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Our Bodie was the epitome of a Golden Retriever. He was calm, and helped others be calm. He easily accepted all people, which helped all people accept him. He was always ready to go for a ride in the car, or go for a hike, yet he was equally happy to snooze at home with his family. He passed on as gently as he lived, and has left in hole in our hearts that time will only partially fill.

Jim Cargill

Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of



Shorty, Shorty Dude, Duder, DoDo, Dewey, Mama Do, Stinky Do, JuJee, JuJu ... We’re so thankful for that day 12 years ago when Daddy & I went shopping for a new dining room table and came home with you instead! What a gift you were ...

From a clumsy puppy, tripping over your big feet to a gentle giant everyone adored, you made our life complete. Oh how we’re gonna miss your big goofy smile, your “side eye”, your snoring, your drool, even your flying slobber lobbers... Your sweet, sensitive, yet protective personality and your resilient sometimes stubborn attitude filled our hearts with gratitude daily. How very grateful we are to have experienced life with you. You will be missed beyond words but will be forever in our hearts.

Until we meet again Shorty Dude, we love you.

Kathi Behrens

Henderson, NV

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Run free sweet girl…run free…you are no longer bound by anything, stretch those once aching limbs, stiff joints, breathe deep now, and when you look around and wonder where we are, it will be but just a moment ago we were together. We will again explore those distant misty fields, meadows, marshes, and mountains like we did before.

Rest easy now. Wait for us. We will be there.

You were Karen’s girl and were everything we thought you would be and more. Know you are loved and terribly missed.

God’s speed sweet Tess. You brought joy to everyone you met.

Karen Jones and Dan Malueg

North Las Vegas

in loving memory of



Berlynn was and will always be our beautiful girl. She was our protector, our swim buddy, our good girl. While she was alive she wasn’t a fan of too many living things...but she loved us and we loved her back. We will be forever grateful for that love and for the years we had to spend with her. Her spirit is fierce but her body was always kind of fragile. RIP sweet girl...we will always miss you...until we meet again on that rainbow bridge.

Kate Stack

Las Vegas, NV




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