despite the odds, he lived a quality life. With each veterinarian visit, the doctors were amazed he was still with us. Although his departure is sad, he gave us 3 years we never anticipated.

My life has changed so much in the time that Yoda and I spent together. Never could I have imagined how special he would be to me on the day I brought him home. I'll miss him for the rest of my life and I feel so grateful to have been loved by him.

Yoda taught me that a diagnosis and a prognosis are just best guesses. He also showed that spirit, heart, loyalty, connection, and love matter more in the end than anything else.

Thank you for 16 years Yoda Bear ❤

Jacquie Evans

Las Vegas, Nevada

in loving memory of

Diesel Dog


Diesel dog lived a life full of adventures! His favorite pass time was being the lifeguard on his boat on Lake Mead. He loved camping and hiking. He also loved a good happy hour on a patio! But even more importantly Diesel was his mother’s boy. He sensed her sadness or fear before she did. He would sit on her to cheer her up and even lick her tears. He loved being on of the boys with dad and running, playing, and protecting his little sister pup, Tula. Diesel got a new role as protector when his baby sister was born 8 months ago. Diesel cheered up everyone who walked through the door of the Pagon house. He will be immensely missed and forever remembered.

Olivia Pagon

Las Vegas




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