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Dr Toby is an amazing human being. Yesterday, we had to say goodbye to our little rat Scrumptious. We loved her just as anyone loves a dog or a cat. She was sweet and gentle and wanted nothing more than to be with her humans. She would follow me around like a dog, come running when I called her and would give kisses and accept them back happily. That little rat even house-broke herself! We got Scrummy when my daughter's co-worker's snake wouldn't eat her. Thank God my daughter saved her and brought her to me. She was a $1.50 rat who ended up living like a queen, and for 2+ years she knew nothing but love. I pray Scrummy's legacy is that people will look at rats as the loving little creatures they CAN be, if they're just shown kindness.

Mari Alvarez

Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of



This photo shows Gibbs on January 1, 2021, on his first adventure of the year. Gibbs, aka Mr. Gibbs, was greatly loved and is terribly missed. He came to us over 7 years ago, when he was reported as six years old. He always seemed younger, being a bright and curious soul his entire life. He never revealed anything about his life before coming to us, but we surmised that he used to be in the circus due to his love of costumes and ability to dance. With us, Gibbs became a hiking dog and has summited many great peaks around Las Vegas (including Mt. Charleston), and hiked in far and remote reaches of Nevada, Arizona, and Utah. His coat matched the color of Spring Mountain limestone so perfectly that he often sported a bandana so he could be seen. Around the house, he loved barking at people for long periods of time, and was always ready for a walk. Gibbs often generated great excitement from neighborhood dogs when he strolled by. Gibbs was always eager to jump up into a lap, and he probably loved sitting in laps more than anything.

Gibb’s housemate, Abby, misses him very much, and she and his friend Gunner spent many hours with Gibbs on the trail and around the house and neighborhood parks. His friends Chinle, and Wolfie were also hiking pals. People always loved meeting Gibbs and commented on his grand beard, but his most special people include Austin, Barry, Jane, and Justin. For myself, Gibbs was my shadow on the trail and often so close on my heels that I could not see him when I turned around. His intelligent expressions were so clear you could hear the words he was thinking. There are now no words big enough to capture my grief.

Gibbs was well cared for by kind people that are also excellent veterinarians. First by Dr. Paetz, then Dr. Ina who gifted us a little more time with Gibbs, and finally Dr. Toby who gently guided Gibb’s passing. We are grateful to them, and to friend Dr. Crissy. And we will be forever grateful to Gibbs for the love he gave us every single day.

Jenny Chapman and Family

Las Vegas, NV

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Sebastian loved grass. He accepted all forms of it but his absolute favorite was freshly cut grass or newly seeded sod. He would run as fast as he could across it, wriggle on his back in it and just turn in circles of happiness.
What did he see in those green blades? What did he smell in its freshly watered squares? Just purest joy.
When I close my eyes, I see him in the meadow running across an emerald, slightly dewy field of grass. Running without abandon and flopping down at will. You are dearly loved and we will see you again, my baby.

Carol Luna

Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of



Not all beagle, not all pointer, Copper was the quintessential hound dog, charming with intermittent manners .He was a smart, devilish rescue who was able to scale and land on 4 foot counters, eat your entire sandwich and disappear before you ever noticed. He was partially fearless, perform daring acts of 180 degree walking while tethered to his harness, but letting you check oiut the scary noise from downstairs

And before his end, he was there at the critical time for others. He comforted Grandma Elaine in the nursing home and in the hospital. He gave love and provided incredible solace to Grandma Penny, easing her anxiety near her end.

Copper was one of a kind like Frank or Dean. He was a "chick" magnet. And if he had thumbs, he would have stolen the car, with the top down, flirting with the ladies.

Paul Larsen & family

las vegas, nv




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