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  • In Loving Memory Of Zen

    We will forever cherish the time we had with Zen, he brought so much joy to our lives. He is irreplaceable in our hearts and greatly missed.

    04/04/2010 – 04/19/2024

    Tanya Mikasa
    Las Vegas,NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Domino

    She was much ride or die. Riding in my truck or playing with the ball, being buried in the sand by my son to her shoulders. She didn't care as long as she was with me. Domino you will be missed we love you always. You brought joy to so many people everywhere you traveled.

    02/20/2011 – 04/10/2024

    Jeff wahrer
    Las vegas nv

  • In Loving Memory Of C.C. (Chatty Cathy)

    I worked for an animal 501c3. I never go down to the adoption centers, but for some reason that day I was sent there to drop off paperwork. There was this poor cat screaming through the glass so I let them know I was headed home and I could take her to let her de-stress before bringing her back. I didn't quite understand why they had me fill out paperwork, but I guess they knew I would never bring her back. She remained with me for 18 years until her passing.

    01/08/2005 – 04/10/2024

    Sandra Goode
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Stanley

    Always wanted to greet everyone, truly believed everyone was put on earth to pet him. Sweetest kindest soul.

    – 04/05/2024

    Dianna Rowe
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Buddy Lee

    Buddy the Brave is what we called him. He was the best guard dog in the world, always sounding the first alarm when someone unfamiliar would enter the property. He had the biggest and sweetest heart ever. We miss you my little one. You will always be in our hearts and mind and we will always love you forever.

    10/30/2007 – 04/04/2024

    Nancy Lee
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Quila

    Quila will always be remembered for being the most loving princess, who was always available for a hugs, kisses and a cuddle to make our day better. Our entire family will miss her deeply, she filled our lives with so much joy and laughter. She will forever live in our hearts and memories.

    09/20/2011 – 03/27/2024

    Esequiel and Crystal Valerio
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Romy Pilgrim

    Romy found me in Riverside. She was sleeping in the sunshine on the patio, just a few months old. I didn’t immediately capture her to be an indoor cat. It just began to rain and didn’t stop for two weeks. There we were, at the beginning of 15+ years together. She birthed kittens, Millie and Ace, that remained her friends for life. Snowball didn’t make it. On the move to Vegas they meowed nonstop to Barstow until Kim Carnes “Betty Davis Eyes” on repeat kept them all miraculously quiet the remainder of the way. A few years ago, Romy and I were the only survivors on the way to an insurance paid Marriott stay. Once again the vocal stylings of Kim Carnes saved the day. We spent a week at the hotel working on character driven “Gayle & Pickles” Honorary K-9 unit. Dog whistles unavailable, photo included. Romy was the most beautiful Calico cat and the sweetest surprise of my life. An angel, like the markings on her face. Just know it! RIP Romes. Love, Mom

    09/11/2008 – 03/22/2024

    Mary Pilgrim
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Sockie

    Sockie was the most mild tempered, loving, 125# beast dog there ever was. Her feet were too big for most dog shoes, but she still ate daintily off a fork, she would gently pull the wrapping paper from gifts at Christmas and when possible try to sit in your lap. When our kids were little they would run circles through the house, jumping over her while she slept. Her calm companionship, protective presence, huge wet nose, and deep grumbly snores will be sorely missed by her family and all our friends who truly loved her.

    04/15/2013 – 03/10/2024

    Sasha DeCania
    Las Vegas, Nevada

  • In Loving Memory Of Ryan

    We got Ryan from a rescue in AZ when he was 5. Sad little boy. He was with us 10 days before he wagged his tail. Then it never stopped. He was happy and that made us happy! Will always miss our dear Ryan💔

    11/12/2012 – 03/12/2024

    Debbie Carr
    Las Vegas, NV 89141

  • In Loving Memory Of Olive

    Dearest Olive,
    I miss you in the morning being the first one I would see
    I miss our nightly walks and our daily talks, even though I was the only one talking
    I miss your shining eyes and your graying face
    I miss how happy you were to see me walk through the door,
    even though I may have just taken out the trash
    You were by my side everyday and your love was unconditional through good, bad and ugly
    Thank you for your love

    – 02/08/2024

    Shannon Henry Roche
    Las Vegas, Nevada

  • In Loving Memory Of Lucy

    It was the summer of 2009. I will never forget. The neighborhood kids were playing in the open field by the house, where they found you lost, homeless, thirsty, and hungry in the blistering heat. They brought you back to the neighborhood, where I was so blessed to meet you for the very first time. When I walked up to you, you looked at me with your big, brown, beautiful eyes and started wagging your tail, just aching for me to pet you. I couldn't resist. I remember kneeling down, petting you, and giving you a kiss on your head. And, of course, you returned kisses right away. You were so sweet to me. It was love at first sight for me. That night, the kids brought you to their house, and I went to bed that night thinking about you. Where will you go? What will happen to you? When I woke up the following day, I was still thinking about you.

    That day, I called my neighbor and asked her where you were. She told me that Animal Control had already come to get you. I was too late. That did not stop me. I was determined to find you. I knew in my heart that I was your Daddy, and I had to find you. I did my research and ended up calling the Animal Foundation, and I was told that you were there in holding and would be ready for adoption in 72 hours. Three days later, I called the Animal Foundation back, and they told me you were now waiting for me in adoption. I told them to hold you, not to let anyone take you, and that Daddy was on his way. I hung up the phone, hopped in the car, and went straight to the Animal Foundation to see you. I arrived there and found out they named you “Pebbles.”

    I remember walking into the building and seeing you there in your little cell with cement walls and a glass door all by yourself. You were standing there patiently waiting for me. I walked up, you looked at me, and your tail started wagging immediately, just like you did when I first met you. You remembered me, and that meant the world to me. I opened the glass door, picked you up, and took you to the grassy play area—just you and me. You had me wrapped around your little paw at that very moment. You cuddled up to me and had plenty of kisses for me. It was an immediate bond. I knew that you were coming home with me. There wasn't a question in my mind that I was your Daddy. They asked me if I wanted you, and I couldn't say “yes” fast enough. I will never ever forget that day, from the time they told me on the phone that you were ready to be adopted, to my drive there to the Animal Foundation (so excited to see you again), to the time I was driving you home. I will cherish every detail of that day forever. It seems like it was just yesterday. I will never forget that drive home with you riding shotgun. You were soooo cute in the passenger seat, sitting there, so excited and so proud that you found your Daddy. And I was so blessed to be so lucky to have found you and have you in my life. You changed my life forever on that day, Lucy girl. I remember every single detail of that day when I adopted you, and I will never forget it.

    Since that day, you brought so much joy to my life, sweetheart. You always knew how to make me smile and brighten my day. I always knew the minute I stepped foot in the door every day after work, you were there waiting for me, wagging your tail, barking, and spinning in circles because you were always so happy to see me. I was even happier to see you, baby girl. You always made me feel special and showed me your unconditional love every single day. I will never forget turning on the music and watching you show off your dance moves. I have to say you had the very best dance moves I've ever seen. You're even a better dancer than Daddy…and Daddy is a pretty good dancer. You always had that dry sense of humor about you that made everyone who met you fall in love with you.

    There is no doubt you were the alpha of the house, and you always kept your sisters in line, and they loved you so much. That's why you were so aptly known as the “Brigadier General” of the house – “Briggie” for short. “My Lucy Boo.” “Lucy Goosey.” “Lucy Bear.” I lost track of all your nicknames, but you responded to every single one of them by spinning in circles with excitement every time I called you. You loved every one of your nicknames.

    When it was treat time, you made sure Daddy knew, and of course, Daddy could never say no to my sweetheart. I always loved to watch you eat Daddy’s homemade food that I made for you. Your favorite was ground beef with butternut squash, sweet potatoes, peas, carrots, green beans, rice, scrambled eggs, and turmeric. You always loved Daddy’s cooking, and it gave me so much joy to watch you enjoy it. And yes, Daddy always knew when you were in the mood for your bully stick. After 15 years of sharing my life with you, this is the first time I have cried when I think about you, Lucy girl. I miss the cuddles. I miss the kisses. I miss your bark. I miss watching you dance and get so excited when you see me. I miss everything about you.

    My daily routine always involved you, and it isn't easy to adjust to a new routine without you. I didn't know I had so many tears, but my tears will never run dry for you, sweetheart. It's truly heartbreaking to let you go, but I didn’t want you to suffer any longer. No more pain, baby. Run free over the rainbow bridge and enjoy your play time with all your friends. There is a space in my heart that will always be reserved for you. Nobody else can ever take that spot except for you, Lucy girl. One day we will meet again. Spread your wings and fly high, my little angel. I will see you again someday, sweetheart. Daddy will forever remember you and all the memories we shared. I will always love you. You will be forever in my heart, my Lucy girl, and you will always be Daddy’s girl ❤️❤️❤️

    08/03/2009 – 03/06/2024

    Mark DiStefano
    North Las Vegas, Nevada

  • In Loving Memory Of Ralphie

    I have loved many cats, but Ralphie is the cat that made me a cat person. I will miss his throaty meows and how he loved to love but also occasionally bite you. He woke me up often by kneading me, especially when I was pregnant.

    This cat knew how to communicate with humans. Ralphie told us when he was impatiently awaiting his pâté by putting a rubber band in his dish. He got his name because it was what his meow said when he was saying hi, “Rrrrrrrrallllph.”

    His favorite thing to do in the mornings was drink running water from the sinks and talk to his humans while they showered. Kevin was his person. He loved him like crazy and always rested across his belly and followed him around.

    I will miss you always, Ralphie Ralph.

    03/01/2024 – 02/19/2024

    Angel Morgan
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of MAX

    The loss of our beloved MAX is beyond words. Having rescued him 10 years ago from the Golden Retriever Rescue of Southern Nevada, he has been the best thing that has ever happened to us. The pain we feel from your loss precious baby is beyond words. I can't even stop crying the minute I look at any photos of our black tongue baby boy! You rescued us all of those years ago and you are now in heaven with your precious brother Freddie. Thank you to Nevada Pet Hospice for your amazing service allowing us to let him go peacefully to his brother in Heaven. We will miss you forever and ever but you will always be in our thoughts.

    11/25/2010 – 02/27/2024

    Chris Mirando
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Ares

    He is the sweetest boy. Throughout the years I’ve spent with him, he always knew when I needed a cuddle. He would always lay on my lap or next to me. It’s like he knows I need the silence and comfort. And all of a sudden, whatever it is I’m dealing with is much better. I always remember every time me and my husband would argue, he would always go between us and cuddle and go on his back so we could pet him. It’s almost like “okay, stop fighting. I’m here.” Then we would all of a sudden just be in a better mood

    03/01/2013 – 02/29/2024

    Anne Hui
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Stitch

    Once my dad was calling him from outside. He ran so fast he knocked down the screen door just to say hi to him and everyone was laughing about it.

    12/22/2012 – 02/24/2024

    Jose Javier Marin
    Las Vegas, Nevada

  • In Loving Memory Of Kane

    We will miss your funny bark, your cloudy eye and the way you rolled around in your bed. You were a good boy, the best boy.

    01/01/2004 – 02/22/2024

    Philip Halverson

  • In Loving Memory Of Sweets

    It was love at first sight, she was very sweet & loving. And, in the moment I named her Sweets at 3 weeks old.

    She was a 4 year Pit Bull who was a protector and lover. She loved given my husband and I kisses. She enjoyed playing with her brother. It was truly never a dull moment having her around.

    She loved to eat including eating her siblings food too. She enjoyed the outdoors and barked at every person who walked by, including if she noticed them down the street.

    She was a great companion. When we felt alone she was there. When I cried she was there to lick my tears away. And, She was the best as cuddling.

    She made our family feel so loved and made us laugh.

    She loved us hard and we loved her just as much.

    She was a very special girl. My husband and I feel so blessed to have had her in our lives.

    Our house is quite without her, everywhere we look we imagine her there. Our hearts wish we truly had more time.

    Our Sweetie will forever be in our hearts and our love will continue grow until we see her again.

    03/28/2019 – 02/05/2024

    DanYel & Lorenzo Williams
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Carmine

    Carmine was a gentle and loving little guy who was happiest when he was around his owners. He loved ice cream and cheese! He shed a lot and my husband and I joked that maybe that is why he was abandoned near a park where my daughter found him and he quickly became part of our family. He will be missed but is forever in our hearts and soul. Thank you for bringing us joy!

    06/15/2013 – 02/02/2024

    Maria Samano
    Las Vegas, Nevada

  • In Loving Memory Of Sophie

    Our journey together began on April 23, 2008 when this roly poly pug came into my life. She became known as Sophie Marie, my constant friend and companion.

    This journey together started in Maine then took us to Colorado and finally to Nevada.

    Through our experiences together, our bond constantly grew stronger and stronger. She was such a special and sweet little girl.

    But as always happens, age begins to take its toll on my special friend.

    Each day was more difficult than the day before. Even though my heart was breaking, I knew it was time to set her spirit free.

    Free to go and play with our beloved pets that have passed on before her…Figaro and Louie.


    04/23/2008 – 02/02/2024

    Janet Eastwood
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Bella

    Our baby girl was full of life and brought so much joy to our family and her brother Bebo. She is always happy to see us when we got home and now it is so hard to not hear her bark or wag her curly little tail. Bella, our baby girl, you are so missed but will forever be in our hearts. ❤️🐾🌈

    07/24/2011 – 01/29/2024

    Stephane & Jerry Pashia
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Lulu

    Lulu was 210lbs of pure joy and love. She had a personality as huge as her heart and an astounding sense of humor. She actually enjoyed making us laugh! The more we laughed, the happier she was. She would spend hours at the kids playground soaking up the attention, and luxuriating in all of the tiny hands petting her. Lulu was my best friend, my confidante, my therapist, and my snuggle buddy. She was the definition of a gentle giant, and has left a gaping hole in our life and our hearts.

    08/19/2015 – 01/22/2024

    Tanzi Mann
    Henderson, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Harvey

    Harvey…what an amazing dog! He was part of our pack for 12 years and lived for 17 long years. Harvey had a tough past before we rescued him at 5 years old. We gave him a lot of love, support, patience and care to help him through it. And he gave us back all his love and loyalty.
    Harvey loved nibbling on his Max (from the Grinch) and Pickle (I'm a Big Dill) babies; giving hugs and kisses to his brother Xander (our son); guard dogging from his "spot" on the stairs; begging for food and eating his "nom-nom" noodles; being our protector puppy.
    Harvey was so special. And we loved him so very much. Although we are so sad Harvey is no longer with us on this Earth, we know Harvey is with us in spirit, sitting in his spot, and forever being our guard dog. We love you, Harvey Boy!

    12/15/2006 – 02/05/2023

    Danielle Medcalf
    Las Vegas, Nevada

  • In Loving Memory Of Big Jake

    Jake – When we adopted you from the shelter as a young pup we had no idea you would grow into a fluffy 120-pound gentle giant. You were the best companion and the protector of the house, always making sure we were safe and secure. You were a huge and loving presence. We will treasure our memories of the 10 years you were with us, and you will always be missed.

    03/01/2013 – 01/19/2024

    Vince & Joanne Maggio
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Oobie

    To our FURever loved "Oobs", "Oober Kitty", "Oobs-Ditty-Oobs", "Oobie-Kiddles", Your Dad and I were in the right place, at the right time when we found you in 2006 needing a home as a kitten. For the past 17-1/2 years, you have been very loved, some would say spoiled…It was hard not to…You were anything but a typical cat… family and friends still rave from the fact that you loved taking showers to being toilet trained. You had your moments of being a good, big brother for 15 years to Noobie when you weren't showing your Alpha side. You gave the best head butts, cold, drippy-nose boops of love, kitty cuddles otter-style, and boneless kitty hugs. Your Mommy, though she sometimes thought it an inconvenience having a soft paw on her shoulder or face waking her up early in the morning to get your breakfast at 4:30am, then coming back to bed to find you just wanted to take over her warm spot; she would trade in that "nuisance" for you still being here. Your Mommy will miss most you being her comfort animal and her Pal-low at night. We'll miss your little messy face after eating from an empty yogurt cup or ice cream cup, and then insisting that Mommy use her facial rounds to help clean you up. We will miss your antics of trying to squeeze in between your Mommy and Daddy to snuggle up close between the two of us. No more calling out, "Where's Oobie?! Oooobie!" We'll miss you flopping and being a roly-poly kitty upon entering the house….Oobs, the rain has been falling since you took your last breath…very symbolic of our emotions at this time, but as your Aunt Beck Beck says, when there is rain, look for the rainbow. We'll search….We love you Oobie 💙

    06/03/2006 – 01/21/2024

    Stan Malone and Catherine Rohlfing
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Ernie

    Ernie, we will hold dear to our hearts your meow, your purrs, your drools, and your constant companionship. You were one of a kind. You loved laying in the sun, sitting under the Christmas tree, sniffing fresh air, being held, and being scratched behind your left ear. You were never expected to live as long as you did, but to us it just wasn't long enough. You will remain in our hearts, forever. We miss you, Boo Boo.

    07/12/2005 – 01/21/2024

    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Argos

    My boy, thank you for being so loyal to me no matter what.

    05/30/2011 – 01/12/2024

    Carlos M
    Las Vegas NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Echo

    Echo, my sweet, sweet boy. He was the clown of my two Huskies. always playing, talking to you or poking you in the butt with his big nose when he wanted something from you. You could always tell when he wanted affection from you cause he would come over to you and just lean against you. He was a force to be reckoned with at an athletic 75 pounds He was the proverbial bull in the china shop. There will always be a hole in my heart where he lived and that hole will never be filled as long as I live. God must have needed his dog back really bad to take you so soon.There will never be another one like you bubba. We all love and miss you my boy.

    06/01/1015 – 01/09/2024

    John Woloszyn
    Henderson Nv

  • In Loving Memory Of Cal

    Cal was a loving member of our family. He was a goofy and energic boy. He was too smart for his own good sometimes, but we still loved him. He leaves behind his caring mother and father, Kaytlin and Chris, and his brother, Mason. We are glad to have him in our life. We will always remember our good boy. Safe travels Cal, we will always love you!

    07/01/2014 – 12/28/2023

    Christopher Castaneda
    Las Vegas, Nevada

  • In Loving Memory Of Sissy

    Sissy was my wonderful friend. During our 16 years together, she brought so much joy and happiness into our lives. To say she will be missed is an understatement for sure, as she took part of my heart with her. Love you, Sissy !!

    11/29/2007 – 12/26/2023

    Wendy Arnold
    Henderson, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Seiko

    On Sunday, our sweet baby boy, Seiko, crossed the Rainbow Bridge.
    Seiko came to us thru a local rescue on April 29, 2017 when he was 3. By then he had been rehomed 8 times. He was very protective of his home and barked at everything-the trash collector, recycle, mailperson, UPS-FEDEX-Amazon, neighborhood walkers, bikers, joggers & cars, pooper scooper, pest control, dogs, cats, friends, family and even a quail & her babies who took up residence in our front yard and of course the assorted plastic bags, leaves, and paper. As hard as we tried that never changed although he did eventually stop barking at the trash & recycle collectors, the Amazon truck and some neighborhood walkers. I don’t know why UPS & FEDEX didn’t earn his okay, but they didn’t. He was always on guard- 24/7.
    We got Seiko as a playmate for our shepherd, Harper, but evidently the previous 8 people never taught him to be a puppy. Try as we might he had no interest in fetch, toys or playing with Harper. He also had no interest in having another adult dog in the house. We had several meet & greets, but they did not go well. So, we accepted the fact there would be no more dogs in our household. Then one day the rescue called and wanted to know if we would consider fostering a puppy. Sometimes dogs like Seiko would accept puppies, she said, so we said we would give it a try. And WOW, he was an amazing foster dad. I am proud to say Seiko fostered 11 puppies for just over a year, and he was so patient but firm with them. And thanks to that we got our 2 girls. He did his best with them, but they are malamutes after all.
    He was one of the founding blood donors at the LV Blood Bank and donated regularly before retiring. They loved how well behaved he was. He always hopped up on the table as if to say, “Let’s do this!”
    He was also a food thief and earned the moniker, Mr. Iron Gut. The multiple thefts included a dozen assorted bagels (including jalapeno cheese), a dozen apples, ½ dozen pears & oranges, two chicken breast, one steak, half a bag of puppy food (one of his less appropriate puppy training sessions), 1½ dozen hard-boiled eggs, shell included and a partial bag of flour with no side effects. And now you understand the nickname. It got to the point if we called the vet about him, their first question was “What did he eat now?” We all had a good laugh about that!
    When he was out and about, he was so good and so well behaved, it was like having two different dogs. If he got a treat, he took it so gently, you wondered if he actually had hold of it.
    I have always believed our dogs teach us something, and Seiko taught me patience & understanding. Despite the problems, Seiko was and always will be my bestest boy.
    Run Free, my sweet baby boy. It is time for you to learn to be a puppy with Harper and all your brothers & sisters. We love you and miss you.

    04/29/2014 – 12/24/2023

    Mark & Susan Haboush
    Las Vegas, Nv

  • In Loving Memory Of Alex

    Alex was such a shy girl when we adopted her. We could tell from her scars and her unwillingness to be loved on that she had been abused. We took her into our home anyway, knowing that she would be “stand offish”. She barked a lot and tried to run away several times within the first month (had to chase her down with our car twice), the third time she only made it across the street before returning as we were all calling her name to come back and she did. We already had a little chiyorky in the home with whom she never had a problem with but just wouldn’t play with her. Although she didn’t play fetch or play with toys, she was always there to comfort me through pain. She sat by my side after recovering from a major surgery, she had these soulful eyes that would just melt your heart. Our kids loved her so much, as did we all. We miss her so much already.

    09/07/2012 – 12/23/2023

    Christine Gomez
    Las Vegas NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Harley

    Harley has given my family so much love for almost 17 years. From 9 months old when my mom and I adopted him he has taught us what patience, compassion and love truly is. He.was my Mom’s companion up until she left us and then became my Dad’s best friend until he passed. My sister and I were lucky enough to have 3 more years to coparent him until the end. So thankful to have had him in our lives! We love and miss Harley so much!!!

    01/15/2007 – 12/21/2023

    Jennifer Weidman
    Las Vegas NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Lily

    My Mom rescued Lily from the animal shelter when Lily was thought to be 4 or 5 years old. Lily was my Mom’s girl, they did everything together, shared meals together, and kept each other company. My Mom got to spend 4 years with Lily before she passed and then my family had the pleasure to take Lily into our home. Lily fit right in with our dogs and cats, she was the perfect addition to our family. Lily was the sweetest girl to everyone and she loved to chase horses and deer and squirrels on our property. We got to spend almost 7 years with Lily, she filled our hearts with love and happiness and she was a gentle reminder of my wonderful Mom. Rest easy our sweet girl, be with Nana and run with those horses once again ❤️

    10/10/2008 – 12/14/2023

    Warren and Tracy
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Zola

    Zola was the happiest dog, her tail never stopped wiggling from the day we got her as a puppy, to her last day on earth with us. She always was bringing us a toy while wiggling her tail as soon as we walked in the door.

    06/15/2013 – 12/10/2023

    Kristin Filomena
    Henderson, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Ivan

    Ivan Perry (also known as Ivy, Ivinksi Skavinki Skava, Dr. Ivan Spaceman, Bean, and so many others.) There are no words to say what the past 20 years with him have meant to us. Ivan was stubborn, sweet, devoted and social. In his youth, he loved to wander the neighborhood and bring us fresh crows, birds, and mice to show us his skill and contribution to the family. It was both a frightening yet honorable gift. He had his best friend, Star, who left us about three years ago. She was his greatest companion and the sassiest, smartest, and most beautiful girl. He loved her deeply. They would run around the house, crash landing on the piano, tearing up the carpets, and wreaking havoc all night long. Their countless adventures together are forever in our memories and hearts. For his entire life, Ivan sat at the table with us for dinner, and that spoke to exactly who Ivan was-a family man. He loved his family more than anything and we loved him right back. He became a friend to every person he met. He made us laugh with his funny personality, and to the very end, comforted us through the hard times. Although our hearts are broken, we are comforted by the fact that his sweet soul is free and reunited with his best friend. Ivan was a gift and it was our deepest pride and greatest honor to be his family. We miss you.
    Gina, Don, and Olivia.

    01/24/2003 – 12/07/2023

    Gina Perry
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Alfie

    We found Alfie at a street fair and fell in love immediately. He was a very special member of our family. He always followed me to every room. He was a great travel companion, hiker, swimmer, ball and stick fetcher and guard dog. Always greeting us with joy and a happy circle tail. He was my best friend. Rest in peace my sweet lovie. You are my Angel now.

    10/01/2009 – 11/30/2023

    Susan Luthy
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Lucy

    Yesterday, we had to make the difficult, painful decision to say goodbye to
    our little Lucy. We loved her so much. ❤ We are thankful to Tiffany, who rescued Lucy off the street in February 2011, bringing her into our home. We are also thankful to Larry & Helena, her extended loving❤ family for making it possible for us to keep Lucy, while we worked. Lucy made so many friends in our former neighborhood of Encino and here in our Las Vegas community. She will always be in our hearts and missed everyday. We love her so much. 😢🌈

    01/27/2006 – 11/27/2023

    Las Vegas, Nevada

  • In Loving Memory Of Olly

    Olly loved to travel with us. He went everywhere we went. He loved camping and road trips. His wheel chair didn’t stop him from wandering and looking for holes to poke around. He loved chasing chickens, but, thankfully, he didn’t know what to do with them if he caught up to them. He also loved cats, and he made us wonder if he thought he was a cat because he sometimes meowed. When he lived with a pack of dogs, he often started the group howling. Olly sneezed to boss me around, flapped his ears when he was getting something he wanted, and had a squeaky yawn when he first woke up in the morning. It was almost as though he knew those were all my favorite sounds when he gifted them to me on our last day together. Olly was my soul dog, and my heart will miss him eternally. You were my favorite boy, Olly bug.

    05/04/2008 – 11/28/2023

    Angel Morgan
    Las Vegas, Nevada

  • In Loving Memory Of Rocky

    Rocky was an amazing cat. He followed me around the house, he loved to be picked up and snuggled. He love to crawl under the covers on our bed and sleep. He would allways be waiting for me when I got home, of course wanted to be fed. We had Rocky for 17 years, this little boy will be dearly missed. ❤️

    02/18/2006 – 11/28/2023

    Valerie Dubin
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Dakota

    You are dearly missed my fluffy, loving, and loyal baby girl, Dakota. I have never met such a dedicated companion that tried so hard to keep her spirits up, even when life became challenging. I am so thankful to have been gifted your prescience for the past 10 years. You have been my mirror and have shown me how to appreciate all the little things in life. I will never forget or stop loving you and hope that there is a place I will be able to hold you in my arms again. Rest in peace my sweet girl.

    10/07/2011 – 11/17/2023

    Kimberly Zimmerman
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Dandan


    – 11/19/2023

    Zheng Cui
    Las vegas

  • In Loving Memory Of Wrigley and Fenway

    These 2 brothers brought so much joy and love to our family. We were lucky enough for both of them to join our family as puppies. Even thou they were the kids dogs they wanted to sleep with me and husband. We always laughed because Fenway slept like me, on my pillow with the blanket under his arm. Wrigley, oh man could he catch bugs like no other. I loved the way only 1 ear on Wrigley would stand up and the other flopped down. Fenway literally was the baby of the family, he would let you cradle him. We miss them greeting us at the door when we get home and doing zoo miss when it was time for dinner. We couldn’t have asked for better puppies. They will forever be in our hearts and we cannot wait to see them again one day!

    12/17/2009 – 11/06/2023

    Angela Testa
    Las Vegas

  • In Loving Memory Of Quincy

    Our beloved cat Quincy was inquisitive, smart, loving, as well as being regal and majestic. People always ooh-ed and ahh-ed when they saw him. He loved his water fountain, pets, and being combed! He had sweet and beautiful pink toes and pink nose. He especially loved to play with string. Quincy also "talked a lot", his sweet meow is enshrined in our memories. We even have a video where he is feeding himself with his front paw (hand to mouth). Our darling boy was with us more than 17 years, and so our hearts have a sadness amidst the joy and blessing of having Quincy as an integral part of our daily lives for so long. Some say that pain is a side effect of love when it comes time to say goodbye, we have found this to be true. We are so very grateful to have loved and been loved by this precious animal.

    07/11/2023 – 11/03/2023

    Karin and Michael Anderson
    North Las Vegas NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Cassie

    Cassie was the first dog we raised from a puppy. She was the most loyal, loving and steadfast companion and protector we could ever wish for. We will love her and miss her forever.

    02/23/2012 – 10/28/2023

    Heidi Yanoti
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Nova

    Nova enjoyed taking long walks and night drives. She had a lot of energy. You could throw a ball all day long, and she would retrieve it. We miss her dearly. The family unit does not feel the same without her barking, snuggling, sniffing, and tapping her paws on the tile floors. She has left an imprint on our lives. Rest in peace our little angel.

    12/23/2014 – 10/29/2023

    Ashley and Jarrod Fredericksen
    Las Vegas, Nevada

  • In Loving Memory Of Mama Bear

    "its ok if the ONLY thing you do today is visit your MEMORIES"

    Nevada Day will always stand as something different to us with the loss of our beloved Mama Bear (aka Doodle aka Muira aka Doo aka Brown Bear)

    We are so fortunate enough to have spent the last few days with her and Kitty doing the things she loved most: getting pets, eating human food, hiking/adventuring, attempting to catch lizards/cats, and cuddling with her family. Heartbroken isn't the word, but we are going to grieve and stay strong for each other. We are so fortunate for our friends, family, and strong support system!

    Looking back at photos this morning in bed, we realized this girl had THE BEST life!!! She explored hundreds of miles, a plethora of terrains, and even made it to 47 STATES. Crazy to think of all the memories we have made together.

    Thank you to all those who have given us those fond memories, helped take care of her when we were out of town, let us crash at your placewith 2 dogs, and anyone who just gave her LOVE!


    11/23/2014 – 10/27/2023

    Claire Hart & Justin Streit
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of O’Dell

    We lost our best boy O’Dell yesterday. He had an aggressive cancerous tumor removed from inside of his mouth about 3 weeks ago. It grew back causing damage to his mouth and sinuses. We had to make the worse decision ever and have him put to sleep. We had Nevada Pet Hospice come to the house where O’Dell was surrounded by his family for his last moments. We are totally devastated. We rescued him as an adult (3 1/2 – 4 years old) and had the amazing opportunity to have him as a part of our family for the last 6 1/2 years. He loved to tug and I’m sure everyone passing through the pearly gates are greeted by him with his pit bull smile….and his tug rope.

    10/18/2013 – 10/25/2023

    Las Vegas, Nevada

  • In Loving Memory Of Pumpkin

    My best friend and baby of 15 beautiful years. You were the smartest, most loving, spunky, and stubborn girl. The love of my life.
    You were my sunshine, now you are my moonbeam. I will miss you and love you every second for the rest of my days, my perfect baby girl.

    10/26/2007 – 04/29/2023

    Veronica Candela
    Henderson, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Abbunai von der Pflaz. “ABBI’

    For 14 years she was by my side, always there training working playing. The protector of the flock, fighter of Bob cats and coyotes, and the occasional bad person. Police K9, EDD, and best of a great Hug-A-Pet and Monterey hospice. One of the best dogs ever, walking down the street at Halloween with the 3 yr old fairy princess one year was special!

    10/10/2010 – 10/20/2024

    Mike Gardner
    Henderson NV

  • In Loving Memory Of BeeGee Bumblebee Jones

    Our sweet BeeGee, da goodest boy, lived an amazing and full life for 14 years. Traveling buddy, best friend to the kids and all around bestest boy. He loved his lambchop toy and watching his brudda play video games. Thrilled to see sista whenever she was around. And loved Mama with all his heart. He was "dat boy" and another will never take his place. You are deeply missed, BeeGee.

    – 08/06/2023

    The Jones Family
    Las Vegas, Nevada

  • In Loving Memory Of Zoe Fourman

    My wife and I tried to hold on to this girl forever, but because of our love for her we had to let her go, we both agreed that we would see her again in heaven. Kimberly would every day go to the store and buy a fresh chicken thigh so Zoe could have the freshest meat, she was with us for 18 years and we deeply miss her. Zoe please wait for us we will see you again soon.

    10/19/2005 – 10/12/2023

    Schuyler and Kimberly Fourman

  • In Loving Memory Of Bella Rose Sterling

    We got her when she was 4 weeks old, she was so small we would lose her in the house so we bought a playpen to keep her in until she could bark lol. After that if we didn’t see her we would just ring the doorbell and she would come running down the stairs. She was my husband’s best friend and we truly loved her more than we could ever imagine. Dr.Toby gave her and us peace when he came to the home, such a warm and kind hearted man set by God to help us in our time of pain. We thank you so much and the service you provided

    07/16/2012 – 10/01/2023

    Anjanette Sterling
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Max Milligan

    Max was one of a kind, the typical Golden Retriever with the biggest heart, love and protection of his parents and sister, who cannot stop looking for him. Please know that we loved him to the moon and back and things will never be the same. We know that he wasn’t finished we certainly were not eight years was not enough. We know he’s with all his family we once had and watching over us, and making sure Allie get her treats. We miss you Max and love, I miss my protector, Allie misses her brother and partner in crime and dad misses his buddy. We will see again one day Buh Buh.

    02/02/2015 – 09/28/2023

    Jenny, David and Allie Milligan
    Las Vegas, Nevada

  • In Loving Memory Of Ben

    Bernard and Vilma Bartolome always wanted a son after having three daughters, but it was never in the cards. Then one evening, Bernard brought home an adorable white pup brought in by one of his patients. The puppy needed a new home and Bernard knew just the place. The family named him Ben.

    Twenty years later, it was clear that Ben had become the brother/son and best friend the Bartolomes always wanted. His favorite things to do were basking in the Las Vegas sun, stealing (demanding) pieces of filet mignon from the dinner table, and sleeping in his favorite bed under mom's office desk. He loved watching movies late into the night, listening to his sisters play the piano, or go for afternoon walks outside at sunset.

    Ben was always prepared to greet the girls when they came home for the Winter and Summer holidays, ready to show what his favorite toy was that week. He watched the family move homes, traveled to California multiple times, witnessed his sisters get engaged and married. While mom was busy working, Ben would keep dad company while he was on the massage chair or watching TV. All he knew was how to be there when we needed him (and even when we didn't).

    Ben crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 9/12/23 at 5:49 PM (PST).

    We never deserved Ben, but he chose to love us anyway. He was unapologetically Ben – savage at times, but also very sweet and caring. He made us so happy and it was the only thing he did for 20 years. We hope we made him feel as loved as he made us. May the filet mignon be endless and milk flow freely up in Doggie Heaven.

    We love you so much, Ben.

    06/14/2003 – 09/12/2023

    The Bartolome Family
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Cream

    Cream might have been the smallest of our family but she still ruled our home. She was the most loving little pup I ever had. I still remember thinking how is this 2 pound pup going to make it with all the other animals but she fit right in. She brightened my day and I will miss her more than I can even imagine. I know she crossed the rainbow bridge and is with all our other furry members of the family. We will meet again one day. I love and miss you so much Cream aka Creamer Dreamers.

    07/02/2006 – 09/10/2023

    Josie Billington
    Las Vegas Nevada

  • In Loving Memory Of Joe & Toby

    Our sweet boy Joe crossed the Rainbow Bridge on September 2, 2023. He was followed 6 days later on September 8, 2023 by his best friend and brother, our handsome boy, Toby.  Joe came into our lives like a whirlwind. From the moment his little paws hit the floor he was pure sunshine. He was that one crazy friend, the one who got the party started, the one who encouraged everyone to leave their fears behind and live the adventure. Toby arrived in our home a month after Joe and was the yin to Joe’s yang; he had the heart of a lion and the gentle soul of a poet. They were great adventurers and brothers to the end. They swam in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, the Gulf of Mexico too. They sashayed down Bourbon St., Deadwood and Tombstone. They ate Thanksgiving Dinner on Fisherman’s Wharf in San Fransisco, enjoyed steak dinners and Bar B Que from South Dakota to Texas. They visited the Alamo, Mt. Rushmore, Daytona Beach, Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Yosemite, Sequoia, and White Sands National Parks. A testament to Toby’s strength, he completed their last adventure, without his brother, to Glacier National Park MT. before he passed. When not crossing the country on adventures Joe loved to sleep on top of the coffee table, take Mom’s spot on the couch, play bear paws with his Dad and catch his frisbee in the air while diving into the pool. Toby Loved to swim in his pool, take Joe’s toys, snuggle with Mom, and “tell” Dad stories. Joe and Toby were beloved. Their heartbroken family wishes to thank Nevada Pet Hospice and Dr. Toby Goldman from the bottom of our hearts for answering the call in our time of need. Their love and compassion held us together as Dr. Goldman gently assisted our precious boys across the Rainbow Bridge

    03/31/2012 – 09/08/2023

    Stephen & Janet Caudle
    Henderson, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of California (Cali)

    Cali found our family 12 years ago at the shelter in Oxnard, California. She has enriched our lives with her love ❤️. Cali was blind for a year before she passed but she showed us how to persevere and adapt to challenges with grace and the ability to adapt. She will always be remembered as our warrior princess.

    – 09/06/2023

    Diana Villalpando
    Las Vegas, Nevada

  • In Loving Memory Of Duke

    Duke was rescued at 6 weeks old from getting his angel wings too early. His mom, Sarah, immediately fell in love with her new best friend and was a single dog mom for 3 years. Then Sarah met Joey and Duke was instantly obsessed with Joey and they became inseparable. The three of them went on adventures all over the west coast, went camping, ran around, and made the best memories any trio could have made for the next 6 years. When Duke got older and sick, Joey and Sarah did everything they could to help their best friend feel better and to make sure he was happy and comfortable until the very end. Duke was the sweetest boy and exactly what an angel in dog form was; his excited bark, his stubbornness, his cuddles, and the good times will never be forgotten.

    01/25/2014 – 08/20/2023

    Sarah Woodmancy
    Henderson, Nevada

  • In Loving Memory Of Ares

    Ares was adopted at about 7 months old on August 20, 2011. He was a wild white puppy that would jump fences, swim in rivers and lakes, fly over furniture, lay on top of tables, and lay down in water.
    Ares traveled between Nevada and Texas, playing in the forests of Flagstaff, the parks of Albuquerque, the huge dog parks with lakes in Amarillo and Dallas.
    He was a super smart, super strong, super stubborn, supercute Superdog. My beautiful Bubba monster. I miss him, his sweet kisses, his big paws, and his fuzzy warm fur. I love you Ares. It was the hardest day ever to watch you leave me after 12 years together. My stunning boy Ares aka "Whitey" "Bubba" "Bubbie"

    01/20/2011 – 08/11/2023

    Michelle Underwood
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Kona

    Kona became a part of our family on April 9, 2011 and forever changed us. We said our earthly goodbye to her on Friday, August 4th and there is nothing that prepares you for that. The amount of love we have for her is indescribable and this hurts so bad. We are incredibly grateful for her 12.5 years here and for all of the major life events she experienced with us. She fought through so much to stay with us as long as possible. Kona – we love and miss you so much. 💕 🐾 💕

    01/15/2011 – 08/04/2023

    The Russell Family
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Stoker

    Stoker was always my shadow and my "blonde boyfriend ". He was a river dog and a couch potato.

    04/03/2023 – 08/08/2023

    Carol Falls
    North Las Vegas, Nv

  • In Loving Memory Of Dharma

    We adopted Dharma along with her brother Bodhi on January 23, 2016, from Sunny Saints St. Bernard Rescue. She was adored by all who met her but mostly by us. Dharma’s favorite things were going on walks with her mom and hanging out at the park, snuggling on the couch with her dad, laying on her futon outside and being petted 24/7.

    Dharma loved her treats- after she would go outside to do her business, she always made sure she escorted us to the treat jar. The one thing Dharma did not like was being apart from us. We would be upstairs working in the office, and she had to come up -always laying under her dad’s desk.

    More than anything Dharma loved us. We will remember her every time we go by the park, pass her treat jar, and sit on the couch. Dharma will be in our hearts forever and will never be forgotten.

    04/16/2012 – 08/06/2023

    Annette Hull
    Las Vegas

  • In Loving Memory Of Jackson Earl Romesberg

    In December of 2016 I went to Pittsburgh Pa, to visit my brother and his wife for Christmas. I was living in San Diego at the time and Jackson was staying with a friend while I was gone. On Christmas eve i got a phone call that Jackson had gotten out of the house somehow and was missing somewhere in the nieghberhood. I flew back to San Diego on Christmas day to start looking for him. For the entire 5 hour flight back to San Diego I kept thinking I would never see him again. After 3 days of searching the nieghberhood and putting up flyers I got a phone call from a lady who had found him and taken him to the local animal rescue shelter in Chula Vista. When I picked him up he was so happy to see me he couldn"t stop licking my face, We were pretty much inseparable from that moment until just the other day when he passed. I miss my little buddy more than anything.

    10/13/2009 – 07/26/2023

    steve romrsberg
    Henderson , Nv. 89074

  • In Loving Memory Of LUNA and SOCHI

    On July 15, 2023 with the deepest sorrow, we put our dearest Luna to sleep. Luna was a beautiful blond Cocker Spaniel, she was almost 16 years old, she was born in Chino Hills, Ca., Luna loved to play, walk and swim with her pal Sochi.
    Sochi was a beautiful blond 9-year-old Pitbull adopted by us from the Las Vegas Animal Shelter, when she was only 5 months old. We put Sochi to sleep exactly a year ago on July 10, 2022
    Dr Goldman has been in our house twice in 1 year helping Luna & Sochi cross the rainbow bridge. They were surrounded with our love.
    We are missing our beloved babies and also the good times that these two gave us. We will cherish these memories forever in our hearts, we miss them every day. Our house doesn’t feel the same without them.

    – 07/15/2023

    Patricia Telleria
    North Las Vegas, Nv

  • In Loving Memory Of Mimi

    Mimi is our first fur baby that spent 13 years with us. She's always a smart girl that brought us countless happiness. Mimi had a very cool life, tasted wagyu, toro, many ice creams, beat up other naughty cat, destroyed sofa, been on airplanes just to name a few. Mimi, thank you for being there with us through thick and thin. I miss you mimi , yet thankful I enjoyed your companionship for 13 years. Now you are in heaven and there will not be any tumor pains anymore. R.I.P and await our eventual arrival. We would meet again soon.

    Mama Carol and Papa Yi

    01/24/2007 – 07/21/2023

    Carol Yuanshi Shu
    Las Vegas

  • In Loving Memory Of Diamond

    We were so blessed to have this sweet baby as part of our family for over 12 years. We will
    Forever remember her circle laps in the pool and the howling singing party she started with our family of pets every day . You will
    Forever be missed . All our gratitude and love for so many years of happiness you gave us . I hope you’re running through fields and swimming laps again . Until we meet again. ❤️❤️

    11/13/2010 – 07/21/2023

    jennifer Duran
    Las Vegas Nevada

  • In Loving Memory Of Nikita

    Nikita was the sweetest girl. I got her from a friend when she was about 6 months old. We went to the beach, rivers, streams, deserts, mountains, lakes… She'd play in the snow, run into the waves and jump off of the boat to swim in lakes. She'd join me on hiking adventures, rock climbing adventures, off-road adventures…. And on many occasions, she used her super escape artist skills to go on her own adventures, but she always made it back home. I never imagined her being in my life as long as she was and for that I am eternally grateful. I miss her dances for turkey bacon and the sweet snuggles she'd give me when she felt cuddly. Love you Nikita.

    12/06/2007 – 05/10/2023

    Roxane Alexis Dalke Roehl
    Henderson, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Seamus

    One time he grabbed an entire steak off my plate and was dragging it across the floor

    04/28/2007 – 07/12/2023

    William Tousius
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Peanut

    A rat terrier who was the fastest around. He was a diva who did whatever he wanted. Peanut lived a long and happy life. He was loved and adored by his humans and will be dearly missed.

    01/21/2006 – 07/10/2023

    The Scharf Family
    Henderson, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Kain

    Kain lived a full, wonderful life and I’m happy he got to be close to family and friends back where he was raised in his final weeks. I’m sure this helped ease whatever pain he may have been going through and allowed him to carry on just a bit longer to make his papa happy. I’ll love and remember you forever and always. See you in another life, Kain.


    05/04/2010 – 07/11/2023

    Alex Alfa
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Nuisance
  • In Loving Memory Of Stella

    I was lucky enough to have Stella for 13 wonderful years. She was the life of the party and her presence will be forever missed.

    09/24/2010 – 07/06/2023

    Cara Swanson
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Chloe

    Sweet 16 year old Chloe was only with me for 4 months. She was dumped in an empty place by evil people and luckily the SPCA shelter took her, and I try to rescue all senior dogs so they don’t dye in a shelter or out in the open. Chloe must have had some good time when she was younger, because she loved all people and all dogs we would see when I walked her every day to the park. Sadly, she got lung cancer and she was suffering from it. I was SO glad to have her uthanized at our home; I have never been able to do that with sick dogs before. Dr. Alyssa Watson was so wonderful at home, that is so much nicer than being at a Vet place or Shelter. Love you Chloe; hope I can see you when I finally go sweet girl!!! ❤️🐾❤️🐾

    – 06/26/2023

    Dion Segler
    Henderson, Nevada

  • In Loving Memory Of Jimmie

    Jimmie was with our family as a puppy, left for 9 years, and found his way back for the last 3 years of his life. I am so grateful for the time we had, he definitely took a piece of my heart with him! I knows he’s happy and running again ❤️

    07/15/2009 – 07/03/2023

    Stacy Johnson
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Duke

    Duke was our first baby ! The sweetest dog . He loved playing balls , swimming , and loved peanut butter . Thank you for bringing so much joy into our lives . We love you sooo much baby 💖 until we meet again .

    01/13/2007 – 06/23/2023

    Cristine Cook
    Las Vegas,NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Snots

    Snots was the best little boy ever! He loved food, people and cuddles. One of his favorite things to do was to sit in the sunshine. We took him to Laguna Beach and sat in the sand for hours. He loved peanut butter, pup cups and the last bite of food from his human’s plate. Snots traveled across the US and thought car rides were amazing!

    02/15/2008 – 06/26/2023

    Katie Pete
    Henderson, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Sparky

    Sparky was my husband's sidekick and best buddy for over 16 years. He will always have a special place in our hearts. The house is not the same without him.

    09/06/2008 – 06/24/2023

    Mike & Pat Boyle
    NV – Las Vegas

  • In Loving Memory Of Daphne

    At 9 months old you were rescued from conditions no dog should be put in. Instead of being angry and aggressive as a result of your first home, you became the entire neighborhood's dog for the kids to play with. Even as the grandkids tried to ride you like a horse, not one nip or even a growl. Rest easy Daph. You earned it.

    01/01/2008 – 06/21/2023

    Tom Granger
    Las Vegas, Nevada

  • In Loving Memory Of Bella

    Letter to our little girl, Bella,
    You were such a great friend and part of our family. You came into our lives when we needed you most. You grew up with our son Deven, in fact you guys grew together and he has such great memories of you. You were pretty unruley as a puppy, do you remember chewing a hole in our wall? If you here with us now, I would gladly repair 100 holes. Do you remember how much you loved the backyard and "falling" (on purpose) in the pool. I sat in the spa yesterday and I missed throwing an empty water bottle for you to chew on and then, throw in the pool for fun! Shelly and I talk about you every day. The three of us want to thank you for all of the blessings that you provided. We also want you to know that we love and miss you so very much!! We will always remember the times that we spent with you and I considered it an honor to have been there with you, when you "Got your wings"and as sad as it was, to help you in you transition. Bells, we love you very, very much, R.I.P our beautiful little girl.

    Neal, Shelly and Deven

    11/23/2009 – 06/22/2023

    Clyde Neal Balding

  • In Loving Memory Of Wrigley

    The memories are so many with Wrigley, our almost 19 year old cat. He came into our lives when we rescued him and his foster sister. Although I truly believe they picked us because we went in for 1 kitty and came out with 2. Wrigley bonded with our daughter from the day we brought him home, always sleeping with her and such. When she left home and would come back for visits Wrigley was right there with her the entire time. God speed to the Rainbow Bridge our furbaby! Thank you for loving us and we love you always.

    10/01/2004 – 06/19/2023

    Lisa, Scott and Alexa
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Joker

    Joker came into our lives by accident and ended up being the most loving and perfect addition to our family. He loved belly rubs and scratches behind the ears as he purred away on our laps. We will love you forever baby bear ❤️.

    06/02/2023 – 06/18/2023

    James Bispo
    Las Vegas NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Sammy

    Sammy was so much a part of our lives for nearly 16 years. She loved to curl up on the couch with me and watch football. Her favorite pastime though was going on "patrol" through our big backyard to make sure everything was in order. In her mind, we were never "safe" until she made sure everything was clear.

    12/25/2007 – 06/16/2023

    William Stewart
    Las Vegas, NV 89131

  • In Loving Memory Of Bentley

    Cheers to 16 years with my very best friend. You will be missed, dearly, but I know you're in good spirits doing hot laps up there. Give heaven some hell, kid. Until we meet again, I'll be missing you.

    01/15/2007 – 05/13/2023

    Bryce Morgan
    Las Vegas, Nevada

  • In Loving Memory Of Sydney

    Our sweet boy left us on Friday. Our hearts are broken, but truly grateful we were able to be with us for 13 wonderful years. Until we see you again. ❤️❤️

    07/15/2010 – 06/10/2023

    Charlotte McBurney
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Bella

    Bella was the most loyal, protective and adventurous little Corgi. Since the time she was a puppy, she's been my hiking companion and was always up for anything. She loved the snow, particularly snacking on it, which was very convenient while living in Colorado, and she also loved the water and swimming. Bella was at every major life event and even had an important role in her humans' wedding. When her human brother arrived a few years ago, she immediately became his shadow and protector. She was always the first one in his room when he woke up and laid down outside of his door at night. There are so many memories, and we cherish every one of them.
    We love you endlessly Bella.

    04/06/2011 – 06/07/2023

    Melissa Riggins
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Vito

    There are so many memories I could share of our precious boy. He meant so much to our family. He was our protector, our companion and a vital piece of our family. Vito was so smart and loved to talk to us. His favorite things were his bed and his toys. He was very protective over them and would huddle them all in a pile in front of him to make sure no one touched them. He was so beautiful and we constantly received comments on him. Our house feels so empty without him and a piece of our hearts is missing but we know his memory will always be with us. We love you Veeeettoooo!

    04/02/2012 – 06/04/2023

    Nicole Valenti
    Las Vegas, Nevada

  • In Loving Memory Of Jude

    Jude went by many nicknames: Judy, Jude-bug, Juders, Bug, and Bug-a-boo. I named him after the Beatles song “Hey, Jude”. He was a sweet, but incredibly shy fellow. A black cat with golden-yellow eyes, he reminded me of a bee or a beetle. As a two-year adoptee, he hid in the closet most of the time for the first two weeks. I sang to him “Hey, Jude don’t make it bad. Take a sad song and make it better…’ to get him to come out. Over the next 10 years he came out of his shell and stole my heart.

    04/01/2011 – 04/27/2023

    Jennifer Risser
    Henderson, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Halo

    Halo literally walked into my life on December 04, 2014. I was leaving food out for a skittish abandoned pup for about a week prior to her finally approaching me on Dec. 04th. It happened to be a rainy day and she startled me in the garage. She instantly wanted to play after getting dried off a bit. It was about a weeks time through the adoption process to call her officially mine, but we had become so close by then, I remember that being a long week. She was soft, strong, and independent from a young age but still kept her playful puppy will up until the end. I came to find out the "who rescued who" was very true as she arrived at the most critical moments in my 30's and I will always be grateful for her choosing me.
    Special thanks to Dr. Alyssa Watson/Nevada Pet Hospice for squeezing us in last minute and making her transition as best as I could ever have asked for.

    12/04/2014 – 05/30/2023

    Brenton Ho
    Las Vegas

  • In Loving Memory Of Tilly

    Tilly my sweet girl. Aka Tuti, Poppy, Paparazzi, Pito, Pops. You were so loved and are already deeply missed. My heart hurts for you but I know you are finally getting endless treats & eating all the chicken your heart desires. You were and will always be the prettiest doggy that ever did live. I miss how the sunlight came through those big floppy ears, how you always rubbed your face in the blanket after we kissed you, how the minute you woke up you were looking for food & how you always had to be covered by a blanket so snug as a bug in a rug. I’m going to miss everything about you. I promise to never forget you my sweet baby. ❤️

    02/01/2006 – 05/26/2023

    Sarah Winhall
    Henderson NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Bella

    Our sweet loving fur baby Bella crossed over the rainbow last Tuesday. She brought so much love and joy to us for the past 13 years. She is greatly missed.

    04/23/2010 – 05/23/2023

    Jeanine Hawkins
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of ONYX

    I knew the day I met Onyx he was going to be my best friend. I adopted Onyx when I lived in South Dakota. In 2016, we moved to Las Vegas and did a 17 hour road trip together here. He was so happy about the warm weather, he loved to get his tan on!! Onyx loved car rides so much, I had to spell out “car” anytime I was talking because he knew what that meant. Cooking will never be the same without my Onyx in the kitchen with me. I am so grateful for the 13 years I had with you Onyx. You were so silly and had such a big personality. You have touched so many lives, especially mine, in ways I didn’t think possible. I hope you are running and eating anything you want in heaven. RIP

    07/01/2011 – 05/25/2023

    Tiffany Eppard
    Las Vegas, Nevada

  • In Loving Memory Of Baybee

    Baybee the Cat was a lady of leisure and would only drink her water out of a glass! She lived a beautiful 16 years and 9 months before she decided that it was time to retire. She loved chewing on Mama's hair and enjoyed 3 am zoomies up until the very end! She taught us what unconditional love is and will be missed beyond reason. Sleep well, Baybee girl. We love you.

    08/11/2006 – 05/19/2023

    Domini Merrill
    Las Vegas, Nevada

  • In Loving Memory Of Max

    Max adopted us after our dog Molly found him at A Home 4 Spot. It was like they were long lost friends. We brought him home and he was such a joy to have in our home for the last 8 years. Our vet even said we had found a diamond in the ruff when we found him… and he was. We will miss him so much! Thank you Nevada Pet Hospice for helping our Max pass so peacefully in his home with everyone that loved him by his side.

    12/27/2009 – 05/17/2023

    Angel Hammering
    Las Vegas

  • In Loving Memory Of Gracie

    My little nugget came to us as a senior from the shelter. I knew from the second I saw her, that I could make her comfortable and happy in my home.

    She was my little sidekick and we formed a strong bond instantly. Wherever I was, she would be. She loved sun bathing in the summer, and sitting in front of the space heater with me in the winter.

    My heart, my home, and my arms are empty without her. She is a special little girl who will be remembered forever. I love you Gracie baby.

    04/09/2010 – 05/15/2023

    Britney Simanek
    Henderson, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Onyx

    Thank you for the past 9 1/2 years Onyx! You are the best pup anyone could ever ask for and more! You were always such a great listener, so smart, and the best cuddle bug. We miss you and I love you with all my heart! 🩵🐾

    10/22/2013 – 05/14/2023

    Alexandria Garcia
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Oscar

    The world failed Oscar for the first 12 years of his life, then somehow the universe made sure he found me and my little family. He had a big personality in that little body, he lived unapologetically and made us all laugh for the last 6 years. I will be forever grateful for having the privilege of being his mom when he needed love the most.

    05/01/2023 – 05/10/2023

    Julie Banbury
    Henderson, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Kammie

    My favorite memory of my Kammie girl is the day we met, 16 years ago and I hope I will always remember that day. I had bought a house just so I could adopt a dog, and the day came I was all settled in and ready. I went to at least 3 or 4 shelters and adoption events and met lots of doggies who needed a home but I just did not feel a connection. The last stop on the way home was an NSPCA event at a Petsmart. I parked, got out of the car, and was pulled like a magnet directly to Kammie’s crate. I took everything in all at once: “Kamma nicknamed Kammie, big dog discount on sale for $50, house trained, 9 months old, can’t live with cats” every detail was a perfect match, and I looked into her caramel colored eyes and I said “I want this dog” and the volunteer got her out for me and that was it. She was my soul mate and best friend from that point on. She was absolutely perfect in every way and she taught me how to be responsible, how to love unconditionally, how to be loyal, how to be patient, and how powerful my voice can be. I know that me and Kammie will be together again someday soon somehow. Until then I miss taking care of her, rubbing her soft ears, and hearing her walking around the house and snoring in her bed, and taking her on slow mindful walks around the neighborhood. I love you forever Kammie Bear.

    11/07/2006 – 05/10/2023

    Katie Borowski
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Sky

    Sky was loved by so many and will
    Never be forgotten

    04/24/2008 – 05/04/2023

    Garrett Petty
    Las Vegas, Nevada

  • In Loving Memory Of PAPI

    We adopted Papi from Heaven Can Wait in July 2008. We fell in love the moment he came out of the van. He was estimated to be 1 year old at the time. We soon learned he had separation anxiety. We decided that he would never be alone and that one of us would always be there with him. If he couldn't go, then we wouldn't go. He demanded his breakfast at 6am, his dinner at 4pm, and his nightly apple at 6pm. He went on road trips to 24 states with us. He never spent 1 night without us even when he was sick or had a procedure. We are so heartbroken and devastated. He was such a good boy. He was our baby. We will miss and love him forever. RIP Monday May 1st 2023 a little before 6pm.

    07/12/2008 – 05/01/2023

    Kris Mayeda & Jimmy Hamilton
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Riley

    Riley joined our family exactly 8 weeks later (he fit in the palm of my hand). He brought so much unconditional love, joy, and comfort to us all, no matter what was going on, and he was definitely a “Mama’s” boy, too, and a great cuddler! You were by my side for 15 Years, 7 months, 26 days.

    Riley, the past few weeks have been so tough, but I try to keep remembering you are now seeing clearly, not walking into things, and not in pain. Your tumors are all gone, and no more hip pain either. Thank you for mustering up all your energy for the quick spurts of “puppy playfulness” at the end. Our last trip to the park was sweet and peaceful. Enjoy your new wings, playing and running around, pain free, with all the other pups up there. I know you will be waiting for me at Heaven’s gate. Such a good boy, you were, and I love you so much still, and always will. Daddy misses you too!

    08/21/2007 – 04/16/2023

    Jane Rediker
    Henderson, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Koa

    He was a big handsome, sweet, kind and mellow cat who liked everyone. He enjoyed going on walks with his dog Zara and using his stroller. He was declawed when we adopted him, and was returned twice to the shelter (for needing too much attention) and no one knew his exact age. We loved him and enjoyed the 1.5 years we had with him. I wish he could of had longer, so he could have let him finally enjoyed a loving forever home. We are grateful to have met him and got to show him how much we loved him.

    He was previously declawed, a owner surrender (because he wanted too much attention), and in the shelter twice. His exact age was not known. When we saw him we fell in love. He was big, handsome, sweet, and kind to everyone he met. He was a mellow cat who asked for nothing other than a little love and care. I would adopt him again and again if I could. I only wish he had gotten more than 1.5 years of constant care in a loving safe home, and not had the pain of cancer in the end. Rest now, Forever in our hearts.

    10/07/2014 – 05/01/2023

    Kristina Jamieson
    Henderson, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Blazer

    Blazer came into our lives 17 years ago as a puppy and filled our lives with joy. Blazer was full of life and always the center of attention. He loved people and anyone who met Blazer loved him back. I am not quite sure where to go from here, our hearts are broken. Run free sweet baby – until we see you again.

    10/27/2006 – 04/27/2023

    Lisa Lawrence
    Las Vegas, Nevada

  • In Loving Memory Of Chopper

    Chopper was only 6 weeks old when he was dumped at Freedom Park. I was jogging while this cute puppy kept biting at my heels. He was so cute, I decided to bring him home. Chopper was a bit destructive, chewing sprinkler heads, causing me to replace my lawn three times. I tried to find him a new home and even debated taking him to animal control, but every time I looked into his eyes, I couldn't do it. Chopper was strong and so full of energy. My best friend tried to take him for a walk. Chopper ran so fast, she fell but kept hold of the lease. He dragged her for at least 10 yards while she wore a mini skirt. As Chopper aged, he slowed down a bit and was the best love dog I've ever owned. Chopper you will be missed. I'm so happy you found me.

    11/04/2008 – 04/17/2023

    Shellie Clark
    Henderson, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Parsley

    Parsley was like no other. To say she was special is an understatement. She filled everyday with so much love and joy. She was one of the happiest little babies there ever was. She had a brother and sister who we unfortunately also lost, and I find solace in thinking they might be running and playing together again. I love you so much, Parsley.

    09/13/2016 – 04/08/2023

    Jasmin Brownell
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Lincoln

    Lincoln was with us for 13 great years. He was laid back, loved to sit outside in the sun and especially liked to ride in the car. He was a constant companion and he spoiled us. He even had "his own side' of a king sized bed. He was truly loved and we miss him with all of our heart.

    07/08/2009 – 04/10/2023

    Vicki Purpura
    Las Vegas, Nevada

  • In Loving Memory Of Rommi

    If you knew him, you loved him, and he loved you right back. The purest of heart, that was by my side, nearly every day for 14 years. I’ll pick you up at Rainbow bridge, on our way to fiddlers green.

    07/05/2009 – 03/23/2023

    Las Vegas, No

  • In Loving Memory Of Lauren

    Saturday we said goodbye to you dear sweet Lauren. You were a beloved and treasured part of our family. We are so glad that you found your way into our lives from a puppy stray at the Lied Animal Shelter to a foster puppy with Mommy Sandi to our hearts. You were always there to share our family's joys and sorrows. Our mornings started with a kiss from you and our nights ended with you snuggled close. Mommy and Daddy and the rest of your fan club miss you terribly. You will be lovingly remembered. 🐾💔

    07/04/2006 – 04/01/2023

    Lynne Eichenfield
    Las Vegas

  • In Loving Memory Of Ralf

    Ralf was my family’s best friend. He grew up with us since we came in America. He went through every single immigration step of our lives. Ralf was almost 17 years old beagle full of life and always ready for miles of walks and crazy hikes with us. We will miss you so much. Our lives will never be the same without you. Rest in piece Ralfie. Be airborne and carefree in heaven until we meet again! 🤍🕊️🐾

    08/29/2006 – 03/29/2023

    Teodora Garan
    Las Vegas, Nevada

  • In Loving Memory Of Gracie

    Gracie was my daughter’s best friend. They did everything and went everywhere together. Hiking, travel, races, swimming, car rides. Even when arthritis prevented her from doing these things she was at my daughter’s side. Eleven and 1/2 years of pure love.

    09/29/2011 – 03/29/2023

    Wendy Tietjen Zolner
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Max

    Max was a wonderful chocolate lab who loved long walks, lying in water and eating grilled food. He was easy going with people and other dogs. He had a big personality and we were so fortunate to have him in our family for nearly 14 years. He leaves a big hole none could fill.

    06/23/2009 – 03/25/2023

    Darla Tomlinson
    Henderson NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Tucker

    Tucker was such a loving dog and dedicated his life to making our family so happy. He lived a long life but it is never long enough for us who loved him. He was always excited to see us when we came home and just made us feel special.

    04/01/2006 – 03/12/2023

    Debbie Miller
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Easton

    Easton was a big part of our family. She was a beautiful, loyal, and loving dog. We have many fond memories of her both in Henderson and at Stoney Lake- her happy place. Easton will be missed!
    Till we meet again- somewhere over the rainbow! We love you Easton! Xoxo

    09/20/2011 – 03/14/2023

    Susan Morton
    Henderson, Nevada

  • In Loving Memory Of Marti

    My special beautiful little rescue who was my best friend for 18 years. My heart is broken, but I know you are waiting for me. I love you for eternity.

    07/17/2005 – 03/05/2023

    Diane Scarcelli
    Henderson, Nevada

  • In Loving Memory Of Little Bear

    Little Bear is the sweetest little boy I’ve ever known.  He has the biggest, kindest heart of anyone in the world.  God gave him a large white marking on his chest in the shape of a heart to show the world what a lover boy this doggie would be.  Little Bear is the only furbaby in which I was both there when he was born, and also when he crossed over to Heaven.  It is a beautiful thing to be able to spend a lifetime with such a pure, special soul.  He could "talk" in his own way, and I understood when he called me "Mama".  Little Bear was the most special one of a litter of 10 puppies mothered by my furbaby Daisy (who went to Heaven on 7/7/2021). 

    Little Bear loved kitty cats, SNOW!! and playing with his many, many toys given to him by his Mama Lynn with love.

    I love you and miss you my LITTLE BEAR, and will long for my best good Bear-friend until I meet you and Daisy once again over the Rainbow Bridge.  I will keep my babies in my heart forever, carrying their love and courage with me, and remembering all the beautiful love, gifts, patience, and lessons bestowed upon me by my two Angel babies now back in Heaven.

    Until then, take care of each other, and please know how much you mean to me.  You are the best thing that ever happened to me, and I'm so thankful that God sent the best two Angel Babies to me from Heaven.  Thank you for making me a better person and a better Mama. I'm grateful for all the time and love we've shared together.  Mama misses you and loves you forever and ever and ever, Baby Bear!! Everyone loves you!!

    Little Bear always cherished birthdays and holidays, especially Christmas.  He loved opening presents, and enjoyed flowers and balloons, but he especially savored yummy cake and treats!

    Thinking of you always, Honey Bear!!
    HUGS and KISSES 💜💗
    Love Always,
    Mama Lynn, Grandma Emily,
    and Family.

    03/27/2010 – 02/14/2023

    Lynn Serett
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Kookie

    Kookie was the best dog ever. We miss her so much. 💞🐾

    10/13/2006 – 01/27/2023

    Maureen Bain
    Las Vegas NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Butter

    We loved you from the moment we brought you home. Your mom had passed away and we were blessed to be able to love and care for you in her absence. Your unconditional love for all of us was given without hesitation. We enjoyed your silliness, especially your vocal enthusiasm at mealtimes. You were the Queen Bee and head of the pack and took no nonsense from Cooper, Dott and Melvyn. We will love and miss you forever.

    01/22/2014 – 02/27/2023

    Alexia Conger
    Henderson, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of LT

    Thank you LT for sharing your life with us for 15 years! You brought such love and joy to our family and we will be eternally thankful. You will be forever in our hearts and memory. I know that you and your brother Major will be playing in the stars and we look forward to unit with both of you again. Until then, we will be missing you terribly! Goodbye for now my love…

    02/27/2008 – 02/25/2023

    Brenda Bennett
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Oliver

    From the second you came home in 2015 to your very last breath you protected us. You guarded our family fiercely from each of the kids to me and especially your daddy. You were on high alert at all times on walks and in the back yard. You took over the pool and every single tennis or baseball brought home as yours. Your understanding vocabulary was outrageous – you knew everything we were saying, sounds of our cars and our visitor's cars and when you met a sketchy person. You checked out my belly, sniffed my toes, and laid your head on me every day of my pregnancy and you guarded your new buddy no matter where she was. You took your new place in line right next to her stroller on walks. By far the greatest of your protections was the night you alerted me that your loving dad was in distress, barking to wake me up and make me hear what you heard. You stood on guard as the ambulance drove him away and comforted us the past 18 months since that awful morning. We are so grateful to Dr. Toby for helping you cross the rainbow bridge into daddy's loving and waiting arms for you so peacefully. We could not have asked for anything more for our family. We are so grateful.

    09/29/2015 – 02/05/2023

    Sarah M Laesch
    North Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Oreo

    11 years ago on July of 2012 we met you and your partner in crime Charlie girl at the Irvine Animal Care Center. You were found roaming the streets fully bathed with no microchip and no collar with Charlie. They kenneled you two together and I remember that pathetic look of sheer doom on your little face when we were about to take Charlie out for a meet and greet. Right then and there, we knew we couldn’t separate you two. So, on July 8, 2012 you and Charlie came home with us to create our little family of four. With Charlie being a daddy’s a girl, naturally you became a mama’s boy.

    You were my grumpy little, instigating, territorial little man, but boy did I love you and I wouldn’t have changed a thing about you.

    My little man, it seriously broke our hearts seeing your body whittle away. You stopped eating around February 10th. We decided to bring you into the vet on the 14th and they took some blood samples. When results came back on the 16th, we were told to immediately get you admitted into the hospital. You remained hospitalized for two nights and it was determined that there was not much more intervention that could be done. With a history of a heart condition and a new diagnosis of renal failure, plus concerns regarding your liver and pancreas, there were no treatments left to try that would not cause the other organs to fail. So, on 2/18/23 we decided to bring you home. We were really hoping that if we brought you home, we’d be able to get you to eat enough to get your energy up. But unfortunately that was not the case. Over that next week, we watched you get weaker, and thinner. And we knew what needed to be done. We had to make the hard decision to put you to rest.

    As you all know, our dogs are our entire world. Oreo was just shy of 13 years old and we adopted him when he was 2. Having had to experience the loss of our two previous fur babies, we knew we wanted to do things a little different this time. I stayed home on 2/22/23 and spent the whole day with you giving you so much love and kisses and cuddles. I made sure to wipe up your face after each vomit because I know how much you hate things that stink. I even washed your dog beds throughout the day and constantly rotated them so you always had a fresh place to lay down. I hope those little things helped make that day just a little bit more comfortable for you. Sadie had been restless the entire time you were unwell. But at 5:30pm on 2/22/23, she finally relaxed, laid down, and fell asleep. And at the same exact time, you passed away peacefully in my arms with the assistance of an in-home veterinarian.

    We miss you and we love you so much Oreo!

    07/08/2010 – 02/22/2023

    Edele and Nicole Onas
    N Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Gracie

    This sweet girl filled our home with the most positive vibes. The truth of her passing still fills me with sorrow and my heart is tender. I know that time will soften this truth, but she will always be missed. Her light had shined so radiant in our home. Many have therapy dogs, I had a therapy cat. Her persistent calm vibes, and eagerness to show her kind affection saved me time after time. We were so blessed to have known her.

    10/31/2006 – 11/22/2022

    Orlena Rascon
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Rico

    Rico was the best fur baby I could have asked for. He made our family complete. I loved it when he would walk under your feet and just sit there so you would pet him with your feet ❤️ We are missing him so much.

    10/13/2007 – 02/18/2023

    Barbara Griffin
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Leila

    Always slept on the pillow next to my head purring away. I miss you Leila Leila Bo Beila

    04/01/2009 – 02/16/2023

    Wendy Tietjen-Zolner
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Cheetah

    Always had to follow me into the bathroom for pets and love bites on my hands. My sweet Cheetah Cheetah Bo Bita I miss you sweet girl !

    05/01/2014 – 02/16/2023

    Wendy Tietjen-Zolner
    Las Vegas, Nevada

  • In Loving Memory Of Chun Li

    Chun Li might have been little, but she had the fiercest and sassiest attitude. I loved her courage and bravery to take anything on. She was truly the light of my life, and she knew how to make me laugh. I didn’t even need tissues when I cried because she would lick my tears away and comfort me, even when she was weak. Truly an incredible gift I have ever received. You are deeply missed, and not a second goes by where I’m thinking of you babygirl.

    08/16/2009 – 02/12/2023

    Lorraine Morales
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Bronco

    Bronco was super strong and special, loved car rides,parks, plane rides, cookies doggie days Pizza, steak, and his Mommy💔
    I miss you every day, thanks for being my best friend 💓

    12/25/2005 – 02/08/2023

    Donna Sturgis
    Henderson, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Draco

    There’s too many share…
    But one thing I realized with having him in my life,
    is that sometimes you don’t take your dog on a walk it was actually him taking me on a walk!
    It was a blessing to have him be a part of my life.
    They never stop loving you…
    and I was happy he got to go home with his head still in my lap.

    04/12/2011 – 02/08/2023

    Issac Wolf
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Layla

    Layla was our Guardian Angel. Always facing the door at night to make sure we were safe. She was the perfect lady, never an issue, always there to greet us and show us her love. She was such a sweet girl. Everyone who met her fell in love with her frosted face! Although she was only in our life for 2 1/2 years, it was as though she was there from the time I was a girl as she was our 10th boxer! She had the best qualities of all of our beloved furbabies. We know they are now all together across the Bridge.

    07/31/2010 – 01/09/2023

    Janis and Drew Rounds
    Henderson, NV 89044

  • In Loving Memory Of SANDI

    Sandi was a very happy Korean Jindo dog. She gave my sister and me much love, laughter, joy and happiness thru the 13 yrs we had her. She had an excellent disposition, not a mean bone in her body. She loved to play ball, go for long walks & ride in the golf
    cart. Sandi was a 4 yr cancer survivor of melanoma of her mouth. Her paw prints will be deeply embedded in our hearts forever.

    11/19/2007 – 01/26/2023

    Janet Lincks
    Las Vegas, Nevada

  • In Loving Memory Of Dot

    Dot had been by my side since October 2009. I will miss her furry shoulder to cry on and her always at the door with a shoe in her mouth to welcome us home. I had never experienced love from a Pitbull until her; Pits are really a girl’s best friend. It took her awhile to warm up to my (now) husband, she would always sit in between us, or she would stand on top of him when we tried to snuggle up together on the couch. In getting Dot to love him, he introduced her to puppuccinos and they took many car rides on the weekends to get an iced coffee and a puppuccino. Fast forward 6 years after meeting him, and she is now very old and nearing the end, he walks in the door and she uses the last of her energy to get up, wag her tail, and greet him while waiting for all the doggy rubs. She was so gentle with our kids, letting them play dress up on her or just follow her around for hours acting like a dog with her. She was always next to me while I was pregnant. Once her human baby arrived, we would constantly find her sleeping in his room next to the crib. She was such a gentle giant, and we will miss her always. Until we meet again Baby Dot, I will keep you in my heart forever.

    A big thank you to Nevada Pet Hospice for their kind staff and thoughtful words. We are grateful to have been able to put Dot to rest, peacefully in her home while holding her as she gained her wings.

    10/17/2009 – 01/22/2023

    Mary Nordstrom
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Bella

    Bella was a beautiful being from the moment I rescued her from the shelter with her 8 puppies that were 2 days old, we were best friends! She truly rescued me and I am forever grateful that she came into my life when she did. I loved taking care of Bella and looked forward to being greeted at the front door everyday, and watching her take car rides with me. She would wake up with tons of energy and play right away! She made me laugh and feel grounded and loved everyday. She made everyone around her laugh and she will be missed dearly! I want to thank Nevada Pet Hospice for providing such a peaceful and warm passing in our home. I was grateful she was not scared and in my arms when her final day came. See you on the other side baby girl, I miss and love you everyday!

    04/20/2010 – 12/29/2022

    Leslie Marshall
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Prince

    Prince was a good baby. He was so little and tiny. He was a wonderful companion. He knew where home was because he would always come back after running away when he got the chance. He lived a long 15 years. He enjoyed long and short walks. He was loved by family and friends.

    04/14/2007 – 01/16/2023

    Angelica Aquino
    Las Vegas, Nevada

  • In Loving Memory Of Loki

    Loki AKA Lodi was the most special boy. He taught me responsibility. He taught me to grow up. He taught me endless patience and compassion are the best roads to a beautiful life. We love you big guy. Gone but never forgotten ❤️💕

    12/07/2012 – 01/15/2023

    Shirl Janica
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Cella

    Cella lived life with intensity. She collected pine cones when we walked, ran like a horse at the park, loved her big sister Daph and brother Truman, eventually learned how to play with her cat sister Holly G. We miss her dearly, but all know we will see her again someday.

    04/04/2014 – 01/07/2023

    Cynthia (Cindi) White
    Las Vegas, Nevada

  • In Loving Memory Of Spooky

    To wake me up in the morning, Spooky would gently tap her claws on the headboard or pat me on the face. While I would gently push her paw away, she was relentless and wouldn't stop till I got up. I miss those wonderful wake up calls. Spooky was the sweetest kitty I ever had the privilege of sharing my life with.

    – 12/29/2022

    Mary Wilson

  • In Loving Memory Of Grizz

    Grizz was my Soulmate Dog and Furever Bestest Buddy. We will love and miss you forever beautiful boy.

    06/13/2008 – 12/31/2022

    Patrick Puffer
    Las Vegas

  • In Loving Memory Of Dante

    Dante was the ambassador and always welcomed the new pets and humans into our household.

    06/05/2006 – 12/29/2022

    Tamara Flores-Sahagun
    Las Vegas

  • In Loving Memory Of Axl

    Axl was the sweetest, most loving companion anyone could ask for. He brought us great joy. He filled a part of our hearts that had been missing. We adopted him on March 30, 2018. He loved going in car rides and playing at the park. His favorite toy was his tennis ball. During the hot summer days, he loved playing in his pool. He always greeted us at the door when we came home. We will truly miss his personality. Either if it was watching tv with us or having zoomies right before bed. He will be deeply missed and we hope to see him again in this life or the next.

    He will always be our puppy, sweetie poo, and our son.

    04/05/2015 – 12/29/2022

    Krystle and Eric Wright
    Las Vegas

  • In Loving Memory Of Dim Sum

    On February 10, 2007, we left our house on Westwood Dr. to go to the store to get groceries for the week. Instead of picking up groceries, we ended up coming home with an adorable little 3 month old West Highland Terrier who we named Dim Sum. We named her Dim Sum because it was one of our favorite meals and she looked like a cute little dumpling.
    She loved to play ball and her favorite toy was her hedgehog. We were so amazed when we found out she knew how to play ball on instinct and we thought it was just the neatest thing ever. She loved to roll around with her hedgehog so much that we had a stockpile of them in the closet so we could easily replace it when one would get too tattered.
    She was a happy pup who always wanted to be right by our side. She loved parties and knew how to work a room. She'd walk right up, flop on her side and the belly rubs would commence; she was great at entertaining people.
    Mornings were our time together. I'd wake up to the sound of her shaking her collar and knew it was time to put her out and make her breakfast. After that, we would sit on the sofa together while I had coffee and played video games.
    Evenings were especially exciting for her when her papa would come home from work. She would light up when he walked thru the door and run over, tail wagging, to greet him at the top of the stairs. Usually there would be a few belly rubs followed by a couple rounds of ball.
    If you've made it this far, thank you for taking the time to read about our baby girl. All of our babies are special and Dim Sum was no exception. She gave us 16 wonderful years and we will always cherish her memory.

    11/18/2007 – 12/28/2022

    Clay and Denise Heximer
    Las Vegas

  • In Loving Memory Of Rocko

    Christmas this year did not bring joy and I can barely type this but I'm going to give it a shot through the tears. We got Rocko on my birthday 13 years ago after my youngest son asked and asked and asked for a "puppy in a box". He was the best dog a family could ask for – smart, good, loving and always happiest laying on the floor at your feet. His loss is hitting our family very hard and there isn't a square foot of our house that doesn't lend itself to memories of him "talking" for a carrot, sitting on the treat rug, running the back wall, sleeping on a pillow, scratching his back on the floor, Kung Fu fighting with his bonded sister Daisy, jumping in the pool, blocking the shower door, basking under the blow dryer after a bath, waking us up with floppy-eared early mornings, tripping us in the dark hallway or putting his head on the couch for endless head rubs. When we brought him home at 10 weeks old, we never could have imagined the bond we'd grow through the years or the endless love we would feel for him, or the deep pain and sadness we're experiencing in his passing.

    Rocko, my heart breaks that you're gone. Our family was forever changed by you being in our lives. Feel better and rest easy, Rocko Dog; we will love you forever.

    11/01/2009 – 12/26/2022

    Nikki & Tony Berti
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Kimo

    We got Kimo for my wife because we couldn’t have anymore kids. Turns out Kimo became ‘Daddy’s baby. He was my shadow, everywhere I went, Kimo was right beside me. I took a nap, he took a nap-you get the picture.

    We’ve had other four legged kids but Kimo was the best companion I’ve ever had.

    Very sweet and gentle and enjoyed savoring his meals. He was hands down the slowest eater! He’d take a bite, take his time chewing while looking around. Meanwhile, his sister Belle would sneak in and start eating the rest of his food.

    He enjoyed being around his family and just hanging out. He didn’t like being in crowds (just like Daddy) and would always come over to me so I could pick him up and hold him.

    There are so many memories and stories I could share about him.

    We will miss you dearly my baby. Daddy and Mommy love you!

    04/09/2006 – 12/26/2022

    Michael Yagi
    Las Vegas NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Chewy

    Chewy was the sweetest most loving and loyal dog we could have asked for. He enjoyed car rides, walks, his fuzzy bear, just about all food and treats and he loved his family so much. We had a wonderful 15 years with him. Mommy and daddy love you so much and Stretch does too. You are missed so much little buddy. Forever in our hearts. ❤️ 🐾

    10/24/2007 – 12/19/2022

    Jenn & Tony
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Rubin

    My Rubin’s house rules:
    1. Don't come home smelling of other dogs.
    2. You must feed me every goodie you eat.
    3. Don't call me or lead me to a bath.
    4.Let me outside even though I just came in,
    there was an area I forgot to sniff.
    5.1 can sleep anywhere I choose even if it
    means you trip over me.
    6. Don't shhhh me from barking while you are
    on the phone, I heard the wind blowing the
    7. Don't move me while sleeping sideways in the
    middle of the bed, you have enough room on
    the edge.
    8. Don't think you can leave a room without me.
    9.If it lands on the floor it's MINE!
    10. You will never pee alone again.
    He was the best, I just very missed him
    I hope he will wait me at my end ❤️🙏🏻

    09/23/2007 – 12/17/2022

    Guzel Lukmanova
    Henderson, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Pansey

    Pansey was sent to me to teach me many things about unconditional love. She brought love and light into my life every day she was with me for 15 years. My husband Steven and I are grateful to have shared her time on the earth plane. Now she is running free and loving her life in a healthy body. She is missed but we will see her again. Until then, she is in my heart forever.

    10/01/2007 – 12/16/2022

    Carolyn Vanzlow and Steven Edgar
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Freya

    I miss my baby so much, she was such a good girl, thinking of all the years that we spent together..I will see you again on the Rainbow Bridge, my angel! RIP

    01/01/2010 – 12/16/2022

    Eleonora Steinberg
    Henderson. NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Olive

    Olive was the best girl and she was so good to us. we will miss everything about her so much.

    09/11/2011 – 12/15/2022

    Melia and Judy Smith
    Las Vegas, nv

  • In Loving Memory Of Zelda

    Zelda took a big part of our hearts with her. She was the sweetest dog ever. We will never forget her.

    02/06/2012 – 12/11/2022

    Donna Dongmann
    North Las Vegas, Nevada

  • In Loving Memory Of Coco Chanel

    Coco was so loving and caring with all people and animals, she made friends everywhere she went. She will be so missed by so many.

    01/11/2009 – 12/14/2022

    Augie Pfeiffer
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Jagger

    How can a small dog leave such a big hole in our hearts?

    We said goodbye to Jagger yesterday. We are heartbroken but know we gave him a good life and he gave us many moments of joy and laughter.
    Coincidentally yesterday was his 15th birthday. We had an in-home vet come and it was a beautiful, peaceful passing. He was napping in the sun by the big picture window in our bedroom and the vet administered a sedative and he crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. He never knew what happened.

    Hurts so bad, but it was time for us to let him go and no longer be in pain and confused. In the nearly 32 years, Elise and I have been together, we've said goodbye to Svarta Bjorn, Gingbat Gingaroo (Ginger) and now Jagger. He's joined them in doggy heaven and I'm sure he's been taken under their wings and is entertaining and annoying them with his impish and comical personality.

    Jagger – aka Turd Merchant, Lil Black Bullet, Mr. Bubby Nugget, Jig Jag, Jagaroo and Jaggy.

    We will miss you very much.

    12/10/2007 – 12/10/2022

    Elise Lindborg
    Las Vegas

  • In Loving Memory Of Lilly Stanbrough

    Lilly gave us over a decade of love. She will be missed dearly.

    07/01/2009 – 12/08/2022

    Kiley Stanbrough
    Las Vegas

  • In Loving Memory Of Jäger

    He loved to greet everyone with his blue ball & carried it wherever he went.
    It had to be blue —no other color would do.

    10/30/2010 – 11/30/2022

    Shannon Chartrey
    Las Vegas Nevada

  • In Loving Memory Of Milo

    Our sweet Milo. You were the most loving boy. We enjoyed these incredible years you have given us. We miss you so much.

    12/06/2015 – 11/29/2022

    Bethany Sablan
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Freddie

    To our special big teddy bear Freddie. Our hearts are broken and we miss you every second of every day. We are so thankful for the gift of these 11 years with you, but wish we could have had even one day more. We already know you are in heaven looking down and protecting us. You are the best part of us! Love you always and forever.

    06/15/2011 – 11/18/2022

    Chris Mirando
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Jetti

    Thank you for being our companion for 17 years! We miss you so much, but we know you’re pain free now. Rest in Paradise. ❤️

    – 11/11/2022

    Jayleen Valdivieso
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Dakota

    Dakota was a sweet sweet girl , loyal and so loving , loves running to the door to greet me coming home from work with her big wagging tail , always gives kisses we miss her so much , the house is so empty without her and her sister Maika 😢💔🌈

    02/05/2011 – 11/11/2022

    Michelle Rosen
    Las Vegas Nevada

  • In Loving Memory Of Benny

    Thank you Benny for being my friend , protector, companion for 16 moved with me 8 times and always adjusted without a struggle. I will miss your woofing for food. The house is to quiet without you . You loved belly scratches . I hope your laying in a beautiful patch of sunshine in puppy heaven . We love you Benny boy ❤️

    07/14/2006 – 11/09/2022

    Kelley collins
    Las Vegas, nevada

  • In Loving Memory Of Ashley

    Ashley, Blue Doberman, rescued me in Seattle when she was 7 and she loved her hiking here in Vegas where she averaged approx 9 miles per day!!+

    10/31/2008 – 11/07/2022

    Patrick McGhee
    Las Vegas

  • In Loving Memory Of Zeus

    watching him let the babies love him so gentle

    05/05/2008 – 11/01/2022

    Kathleen Taylor

  • In Loving Memory Of Spartacus

    Sharing snacks

    05/05/2008 – 11/01/2022

    Kathleen Taylor

  • In Loving Memory Of Jewel

    Jewel was the most loyal, fun, loving companion that I’ve ever known she was a fierce protector but a gentle character overall I’m completely broken by her passing. Till I see you again Jewel Bear we love you and miss you

    11/01/2011 – 11/03/2022


  • In Loving Memory Of Sabot

    We raised Sabot from a puppy. I never had a dog like him, very talkative, loving , protective of my family. Love you buddy

    02/15/2015 – 10/29/2022

    Scott Siebrecht
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Hanna Marie

    We adopted this adorable and beloved fur baby as a rescue when she was six weeks old… She was incredibly ill when we rescued her. With devoted care she lived to be 15.3 years old… She was an incredibly large part of our lives and hearts… She traveled everywhere with us… She was a fighter until the end. We will miss her the rest of our lives… Our hearts are broken and may she rest in peace forever in our hearts❤️ We rescued her but I think she rescued us❤️🙏🏻

    07/29/2007 – 10/14/2022

    Glassman Michele
    Las Vegas

  • In Loving Memory Of Moka

    We adopted Moka on February 29, 2020. We were not expecting to adopt a cat as my husband is allergic to cats. Surprisingly, he did not have as much of a reaction to Moka. As soon as we saw Moka she came right up to us, fell on her side and wanted her belly rubbed. She had the most beautiful blue eyes. She has kept me company while working from home the past two years. She was the sweetest cat and perfect companion. She wanted to be where we were. She followed us everywhere. May you have an abundance of Temptations treats. See you at the Rainbow Bridge. We love you and miss you so much!!!

    02/29/2020 – 10/14/2022

    Monika Alonso
    Las Vegas

  • In Loving Memory Of Spartacus

    Spartacus was my best friend, my protector, and my baby boy. He was always there with his nose pressed against the window in the door when we came home. We have always lived in this house with him and now the house is not the same. It is empty. I do not hear you walking around, you are not there to wake me up, everything is not the same. Our hearts are broken. We love and miss you.

    06/17/2011 – 10/13/2022

    Marianne Serone
    Henderson, Nevada

  • In Loving Memory Of Maci Mae

    Maci loved to go on rides in the car. She loved to go camping with us to the river. She knew exactly where she was when we would go. We overlooked the river and she wanted to go right to it. She loved to splash in the water. She loved to just lay out and look at the water. When at home when we would water the trees she would try to get the water. She loved to lay outside . She was the best most sweet loyal companion we have ever had. We miss her greatly. We thank Dr.Joan and the staff at Nevada Pet Hospice for their compassion and help. Dr Joan is a sweet kind , compassionate soul. We were so glad God sent her to us. We miss our beloved Maci but we know that she is running free without pain .

    07/24/2012 – 10/13/2022

    Melissa Dodge
    Pahrump, Nv

  • In Loving Memory Of Tinker

    I have lived all over the USA with Los Angeles being home base and "Tinker" has been my buddy, side kick and best companion/friend for nearly 18 years. On trains , planes and yes automobiles we have been together. We have been through a lot but always had each other at the end of day. Tinker was vocal and demanding but so sweet and loved his treats/food our day always started the same with tuna and coffee and lots of petting. He loved to go outside in the garden and sniff the plants , eat grass and watch the hummingbirds. Tinker will be missed so much by so many people he touched. My little dude (boo boo bear) love to Tinker always!!!! forever!!!!

    03/02/2005 – 10/12/2022

    Jason Koerth
    Las Vegas

  • In Loving Memory Of Dexter

    In loving memory of Dexter, our big guy. Wise, gentle and always protective. Dexter was always enthusiastic to meet a new friend. We will miss his snuggles, command of the house and love.

    11/07/2008 – 10/11/2022

    Suzie Hoy
    Las Vegas NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Coco

    Coco my love. You came to us 5 years ago from another loving owner that passed away and left you orphaned. The last 5 years you gave us so much love and joy. Meet you at the rainbow Bridge. Hope you're with your daddy now.

    02/26/2006 – 10/08/2022

    Carmen McConnell
    Las Vegas

  • In Loving Memory Of Lily

    Lily was always the sweetest problem child any fur parent could ask for. She had equal parts energy and love to spread around. She loved to go “swamping,” show everyone her toy manatees, and follow mom no matter where she went. She was loyal and stubborn, and made friends wherever she went. Lily fought hard until the end, leaving a legacy in the Baker family as Lilyface.

    10/31/2005 – 10/02/2022

    Sam Baker

  • In Loving Memory Of Abby

    Abby was known by everyone as Sweet Abby. We rescued her from a shelter (best thing I’ve ever done!) and I remember her dashing around the corner skidding on the floor thinking she was coming home and had hit the jackpot because she had had a tough start to her life and was found on the streets. But it was us who had hit the jackpot! What a sweet girl. We had many wonderful years together with so many happy and funny moments. Right now she’s re-connecting with all her friends in doggie heaven and updating them!! We think she was 5 or 7 years old when we adopted her in 2013 so she had a good life. I’ve put her adoption date below.

    02/14/2013 – 10/02/2022

    Pam Yates
    Henderson, Nevada

  • In Loving Memory Of Cosmo

    19 years ago I was out on my morning walk and this young kitty came out from a bush to say hello. I gave her a pet and continued on my walk only to notice I had a friend following me for 2 miles. I had to return home to get ready for work. So upon returning home I gave her food and water on my back porch and went off to start my day. When I got home I was hoping kitty went on her way but when I got out of my car I heard mew mews coming from my yard. She waited all day for me to return home. I set up a little shelter for her in a empty garden cart for her as we had thunderstorms nightly. She was very afraid and cried all thru the night. I had 2 cats in my house and couldn't bring her in until I had her checked out by a doctor. So I did.
    Only to find out she was pregnant! Oh no!! I can't take in a pregnant kitty. What will I do? Well thanks to my local vet, they offered to keep her until she had and weaned her kittens. They would find homes for the kittens and then I could keep Cosmo. Great! She was such a good mama and became the resident kitty at the animal hospital roaming freely throughout the days and nights. After about 3 months I brought my Cosmo to her new home. She was the best cat ever and should I say I did not adopt her she adopted me! I will miss her for sure. But she was loved from the minute we met on my morning walk until she parted with us on this 19 year journey together. Rest in peace my sweet angel. I love you.

    09/27/2003 – 09/28/2022

    Denise Oliver
    Las Vegas

  • In Loving Memory Of Jade

    Jade, Cujo, Big Mamma, Dragon, and Old Lady Jadey jus a few of the many names you had with us. Your beginning was rough but your final chapters were filled with love and joy. You were a one of a kind meatball with a big personality. I miss you so much, the house is so quiet at meal time now. But I know you are happier and out of pain. Hang out with Grandma Coyote, Sadie, Sampson, and Butters until I see you again.

    02/17/2009 – 09/26/2022

    Las Vegas

  • In Loving Memory Of Amelia “Millie”

    Milet, Mileux, Milli-Wa-Kay, Millstradameus, Milli Millinakis, Baby Millie, Millimillipede, Mildew, Amelia Badelia, Little Sweet, Chicken Wing…….. Let me count the ways; you’ll be missed and always in my heart. Love, Mom

    05/17/2009 – 09/16/2022

    Mary Pilgrim
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Our Ollie Dog

    Oliver "Ollie" became my dog when he was just 9 weeks old. I was 19. We grew up together. We moved to new states, new cities, and new houses. He was my co-pilot and my sidekick through everything. Eventually, I met my now husband and Ollie adopted him too. He wore a tuxedo to celebrate our engagement. He was here when we brought our first daughter home and accepted the role of big brother at 13 years old. Even though there was a bit of a rivalry, Ollie always kept an eye on Abby even until his last days. I am extremely grateful to have had 15 wonderful years together. He was such a sweet, special, spunky boy and he will be forever missed. We love you, Mr. Ollie. Run free, dig all the holes, and eat all the treats.

    03/27/2007 – 09/24/2022

    Jessi Tamir
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Butter

    Our baby Butter was the sweetest most loving dog that we could ever ask for. She would always be the one to groom and initiate playtime with her brother and sisters and was a constant spark for during the most difficult moments of our lives. We will miss her constant affection, her sneaky way of getting belly rubs from us and her gentle, loving demeanor. Mom and Dad miss you terribly. She will always be daddy’s little girl.

    09/18/2006 – 09/16/2022

    Alexander Wang
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Harley

    My Gentle Giant. We were so blessed to have you with us for 12 years. We will miss him so very much.

    08/18/2022 – 09/22/2022


  • In Loving Memory Of Layla

    Layla was an amazing companion. She was just a sweet girl. So calm, laid back, loving and loved being around her people.

    11/01/2008 – 09/20/2022


  • In Loving Memory Of Mojo

    I had the joy of spending 10 wonderful years with this sweet boy by my side. He will be sorely missed by many.

    07/11/2011 – 09/19/2022

    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Princess

    Thank you for that magical day you literally walked into my life and adopted me. I wasn't looking for having a cat at the time, but there you were. Walking into my apartment on a beautiful March afternoon in 2006 through the open patio door, sitting down in front of me, and meowing. After five days, and not being able to find anyone who said they had lost you, you already had your first vet visit and gotten your name, a name that fit you so well. You were estimated at six months old at the time, so all through the years we always celebrated your birthday together every early October. For close to a quarter of my lifetime you were my special friend, my sweetheart kitty.

    I am so sorry you became sick so fast. You were braver than I during those vet visits to find out what was happening to you. But you were succumbing to the illness faster than anyone could predict. It had only been a couple of short weeks since I first observed something was wrong before we knew for sure, and the only course of action left had to be done. I was certainly not coping well when I knew I had to make that hardest call I have ever made.

    The house now feels empty, and the days and nights are lonely since you had to go away. No more meowing for attention, no more hitting me with your “stubby” tail, no more singing along with me when I sang to you. For however much longer I have on this earth, I will miss you and cherish all the love and wonderful memories of the time we had together. See you at the rainbow bridge my Princess.

    10/01/2005 – 09/15/2022

    Michael Singleton
    Las Vegas

  • In Loving Memory Of Buddy

    Thank you, Buddy for the past 10-years+ of companionship and unconditional love. I'm grateful to have adopted you and provided you a loving home with unlimited snacks and playtime.

    12/26/2010 – 09/13/2022

    Bill Zihlmann

  • In Loving Memory Of Tuff

    The 👑 KING 👑 has passed!
    My first fur love. You’re dearly missed! You gave me 15 years of joy and love! I hope I will see you again in my dreams. Momma loves you bubba.

    05/25/2007 – 09/10/2022

    Ashley Degaetano
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Jesta

    Thank you for filling all of our lives with love and snuggles and demanding belly rubs. You will forever be in our hearts.

    – 09/10/2022

    Your family
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Melody

    You were the best good girl. I’m so honored to have had your unconditional love for the past ten years.

    – 09/07/2022

    Carmen Caristo
    Las Vegas, Nevada

  • In Loving Memory Of Kika

    My baby crossed the rainbow bridge knowing she was loved to be with her dad in heaven. You gave me 17 1/2 years of unconditional love and joy. Rest In Peace my love.

    04/26/2005 – 08/14/2022

    Carmen McConnell
    Las Vegas

  • In Loving Memory Of Brody

    Brody – you gave us the best of yourself. Our hearts feel your absence and yet are filled with much gratitude for having known you. The joy of your presence lives on. Now rest in peace, our dearest Brody.

    03/17/2008 – 08/02/2022

    David and Misty Becker
    Las Vegas NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Phoebe

    She was one of the love of my life

    05/09/2005 –

    Las Vegas, nevada

  • In Loving Memory Of Fuzzball

    Our hearts are aching and our home is empty without our beloved Fuzzball. He was 12 weeks old when we adopted him from the Henderson Animal Shelter. He has given us 19 wonderful years of cherished memories. We will miss his greeting us by the doorway when we come home, tapping us with his paw for our attention and his daily treats; most of all "nudging" us with his head to show his affections.

    04/03/2003 – 08/30/2022

    Jeanie and Curtis
    Henderson, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Wolf

    Today we lost a very important member of our family -Wolfie! He was the most loving, adorable and true friend we could ask for! He was our protector and we will forever miss his unconditional -love! Run free Wolf! Till we meet again!

    12/15/2007 – 09/01/2022

    Judy Catey
    Las Vegas, Nevada

  • In Loving Memory Of Lilly Bean

    Lilly was our first cat. She loved to let us know with constant meows how happy she was. She was a key member of our group and will be sincerely missed.XOXO

    04/11/2015 – 08/30/2022

    Christi Russo
    Las Vegas , NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Tank

    My faithful companion for 11 years, the light of my life, my soulmate, my shadow. ❤️ I will miss my Baby Tank every minute of every day but I know it was his time. He was loved completely and so full of life, my protector and the one who helped me through life. Today, my home is quiet and empty and his presence is missed. His transition was peaceful and I am forever grateful to Dr. Alyssa for being there to help me get through the roughest day of my life. 💔🐾 This is Tank's very last picture, a treasure to me. My heart is shattered but I know I'll see my big boy again. Rest easy my sweet cuddle bear. Mama's right here if you ever need anything. ❤️

    12/26/2011 – 08/26/2022

    Julie Matthews

  • In Loving Memory Of Casey Kline

    Casey Beagle found me at the beagle rescue 8 or nine years ago. This little guy was a joy to my heart every minute. He was proud and pranced in such an affectionate way.
    Last evening he had a stroke and his back legs gave out. I nursed him through the night to no improvement. I called Dr Toby the hospice vet and at 1:45 today he went over that bridge so peacefully. I am profoundly saddened by this loss. Casey was about 14
    I will foster again soon. I will have Casey in my heart forever.

    10/09/2010 – 08/13/2022

    Sandy Kline
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Dozer

    Rest in peace our beautiful boy, with heavy hearts our boy Dozer has passed. He had a wonderful life, loved going to Mammoth in the winter and having his own hotel bed. Love swimming in Big Bear lake and riding in the kayak in Big Bear and San Diego. He for sure our water boy! His ashes will be spread on on the beach/ocean in San Diego 💙🐳🐋 we will miss you our dough dough ⚘️❤️‍🩹❤

    Kimberly Jones
    Las Vegas

  • In Loving Memory Of Max

    We rescued Max in 2017. He was at the shelter the longest and I felt so bad for him. Max turned out to be the best cat we ever had! He was so sweet and took a piece of your heart with his soft purr. He loved to lay on our chest with his head on your shoulder. Max was our snuggle bunny. I will miss him so much but he is over the rainbow bridge running with all the other loved pets. Love you my little Max

    08/16/2005 – 08/18/2023

    lisa derbyshire & Dwyen Ringbauer
    Henderson, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Jericho “chunks” Douglas

    Loved his walks with his Daddy! We Loved his sloppy kisses! Would bark at you to get your attention to play. Loved his 3 ring tug toy. Loved to play with kids.

    10/16/2009 – 07/30/2022

    Cheri Douglas
    North Las Vegas

  • In Loving Memory Of Snazzy

    Snazzy was the perfect companion for me when I needed her most. she loved catching lizards, water and light. Her other love was helping Randy do landscaping work. She put a smile on every e who met her.
    we will miss her everyday

    01/01/2008 – 08/03/2022

    Kathy Pemberton

  • In Loving Memory Of Noel

    Sweet cookie girl, nonie, Noel. Feom the moment we rescued you, you were the most wonderful dog. With a beautiful smile, you’d greet any and everyone, so happy to see them, strangers or not. There wasn’t a person you didn’t love. You were excited to go the vet. (Yes, you read that right.) You learned to love your little siblings. You never ran away, and those occasional times you’d slip past us, we just had to honk the horn on the car and you came running right back. You’re adoration for bananas and peanut butter was one of a kind. You’re ability in your senior years to accept and love Max and Mia, even Taz, was the most wonderful thing to watch. Your love for Princess was maybe not reciprocated, but seen by us. You were the most avid cuddler and blanket thief. Your concern when we were sad was unique! You were truly a one of a kind dog.

    We are going to miss the Scooter’s runs for pup cups. We will miss the butt button wags. We are going to miss the “Elvis”, snuggles, kisses, car rides, giving you “Holly” treats. We are going to miss, "did Santa come?", “go check your stocking” at Christmas. I am going to miss singing to and see your eyes close and enjoy the melody. We are going to miss everything about our sweet girl.

    She was the most one of a kind dog and we are so grateful she chose us. 12 years was not long enough with her, but she passed at home surrounded by her family. She lived a wonderful life and was the happiest girl. We will honor her by continuing to rescue animals and stay active in the rescue community.

    We love you little jingle puppy. 💚

    11/01/2010 – 07/30/2022

    Karla Goddard
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Bugsy

    Bugsy has been a member of our family for the incredible 19 years. We rescued him from the shelter when he was 5 weeks old. He had a great healthy life and never was sick until the last 2 weeks. 2 years ago he moved with us from Colorado to Las Vegas and loved every minute of it. It is heartbreaking to not have him follow us around and participate in our daily lives.. But we are forever grateful to Dr. Toby for helping Bugsy transition over the Rainbow in comfort and pain free. Enjoy your wings, our beloved baby . You can have all the ice cream you want now! ❤️❤️❤️

    08/16/2003 – 07/29/2022

    Julia Vinnitsky
    Las Vegas, Nevada

  • In Loving Memory Of Bandit

    Bandit was one of a kind, he was the biggest Shih Tzu at 21 lbs. He also had the ability to howl like a wolf! He loved to go for walks to the park, and dog park. He loved riding in the truck when we went RVing and slept on my lap as we drove. He also liked going to the lake and riding in the kayak. He was very observant and liked looking at the water fowl and even fish in the water. I miss him very much.

    03/17/2008 – 07/20/2022

    Don & Evelyn Irving
    Henderson, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Abby

    Abbey came into a pet store I worked at at 8 weeks old ,her brother sold immediately but Not her at 4 months old she was scheduled to go back to the breeder I went in there to pick her up and she wrapped her little short legs around my neck And I knew she was mine I had already cared for her for 2 months.. She was the sweetest smartest best protector and companion I have ever had, thank you for chosibg me that day as your human ..Mama will truly miss you My sweet girl!

    05/06/2008 – 07/20/2022

    Helen Furniss
    Las Vegas. Nevada

  • In Loving Memory Of Piper The Wonder Dog

    Traveling and visiting many health centers for pet therapy.
    Piper worked for 10 years as a service dog probability balance and guidance as well as training other dogs through the company. She was also a retired therapy dog with seven years of service visiting thousands of people over her life providing many happy smiles and pleasant memories for others as well.

    11/11/2008 – 07/19/2022

    Ira Smith
    Henderson NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Papillon

    The most beautiful butterfly got his wings today. 🦋

    We rescued Papillon from a drug house at 4 weeks old. He fit into my hand and we fed him puppy formula with a bottle for several weeks. They told us he was a "pocket pitt"; we would soon learn there was nothing small about this boy.

    For 12 years, Pap was with us through the best and worst of times. Despite how his breed is often labeled, he had the most gentle soul.

    A dog of leisure, napping was his favorite past time. He took his final rest this morning in our home, surrounded by so much love. 🤍

    09/13/2010 – 07/19/2022

    Stephanie Helms
    Las Vegas, Nevada

  • In Loving Memory Of Lacey Wilbur

    Lacey was 4 years old when we got her , she’s a beautiful, well tempered , loving companion and fur baby to us and her siblings . At 14 years of age, we have to let her go free of pain and suffering but with great sadness, we also have this feeling of happiness and relief knowing that she’s happier and free to run around with her other siblings in heaven. Goodbye my dear sweet Lacey❤️❤️❤️

    05/05/2008 – 07/12/2022

    Julie Wilbur
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Johnny

    My beautiful sweet greyhound Johnny came into my life in 2011 when he was just a very young ex-racer off a track in Tijuana. Johnny’s track name was “Orey”. He retired early and am so grateful he was available to become my boy Johnny, my soulmate. Johnny loved to lay on the couch, throw toys in the air to catch, run “zoomies” in the yard, walk for miles right beside me. Johnny became a therapy dog and would visit the elderly with me. He also attended many Greyhound Gatherings in Kanab, UT and greyhound picnics in Las Vegas where he lived. He was loved by everyone… a perfect gentleman and a funny soul all wrapped up in one. He loved to be near me day and night. We were all looking forward to his 14th birthday on August 15 but sadly on June 30 he left us. His presence is everywhere. Johnny was my sweet gentle one. My heart feels so broken without him but I am so grateful to have been the one he called Mom. Thank you my Johnny… 8-15-2008—-6-30-2022

    08/15/2008 – 06/30/2022

    Gayle Weaver
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Banjo

    Goodbye and Godspeed Banjo! You were a cheerful friendly soul and many people will miss you! A true ranch dog-the birds and rabbits are safer now. We will miss seeing you on top of the hay pile! Hope there is lots of butter and frosty paws in dog heaven! We miss you dearly!

    – 06/28/2022

  • In Loving Memory Of Carly

    Carly was always the protector and her perky ears and attitude will surely be missed in our house.

    12/16/2008 – 06/27/2022

    Linda Low
    Las Vegas

  • In Loving Memory Of Jasper

    So many wonderful memories of our furbaby. We always said he had the soul of a human. He just knew so much and was such a little Love bug. He overfilled our hearts.

    – 06/28/2022

    Linda Berwick

  • In Loving Memory Of Max

    Max was the sweetest soul, he loved swimming with us. We will always miss him.

    – 06/19/2022

    karen lawson
    Henderson, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Riley

    We called you wiggle butt because you were always so happy. You were about 2 when my Dad rescued you and you went on to be there for many moves, from Albuquerque, Pittsburgh, NorthCarolina and finally to Nevada.

    You traveled via car and plane to visit family and friends. You visited the Grand Canyon and Sedona plus many places in between. We had you at our wedding and added two more fur brothers and a human brother and sister to our pack.

    You also feasted on foods you shouldn’t have in your younger years like the infamous roast beef incident. Which still makes us laugh to this day.

    You will be missed and loved for eternity my sweet wiggle butt aka OG, Big Rich my sweet prince.

    12/31/2005 – 06/17/2022

    Beth McNulty
    Henderson, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Cooper

    Cooper in his younger days would climb up on the couch and immediately roll onto his back so he could get his belly rubs.

    04/01/2004 – 06/16/2022

    Bruce Litwack
    Las Vegas, Nevada

  • In Loving Memory Of Lady

    15 years we had Lady , there are too many memories with her , but my favorite would be the day i got her , i was in 5th grade and my mom came to pick me up from safekey , and i see her walking across the courtyard and i said “why does my mom have a furry purse”, realizing it wasn’t a purse , i said “oh it’s a cat, wait my mom doesn’t like cats, ITS A DOG!” and there she was , 2 month old little Lady , and she was the key in our family . as devastated as i am that she’s gone , i know she’s running with my Harley boy across rainbow bridge and not suffering , i love you lady ,
    thank you for the best 15 years , you’re so missed already miss piggy💗🐾🌈

    03/30/2007 – 06/16/2022

    alicia ann
    henderson, nv

  • In Loving Memory Of Quentin Tetzlaff

    Quentin was a giant, in more ways than his size. He would bury his head in my lap for "hugs" and was our protector. Many times, he didn't realize he was nearly 200 lbs and would try to be a lap dog. We miss him desperately, but know he's no longer in pain. We'll love you forever, my boo-boo❤️❤️

    04/18/2012 – 06/03/2022

    Jan Tetzlaff
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Joey

    My Joey I used to call him little guy cuz he was so little we used to sing together. He used to love to sing. I’d say he’s the baby and he would just sing and sing at the top of his lungs. Oh and what maybe could have been 5 minutes seem like 15. Just listening to his beautiful little voice singing those happy notes and when we weren’t singing we were cuddling and spending time together. He’s my baby. He always will be. I will miss him terribly.

    My daily and I we used to have a little fun time together. He used to love to sing. Oh, he'd sing at the top of his lungs that happiest song just singing and singing and singing. I used to say to him he the baby and he would sing even louder. Oh he loved it and most of the time when we weren't singing we would just be cuddling together and enjoying each other's company. He's my baby and he always will be. I have the most beautiful memories in our 15 years together and I just want to say to my baby. God bless you my baby, my sweetheart. You've earned your wings. I'll see you on the other side 🙏💖

    05/27/2007 – 06/10/2022

    Yvonne R Provonsha
    Las Vegas

  • In Loving Memory Of Jaxx

    My sweet, sweet boy. You were quite the opposite of what I thought a bulldog would be. From the day I picked you up you wouldn't stop running and playing with everything and everyone in sight. It only took about 6 years for you to relax and settle in (on the couch) just like I had imagined. I wouldn't trade those frisky years for anything, you surpassed all of my expectations and the adventures we shared will always continue to play in my mind. I miss your cuddles, I miss your love, I miss you more than words will ever be able to explain. I know you're not in pain anymore and I can't wait to meet you in Paradise to continue running and playing. I love you Boo Boo.

    11/23/2012 – 06/02/2022

    Jessica Wheaton
    Henderson, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Fawkes

    My beautiful girl, you beat all the odds! The last of your litter to make it to the end. I will always remember the first day you came home and how you could fit in my hands. I will always remember how you would snuggle right into my arm at night until you were too big and too hot to cuddle for long periods. I will always remember your first thanksgiving and how excited you were to get a plate. I will always remember how upset Patron was that you grew bigger than him. I will always remember how happy you would be every time I would walk through the door. I will always remember waking up to your big dumb face in the mornings when I lived at home. I will remember it all because you are one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I’m so thankful for all the joy and happiness and comfort you brought me over these twelve short years…
    I find myself staring at your favorite spot to lay in…and I find myself disappointed that you're not there to wag your tail and smile at me. I hope you knew how much we loved you. I miss you every day.

    08/12/2011 – 05/29/2022

    John DiPalo
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Ted

    The cutest dog in all the lands. I love you more than anything ❤️🐶

    05/04/2014 – 06/11/2022

    Shannon Dorn
    Las Vegas NV


    To our sweet little boy. You were just 6 months old when we brought you home. The breeder told us you were extremely friendly and would follow everyone around. Fortunately for us you were passed by because your eyes turned outward. We thought you were just perfect and delightful. You brought us so much joy. You followed us all around the house like a little dog. You loved everyone, even when repairmen came to the house to fix something you would be following them and giving out little cries for them to pet you. We miss you patting us on the head in the morning so you can get your pets or when we ate you were always waiting to get petted. Your dad misses you sitting on your favorite pillow next to him on the sofa watching tv. Our beautiful googly eye little boy our hearts are broken without you. We still can’t talk about you without crying. I cry as I write this. You meant so much to us! We love you Johnny Vegas!!!!

    07/08/2020 – 05/17/2022

    Farkas Family
    Las Vegas Nevada

  • In Loving Memory Of Bailey

    She was the sweetest dog with the typical Jack Russell persona. She travelled with my wife and I everywhere. She enjoyed a great adventure and rewarded both of us with such love. I find myself missing her at every corner. We were attached at such a deep level. Now I know comfort that she is with my wife in Heaven. Where she can play with my wife and her brother Ziggy. I am so grateful for Dr Toby and how his love was shared during this difficult time. It definitely made a difficult situation much easier. I miss my Bailey but I know that she is happy in Heaven with her mother and brother. I love you, Bailey!

    06/15/2022 – 06/03/2022

    Zachary Carter
    North Las Vegas, Nv

  • In Loving Memory Of Junior James

    An Ode to Junior James
    By Rezadent

    Junior James, Junior James, you elder boy, my friend,
    You went in peace and quiet to the rainbow glen.
    You gonna find all your kitty friends and romp around and play
    As you journey, you will say ‘Humans, be okay!’

    But we miss you friend, we will sing you happy songs
    You scampered right into one one six and said ‘I stay for long!’
    You had to be a badass hanging out in T-Park
    But You got afraid and needed shelter when you heard the pitbulls bark.

    And a boy said ‘hey, yes, come on in,
    I'll teach you some new tricks,
    Like fetch a toy and hide from Moe,
    Until it’s time for us to move and go.’

    Ya’ll grew up and moved out the hood to Shadow's Crest,
    Where one summer day, a Queen arrived named Goob,
    She had her babes in record heat and doubted they’d survive,
    But Woman Wilz and Human Jeeves kept the Runt alive.

    Wasn’t long before two Bros came in out of the cold,
    Feral Boys were super scared and anything but bold,
    But Woman Wilz and Human Jeeves tamed them both with food,
    And now they have crowded in, like You, forever and for good.

    Junior, you still be aloof, but might allow a pet,
    Snugged up near the keyboard,
    As safe as you can get,
    You love the Human, that’s for sure, and never cause a tussle,
    Chunka, Fivah, Sixah, Goob, they don’t have your muscle,
    Cuz you were the elder of them all, and now you have departed,
    Left us Humans, sad with love but not so heavy hearted.

    You found us all and it’s all good, you brought us, Junior, joy!
    Thank you Junior, thank you Cat Gods, thank you, Elder Boy.

    – 06/01/2022

    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Spike

    Your never ready to say goodbye but we knew that you were hurting inside.💔
    I miss you running to the fridge every time we open the cheese drawer and not being able to give you a treat before we leave…even when you just had one. 😌
    I now understand while no matter how long we were away you always greeted us with the same attention.🥰
    Thank you for the years of unconditional love and licks. 🐶
    You will live on forever in our hearts Spikerdoodles!! ❤️‍🩹

    09/17/2007 – 06/01/2022

    Pfizenmayer Family
    Henderson, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Teddy Boy

    In 2008 My daughter and I went to the pet store to hopefully see what puppy my sister and her husband will buy. When we got there they had already left with their new puppy. All the puppies were being carried by interested buyers except one- the biggest one. We were standing there looking at that one puppy left in the cage wondering what type of dog. The seller asks us if we want to see it and proceeded to bring the puppy out. My daughter did not want to carry it so the puppy was given to me to carry. When that puppy looked up at me with his big black round eyes I couldn’t resist and said to my daughter “I’m buying him” I didn’t care the price. I knew I needed to have him. From that point on everything was about “Teddy”. Everyone loved him. He was naughty, had a great personality, territorial, loves to eat vegetables and fruits, loving and sweet. We moved from Hawaii to Las Vegas in 2009. He went on a few road trips with us. Hiked up the mountain with my son and enjoyed the parks.
    In 2021 his health started to decline. His eyesight was going blind. In 2022 we found out that he has 4 cancers in his body. We decided to euthanize him at home where he feels safe, familiar and loved. This was the hardest decision of my life. It was a very sad day for me. Dr Toby gave us some kind words that was needed to be heard. A few days later I received a greeting card in the mail from Dr Toby with kind words about Teddy. Receiving this card means a lot to me. Teddy was my best friend in those years when I was single. He would be waiting and looking out the window the same time everyday until I arrive home from work. I miss him so much.

    08/15/2008 – 05/27/2022

    Christine O
    Las Vegas NV

  • In Loving Memory Of DALLAS
  • In Loving Memory Of Sydney

    Yesterday the angels (with Dr. Tunnard’s help) came to take my darling Sydney to heaven. I am heartbroken and devastated but so thankful this smart, feisty, brave, loyal, absolutely beautiful girl came into my life.

    Sydney was the dog I always dreamed of having since I was a kid. When I first saw her at 6 weeks old, playing with her siblings, I knew she was the one. For more than 16 years she’s been my best friend and constant companion. We worked cattle together, played at the beach, and until recently she always went out with me when I rode my horses. This loving girl was my protector and slept next to my bed (sometimes in the bed) every night. Sydney has been through so much with me, from living in different places, relationships, jobs, good times and bad. I cannot imagine my life without her.

    I know Sydney enjoyed her retirement here in Las Vegas, especially pool time with my husband and I. I’ll never “get over” Sydney but hopefully in time I’ll be able to move forward…and the thought of her will bring more smiles than tears.

    Sydney, thank you for everything. You are the best dog I’ve ever had, or ever will have. I love you my darling girl. I’ll meet you and Dino at the Bridge. 💓

    02/26/2006 – 05/21/2022

    Kate F. Birgenheier
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Mama Kitty

    It has been a week since our Mama Kitty went over the Rainbow Bridge. I still listen for her ra-ow in the morning and look for her sweet face. She came to us from the Lied Animal Shelter in July of 2008 as a foster kitty with 3 babies. I had originally named her Alicia after Alicia Keyes (black and white, like piano keys) but she was such a wonderful mommy to her kittens that we just wound up calling her Mama Kitty. She had just had her spay surgery when I brought her and her kittens home to foster and in the next few days she became very ill. With the loving and dedicated help from Dr. Paetz at Pecos-Russell Animal Hospital we were able to get her healthy again. During the time she was recovering she still nursed her babies so lovingly even when it was painful to do so. One by one her baby male kittens were adopted. My plan was to find her a good home and then I realized she had already found one so she became our first and only foster failure. She learned to live with our 3 dogs and became a great part of the family. She was an indoor kitty but was allowed outside on the patio when we were outside. Then she would get up on the wall and run around with me chasing after her yelling to get down right now. She did, when she was ready, laughing all the time. Who says cats don't have a sense of humor? She also had to learn that it wasn't funny to launch herself off of the dresser on top of daddy at 2 am. Several years ago she started to need meds and subcutaneous fluids to stay healthy. We tried to hard to take care of her to give her a happy and healthy life. After a while, this was no longer possible and Dr. Toby came to help ease her pain and suffering. Thank you Dr. Toby and Nevada Pet Hospice for your kind, dignified and compassionate care, it made a world of difference to our Mama Kitty and to us. Rest in peace Mama Kitty. You are missed every day.

    07/02/2008 – 05/14/2022

    Lynne Eichenfield
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Kona

    Our beautiful ( English lab) Kona Wona girl was the most loving gentle dog our family could ever of imagined to love and enjoy almost 15 years ago when our then toddler boys picked her out as a Christmas gift. She grew up with them and soon became the love of our lives. We are so grateful to have had her all these years especially having survived Parvo her first weekend home with us.
    You have left a big emptiness in our hearts and home but we will cherish all the wonderful memories forever. RIP sweet baby girl, we love you forever!

    11/25/2007 – 05/19/2022

    Rachelle Smerz
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Giles

    My sweet boy and Zen Baby. He loved to snuggle with his head on my chest and shoulder for hours. His days were spent in the sun surrounded by hummingbirds and flowers and snuggling with the other dogs in the evening. He begged to wear sweaters, even the ugly Christmas sweater I bought him last year, and he absolutely lit up while playing with children. We all feel his absence deeply and will always miss him. Thank you for choosing us, sweet Giles.

    04/20/2010 – 05/17/2022

    Sara Peterson
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Miss Pugsley

    My little sweet P, you brought so much love to our family. A special thank you to Karen Monroe, your special cat sitter, who brought you to us. She knew we’d be a perfect match❣️
    Thank you Dr. Watson. You are one in a million!

    11/01/2005 – 05/17/2022

    Susan Dugas
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Coney

    Thank you to Dr. Tobey for making this moment so sweet and loving. You are awesome. Coney was my best friend and companion. She made my heart happy for many years. I brought her from Hawaii to stay with me when I retired from being a doctor for over 40 years in Hawaii. Coney was a loving and happy dog, I miss her so much. I love you, Coney.

    05/01/2010 – 05/14/2022

    Marina Badua
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Vash

    Vash was my heart. She loved basking in the sunshine and being at my side. She was the best comfort when I was sad, hurt, or just needed a dose of unconditional love. Our last day together was filled with things she loved. We had a great 11 years together and she will be missed terribly.

    01/14/2010 – 05/17/2022

    Angie D
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Zeke

    Our Zeke passed Sunday May 15, 2022 at 7:10 pm. We rescued Zeke on January 22, 2006 and it was love at first site! Zeke was such an amazing dog! He would talk to you , and run like no one’s busyness! His dad had brought home all these tennis balls and we threw in them the backyard, and he didn’t know which One to go to first! He will be greatly miss! We will always remember this one of a kind dog our Zeke! I have to say a great thank you from our family to Dr. Toby! Such a kind human being!

    10/31/2006 – 05/15/2022

    Rosezena Coggins
    Las Vegas, Nevada

  • In Loving Memory Of Pie

    This is our wonderful cat Pie. She passed peacefully this past Sunday with loving help from Dr. Toby close to her 15th birthday. As many of you pet lovers know, the house loses a little bit of it’s soul and lifeblood when a pet moves on. It’s helpful and cathartic to write about these moments for sure, so thank you for the indulgence of reading this.
    We love you Pie and would not change one moment from birth until doing our very best to make you beyond comfortable during these last few months of uncomfortableness. Always adored ❤️ Love eternally from Michele & Steve

    05/22/2007 – 05/15/2022

    Steve & Michele Averitt
    Las Vegas, NV

  • In Loving Memory Of Dakota

    We first met Sweet Kota bear on February 4, 2011 and from day one she stole our hearts.. She was a very silly and mischievous puppy. Such a fun 10.5 years we got to spend with our baby.. She protected our children, our family and all the other animals that came through our home.. The loss of this wonderful soul is almost unbearable, however; we take comfort knowing she is in heaven running like a puppy, out of pain and with her NoNo Vinny.. Thank you my beautiful fuzzy butt, for always loving and protecting us..We will love and miss you forever! 🌈💖🐶

    11/28/2011 – 05/11/2022

    Suzi and Emma Carlopio
    Las Vegas MV

in loving memory of Jasper

So many wonderful memories of our furbaby. We always said he had the soul of a human. He just knew so much and was such a little Love bug. He overfilled our hearts.

Linda Berwick, Henderson

in loving memory of Gracie

I first saw Gracie at the pet store…she was perched on the highest cat tree in the kennel, a little queen overseeing her kingdom. The moment I walked in to say hi to her, she immediately jumped down, ran to me, and climbed into my lap, purring as loud as can be. I knew that our bond was sealed from that point on.

She gave me 15+ years of unconditional love, seeing me through a lot of ups and down. Moves, a marriage and divorce, deaths in the family, crazy work travel. She was always there, only wanting to love and be loved. She was one of a kind, and I will miss her snuggles and loud purring.

Corrine Gangle, Las Vegas

in loving memory of Junior

I had started dating a man that the first time he came to my house was on New Years Eve. Junior instantly didn’t like him but he did do anything, right away. The man and I had sat on my couch and each time the man tried to get close to me Junior would wedge his way between us. Then Junior just got fed up. He climbed up on the couch a laid his head in my lap and his butt pointed at the man. All of a sudden the man got a funny look on his face. Junior was passing gas at him. The man left. Junior called it right. Much later I found out what a terrible person he was. Junior was protecting me that night and trying to tell me, “no mom, I don’t like him”. Junior and his 2 brothers and sister were rescued from a horrible situation went they were just babies. We adopted Junior and his sister Tasha. They had been with us since they were 9 weeks old. They are both gone now, but thanks to Dr. Toby, the process (which is never easy, no matter what) they both went peacefully at home surrounded by the people who loved them. I cannot express the gratitude we feel for this gift. Thank you Dr. Toby and your great staff.

Cindy Pierre, Las Vegas

in loving memory of Maddie

My Maddie I will miss you terribly. You have been with me for 20 years, what a companion to have all those years! She loved to snuggle under my blanket with me, i will miss that the most. Its never easy to lose your pets but

I want to thank Nevada Pet Hospice for being there for me and making the passing of Maddie a peaceful and heart warming event. Very passionate people to work with.

Lisa Modrow, Las Vegas

in loving memory of Calli

Calli was a unique sweet boy he was a wild cat that tamed himself to my family he’s been a pain in my butt ! Calli I loved you and will miss you so very much goodbye my sweet Calli

Roxanne Woods, Las Vegas

in loving memory of Mac

Mac loved everyone with all his heart. He loved to play frisbee, slept, eat all the steak & bacon he could get his paws on, go for walks, and swimming. He was the protector of our family. He was amazing with all kids. He was the wise old man who seemed to always have all the answers. He was always right where he knew he needed to be. He knew what we needed from him even when we did not know it. He was the best dog anyone could ask for.

Jackie, Las Vegas

in loving memory of Taiko

Our Taiko crossed over the rainbow bridge today. She had just turned 9 yrs old on May 1st. She earned her therapy dog certificate and the canine good citizen certification. She loved everyone and was the best friend ever. We love her and will miss her so much. Rest in peace, Taiko.

Ken Kaminishi, Las Vegas

in loving memory of Ginger

Ginger went peacefully no more suffering from allergies which shortened her life. Ginger was a great companion, kind and loving. We will miss her greatly.

Want to thank Toby at Nevada Pet Hospice for helping us say goodbye to our beloved Ginger a little bit easier. Ginger can now run and play with her friend and companion gin/gin who passed just 9 months before her. We will miss you dearly.

Sharon & Joe Orzechowski, Henderson, NV

in loving memory of Frankfort

Frankfort came into our lives right before the pandemic began. We were going to the pet store to get food for his fur-sibling Clover, and they were having an adoption day. We had a meet and greet with him, he was tense and smelled like pee, he just wanted to be loved and held. We dropped off Clover at home and came back to adopt Frankfort, and the look in his eyes when he realized he was coming home is something we will never forget. He was already a senior dog, they found him wandering the street, so we don’t know how old he was or what his life was before he met us, but I know his last couple of years were filled with love and happiness. Frankfort became my shadow, following me everywhere. I could never ask for a better dog

His health issues started a few months after we got him. At first, it was masticatory muscle myositis, we got him on steroids and he made it through and recovered. Then, when I was 8 months pregnant, he became very ill very suddenly. His immune system was attacking his kidneys, and the doctors couldn’t identify the cause. He spent a few days at the ER and came home with a grim prognosis and some medicine to slow the damage. He rebounded, and for a while he was stable with the help of medicine, monthly labs, and specialized food. But last month, I noticed the symptoms creeping their way back. We increased the dose of his medicine, and then the damage would catch up; it was a race we were starting to lose. Last week, things had gotten back to where we had started from. He couldn’t eat or drink, he was lethargic, and he wasn’t going to the bathroom. The vets confirmed that he was in full-blown kidney failure. Even when he was so sick, he would still shakily follow me everywhere I went. We decided to make the heartwrenching decision to end his suffering and to pass with peace and dignity. I am so glad that we were able to give him peace. He passed at home with a smile on his face. I do not feel sorry for him, I know he is in a better place. I am only sorry for us, who have to live our lives without his presence.

Frankfort loved tennis balls and stuffed animals. He loved food and had a voracious appetite, there were very few things he wouldn’t eat. He was a very good host, he loved people and having guests at the house; more people to shower him with affection. He was a staunch protector of the house, barking at any and every perceived threat.

We miss you so much Frankfort.

Chance & Carressa Browder, Las Vegas

in loving memory of Zooey

Zooey was always up for hiking, camping, road trips, kayaking, and being the cutest corgi she could with loves and kisses for all. She loved playing fetch and being with her mom. Getting dirty while camping was in her mind the greatest achievement in life. She was awesome!

Nicole Russell, Las Vegas

in loving memory of Roxy

Please share a fond memory of Roxy:
Every single one.

Chris Uthoff, San Pedro, CA

in loving memory of Bomi

16 years ago, our little angel Bomi came into our family as the greatest gift, our biggest blessing, and our bestest friend. ♥
Bomi, thank you for everything you’ve given us— all the joy, comfort, healing, and laughter… You truly were our sunshine who was there for us through every season… As much as it crushes our heart to imagine life without you.. I’m also so so grateful we had the chance to love you (which was the easiest thing to do) and be loved by you. Thank you so much for fighting every little frail bone in your small little body to stay by our side a little longer during your last days.. and I’m so sorry you had to experience suffering… but now you’re at rest and in a better place with unlimited amounts of all your favorite foods and toys… Doggy Heaven gained the goodest girl. 😇

We love you so much and miss you so so much. Stay happy forever, our little Sunshine. ☀
04/20/2006 – 05/06/2022

The Rhee Family, Las Vegas

in loving memory of Red

In June of 2018 I got a call from a rescue that an older female cattle dog needed fostering. She was coming out of an abusive situation. Red is her name. She was a girl that needed so much help. After fostering her for seven months and getting the help and surgery she needed, I adopted her. She stole my heart. Fun, feisty, smart, loyal and always my shadow. She made me smile. Red loved to play ball and hang out with her senior dog siblings. I had her for almost four years and am so grateful she shared her beautiful self with me. To honor Red, I am looking to adopt another senior cattle dog very soon. Red will forever be a part of me.

Gayle Weaver, Las Vegas

in loving memory of Hurley

Dear Hurley, we will miss you Big Guy. Hurley was loveable and playful. He was also the most easy going cat. Up till his last days he gave us cuddles and kisses.. He loved to get his chin rubbed and take naps on everyone lap. Play in peace with all the beautiful friends over the rainbow bridge.
Rose Lomeli, Henderson Nv

in loving memory of Duckling

Duck Duck I’m sorry we couldn’t fix you. It breaks my heart. I want you to know that you brought so much joy to people. Run free you beautiful soul, run free. You were loved more than you know!! ❤ ❤ I will see you on the other side.

Laurie Straten

in loving memory of Bo

In memory of our beloved and best friend and companion Bo. He came to us unexpectedly back in 2013 and he brought us joy everyday for the last 8 years he was with us. He was an amazing and loving part of our family and we will miss and think about him everyday until we see him again up in heaven. We love you Bo and hopefully you are looking down on us without pain and enjoying your new life. Until we meet gain. Love you!

Ryan Wardlaw

in loving memory of Trixie

In February 2013, a SUV hit Trixie. She had a concussion and hearing loss. She adopted us in April 2013. She looked fawn-like with her long slim legs and sweet little face. She was horrible on walks. She took forever sniffing everything, while managing to bark and snarl at anything that came in her line of vision. I understood it was out of fear, so I never reprimanded her, but would always calm her down. Finally, she learned anyone visiting us was safe. She became friendly and loving, always wanting to be as close as possible to her humans. She was our Alpha, but was never bossy to the other dogs that came through her house. I wish she had liked my cat, but she mostly ignored her. Clearly, she was a breeding dog, so I found myself calling her my “Little Momma.” She loved snuggles, but mostly belly rubs. She loved to eat anything, anytime. She was my baby girl. We all loved her so much, including her dog brother and dog cousin. We will remember her always and miss her forever.

Michele Winsten
Henderson, NV

in loving memory of Spock

Spock was the most harmless and gentle soul. We loved him like a son and he loved us back. He was fighting cancer and never let it show. By the time he was diagnosed it had taken over and he was not the same (but still he found courage every morning to argue with me in the kitchen for his favorite boiled eggs) He left us too soon but his memories will stay with us for as long as we live. We miss you, Spock 🖖

Sachin Singh
Las Vegas

in loving memory of Gizmo Gardner

I met Gizmo before she ever opened her eyes to the world. She was born as a barn cat but destined to become a beloved princess. We spent 17 and a half years together, and I treasure every moment with my sweet yet feisty girl. When I met my husband 10 years ago, we all became a family.

We had a plethora of adventures together that I will treasure forever. Even her death was beautiful and precious, and this was a true gift. She held on so we could pet her all night while she rested mostly peacefully before the time came to say goodbye and close her eyes once more. I can’t fathom any other way and am tremendously grateful to Dr. Toby for helping us usher her across the rainbow bridge.

Endless love to our darling girl,
Mom and Dad

Alissa Gardner
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Ayla Frank

From Ayla to this community:

I have been blessed so much with my time on this earth. I loved my family, and my friends and every stranger I met on earth.

I howled because you laughed. I wagged my tail when you smiled. I comforted you when you cried. I kissed your babies and nuzzled your children when I met them. I was a faithful companion to my loving family in every way I could be.

The last month has been rough as I got sick and couldn’t live with the joy that I was accustomed to. As the days went by, my sickness got worse. I maintained my outlook and love for all my humans even as I lost mobility. It hurt to see my humans hurt for me, but they endured and were as faithful to me in my time of need as I was to them my entire life. We were one another’s most cherished blessings.

I am grateful for the thousands of prayers I received from all of you as my humans documented my saga and their sorrow to close friends, family, and complete strangers. The support kept our spirits high, even as my quality of life declined.

Ultimately I must go sometime and my family has made the choice to send me home before my pain becomes too great and my spirit weakens. Thank you for all of the love. I have felt each and every prayer and will carry them with me as my spirt ascends.

May 18 at 9AM I went to heaven. I informed the creator of all of your love kindness. I am greeted by all of your past pets and tell them you love them. I will welcome the new angels as they ascend to be with me in our spiritual residence and comfort and guide them to stay in your hearts

God bless you all for sending my family your love. My spirit is in a new exciting journey and transition.

🐾🐾🐾 Ayla Frank🐾🐾🐾

Alex Frank
Las Vegas nevada

in loving memory of Max

Max was quite the protector , or so he thought. My kids would pretend to swat at me and Max would get in between me and them and bark at them. He loved hide and seek. He was determined to find us. He would love to snuggle and head and neck rubbed.

Anne Woerner

in loving memory of Rocket

Rocket was the best friend for the entire family. He filled everyone’s heart with love and happiness as he always brought joy wherever he went. He knew how to adventure out and see the world, yet he always knew how to find his way back home. For 8 years he was the heart of the home. No matter they day anyone had he always brought the light in the darkness. He will be forever missed and always loved.

Miko Castillo
Midland, TX

in loving memory of Chocolate

Loyal companion, kind and gentle to those who loved you, leader of the pack(she lead the walk!), and appetite was unlimited (Thanks Chewy for being quick to deliver the snacks!)
Thank you Vet. Joan Tunnard for being so kind and gentle during the process of helping Chocolate pass. We rest assured that her soul is free and she is happy again with her fur family.

Travis & Vanessa McGonigle
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Dallaz

Dallaz was born in Dallas, TX. I flew from Las Vegas to adopt him. My husband raised him for the first 6 months while I finished college classes in LV. I moved back to TX and he quickly became an inside dog despite my husbands request. Dallaz was very obnoxious at a young age. He would always run away, break the blinds to see outside or chew the door frames. No matter what he did I couldn’t stay mad at that adorable face. He would tell us when it was time for bed by getting next to the stairs and barking at us until we complied (he wouldn’t go to sleep without us). He was there to announce both of my pregnancies and would check on the kids at night before going to bed. Nothing could ever replace the soul that this dog had! Dallaz you are loved and missed by so many people! We love you forever❤️

Alysha Rodriguez
Las Vegas

in loving memory of Momo

Our beloved Momo, our gentle giant!
Thank you Dr Toby again, for making the saddest day, a day comfort knowing our Momo is at peace!
Terri & Wil Aniban
Las Vegas, Nevada

in loving memory of Lola

We were really lucky that this rescue dog came into our lives, stole our hearts, and changed everything. Thank you for everything you gave us Lola – especially the purest unconditional love we could experience <3

Thank you to Dr. Joan who made a devastatingly heartbreaking experience the best it could be. We are grateful for her and Nevada Pet Hospice.

Roxanne Dey
Boulder City, Nevada

in loving memory of Kintaro

Kintaro (means Golden Boy) came into our lives when he was 4 years old. He had a lonely beginning. His previous owner kept him in the car 12 hours a day while he worked. Kintaro quickly bonded with my 3 children, husband and me. He became my constant companion, following me from room to room, even around the kitchen island, always in his line of sight. He loved his 3 walks a day where he could be outside, not confined. Kintaro would take his time and sniff all the interesting smells, lift his face up to the sun and liked the feel of the breeze blowing by. He also loved to just lie down in the shade of a tree and relax.
He reminded me of Ferdinand the Bull, a children’s book about a bull who didnt want to bullfight. He just wanted to sit under a tree and smell flowers.
Kintaro was a sweet, gentle soul. I believe he was our angel wrapped in fur. As I’ve told others, the best bumper sticker I’ve ever seen said, “May I always be the person my dog thinks I am.” Dogs are totally devoted to us and love us unconditionally. In order to be worthy of their adoration, we need to be the best version of ourselves. They make us better. Thereby, they make our lives better.
My dear sweet angel Kintaro, until we meet again, run free.
Eternal love, Mom, Dad, Kelli, Ryan, and Karli

Liane Morihara
Las Vegas

in loving memory of Menace

Menace, you were an amazing dog that dog that came so far. We were so proud of you and you changed the way I see dogs forever in the best way. Thank you so much for always being there for us no matter what, always so happy and comforting. Thank you for always being there for your girl and always knowing what she needed even when all her humans had no clue. You are so loved and missed, you will NEVER be forgotten. You’re such a good boy.
Monique Hamel
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Marley


Not a day goes by that we don’t think about you. You not only brought joy and love to my heart, but others as well. We’re going to miss all of the fun times we had together. Now, all we have are just memories, which we will cherish forever. Even though we didn’t get to say it to you in person, we’re saying it to you now…. Goodbye.

Christina and Leroy Treft

Christina Treft
Buckeye, AZ

in loving memory of Phillip Morgan

In July 2014 I found this little guy at the local SPCA. He had been found wandering the city no collar, no chip, no one looking for him. They guessed him 10 years old, still I fell for his handsome little face. He needed a lot of TLC he was in rough shape ( horrible teeth, heart murmur, under nourished from parasites and a little limp on his back left leg) but this tiny man was strong and brave! The 7 years 7 months he shared with us were a blessing that filled our house and our hearts with love. He may be small but he left an enormous impact on our lives and we will miss him everyday.

Andrea and Anthony Morgan
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Marley

Marley: although you were small, your personality was bigger than life itself. You brought us many years of joy and happiness. I know how much you loved hanging out with dad and enjoying a smoke. We will miss you terribly. You are in a better place – see you on the other side.
Caroline laiacona
Henderson, nevada

in loving memory of Madeline

Madeline was an amazing girl always a kind sweet gentle soul my best friend in the entire world and she will be so missed forever. ❤️

Stefani Stiles

in loving memory of Bunny

Bunny our sweet baby girl has crossed to the Rainbow Bridge peacefully held in her dad’s loving arms. How hard it was to say goodbye. We adopted you four years ago at the age of 12yrs. You never acted old! You loved car rides and followed your dad everywhere. We can’t seem to stop crying and don’t think the hurt of missing you will ever go away.We can’t thank Dr.Toby and Dr.Watson enough for giving us the most precious gift of goodbye for Bunny—
at home in her own bed with us beside her.
Go knowing we loved being your forever Mom and Dad❤️ and we will meet again .

Wayne&Pat Crouse

Wayne Crouse
LasVegas, Nevada

in loving memory of Riggs

Our story begins in late 2017. We had lost our Kati in the Spring of 2017 and decided maybe we could look at fostering. We joined the Southern Nevada Boston Terrier Rescue, and we were tasked with possibly fostering you. You had a great foster mom, but she thought you would do better in a home with a yard and more room to wander. Your story pre rescue, your owner wanted a purse dog, at 35+ lbs you made it difficult to be a “purse dog”. (Lucky for us.) From the first moment I saw you I knew you were coming home with us that day. You were a senior somewhere between 8-10 yrs you had a frosty face and were as sweet as can be. Your foster dad fell for you the moment he laid eyes on you. When we brought you home your Gma was visiting from Canada, she wasn’t quite sure what to do with this tank who, for your size was very nimble and would launch into her lap haha.
We had you for about a week when someone put in to adopt you. I was so sad when we took you to that home visit, already I couldn’t image giving you up. The visit didn’t go well, (again lucky us). The little dog in the home wanted to eat you. Here you are this 35 lb sweet old man crawling up your dad to hide from and get as far away from the little beast as you could. We shared our concerns, and you didn’t have to go back 😊 and we became foster failures.
You came as Wrigley but we changed it officially to Riggs because well….that is sort of how you were built, you were solid as a rock and went where you wanted to and did what you wanted to. It was a good thing you were deaf because you also had many other names ie, Big Daddy Diesel, Bubba, Mr Magoo and my favorite Boo. From day one you made yourself right at home.
You could be standoffish, and you could be a snuggle bugg, whatever the mood was, it was all done on your time and your terms. Never ever was there a nasty side of you. Everyone who met you, loved you. We got the best of our previous boys wrapped in one solid frosty package.
You weren’t a great traveler but, you did well on short trips, you would sit like a little human in the seat looking out the window giving this look like “I belong here, and these are my peeps chauffeuring me around”
The summer of 2021, things started to change you were slowing down. Lab work from the vet showed moderate Kidney failure she thought we might have a month or two left, I was set to go home to see your Gma and wasn’t sure you would make it until I got back. We agreed to try oral medications and ….THEY WORKED 😊 December all your values were dropping, still elevated but better. Woo hoo.
January comes and we notice your legs are getting weak, it’s harder for you to jump into your favorite chair (Yes, he had a chair that I am sure he thought we bought just for him and was quite put out if he found us sitting in it, haha.) You showed no signs of being in pain, you still had a decent appetite, and you were still wanting to play with your fur sister, but, We knew our time was running short.
This past Saturday you made it clear you were tired, and the time had come, we made the call and on Sunday February 20th the day your Gpa would have turned 95 you earned your wings to cross the Rainbow Bridge. As we waited for the vet to come to the house, we could see your spirit to live had already left there was no sparkle in your eyes, they looked so tired and there were no more smiles for us. When the vet arrived, you sprang off my lap and greeted him like an old friend as if you were saying “thank you, I know you are here to help”
You left us peacefully and with dignity and…. You took with you a huge piece of your dad’s and my hearts. Until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge. Love mom

Heather Keane
Las Vegas

in loving memory of Lovely

Our beautiful Lovely was such a wonderful addition to our family. When she first arrived, it was a huge adjustment as adding a dog to our family was not on my to-do-list. From the very beginning, her spunky attitude, chill personality, and fearless behavior warmed our hearts.

Lovely was a part of our family for 15 glorious years. Through the ups and downs, she was always there. It was really hard to say goodbye; however, we knew it was time to release Lovely to her final resting place. She will forever be a permanent fixture in our family. She was my baby. She was my best girlfriend.

With an eternal love, we wish you peace and know that you will always be LOVED beyond infinity. 🤎

Dani Davis
North Las Vegas

in loving memory of Bella

God sure knew what he was doing when he made a dog. My best friend got her wings on 2/20/22 with the help of Dr. Toby. We can’t thank him enough. Until we meet again my sweet and sassy Bella girl. You are Forever in my heart! 💕🐾

Lisa Thaw
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Maximus

Max was beautiful, he was a baby although he looked ferocious he was the most loving beautiful creature we laid our eyes on. We will miss him dearly I wish we could have loved him a little longer. We love you our sweet boy

Nicole mccroy
Las vegas.nevada

in loving memory of DUKE

Duke lived a valiant life for almost nine years. Chosen by my past husband, Bob, he picked Duke out of the breeders litter because he looked like he would be the largest – and was at his 110# passing weight.

He was trained to protect, but also was taken to the dog park to socialize. He didn’t share well when it came to throwing his flying toys and chasing after them…he would fend off other dogs and always return to me with his prize.

Duke was not really a water dog, and once on a trip to our local dam, he was close to the edge barking at the floating ducks when he decided to give chase. He found out immediately that he was in over his head and quickly “dog paddled” back to shore – leaving the ducks to go their merry way.

He was afraid of approaching storms and came to me for protection, holding him tight and offering soothing words. It would pass only after the thunder and lightning were gone. Hence, fireworks had the same effect on him. So, on the 4th, he and I would head for the bedroom, with the door closed, turn the tv to a high volume, and I would feed him treats as a distraction.

He was a big dog and when the neighborhood dogs would venture by, on leash, he would bark and scare them. So, once aware of where Duke lived, their owners would walk on the other side of the street. Duke was bored with that and didn’t even bark. He usually saw the dogs when yard work was the task and he was secured on his leash.

He loved car rides. And because of his size, he took up the back seat, but liked sticking his head up front for the a/c air. But, he was trained well, and when told to get back, he did. Then after a bit, he would sneak his head up front again.

We took Duke on hikes to Mt. Charleston. Once in the parking lot of the Inn, I had hold of his leash, but the asphalt was slick with ice and when a small dog was yapping across the lot, it got Duke’s attention and he began to run to the other dog – pulling me with him, or should I say dragging me. It was everything I could do to stay on my feet, but Bob came to my rescue and grabbed Duke just in time before I fell on the ice, and before Duke got to the dog!

Fun times having him as part of our family…

Karen Semplinski
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Lexington

My sweet boy loved laying on the patio soaking up the sun and chewing on his toys. He was a good friend and a good boy.

Steven Landry
Las Vegas NV

in loving memory of Coco

Sometimes the Right decisions in Life are the Hardest…….
REST IN PEACE my beautiful pup💪💪

Henderson, Nv

in loving memory of MUSHU

My Angel Mushu was born and adopted from the Maui shelter. We moved to Vegas in 2018. He was such an amazing best friend and one of my children. He was so intelligent and we knew each other so well. I talked to him constantly and he would respond back. It’s so quiet and empty without him. I feel so lost without him here with me. I know he’s not suffering anymore and that he’s in Heaven with my son Cory. I love you so much Mushu thank you for being my best friend. Goodbye my sweet Angel.

Las Vegas

in loving memory of Kitty

My baby boy Kitty, my Peanut. Indoor outdoor cat, who adopted me after being abandoned in the subdivision. We reset his microchip, and I said he chose me and our home every day. 16 years with him as a door greeter, social butterfly, garden helper, sunny spot lover, surgery recovery snuggler, and the best return to college study buddy ever. Thank you to Dr. Watson for helping me keep a promise that he’d always return home from the vet (wonderful team) and he’d be safe at home. He’s no longer in pain, I’m just holding on to the best memories. It’s just so quiet today.
Below is my absolute favorite picture of us, taken by my colleagues as we studied for national exams. Just so… him. Love you Kitty.

Jennifer Brusven
Las Vegas

in loving memory of Lucci

To my beautiful Tortie,

My heart aches without you, Lucci. Nineteen years ago you chose me and changed my life forever. I am so thankful for your love and companionship. I’ve watched you grow from a curious and playful baby-girl into that beautiful and wise Senior Kitty.
You’ve brought your dad and me so much laughter and joy that we thank you for all the wonderful memories. I will miss your ritual of morning brushes on the vanity and you snuggling by my side every evening. It was the perfect way to start and end our days.

I called you my Earth Angel but now with your wings you are my Angel in Heaven and we can’t wait to see you again, my Love.

Denise Gennock
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Roxy

Once again, the cliche of “being the best dog ever” will be used again, as Roxy was truly the best dog ever. She came into our home as the “runt” of the litter but that never deterred her at all. She had drive, ability and spunk that would match any of her brothers and sisters. From the beginning she had a scare of squeezing under the gate at our house to begin an adventure of wandering around the neighborhood exploring the sights and smells of the world her first day home. Causing a search from her frantic dad for several hours, only to be found in a neighbor’s yard smelling the flowers and enjoying treats from a sweet older woman. She then began her obsession with a ball that never ended, even up into her final days. I can still hear the thumping of her tail on the floor as she impatiently waited for it to be thrown. She enjoyed adventures in the desert with her older sister, Bailey, sniffing everything around, running up ravines and hills and anxiously waiting to see a rabbit they both try to chase after, even though the they never could quite catch up. She then became the older sister to a new dog Maddie, though she wasn’t very thrilled at the idea at first. Eventually she would begin to show the new dog the rules of the house and keeping her in check when need be. Though the family’s heart said it wasn’t the time for you to leave us in our head we k ow we made the right decision. You are now enjoying the grass and fields near the Rainbow Bridge with your older sister waiting for the day we can be reunited again. Until that day, please know that your family will always miss you and love you and look forward to hearing the tail thump again waiting for a ball throw. We’ll be sure to bring plenty of treat and toys when that day comes.

Mark Ordway
North Las Vegas, Nevada

in loving memory of Shadow

Shadow, our best good boy. Lovingly referred to as “Shadow Buddy” by your papa, “Shadow My Love” or “My Boyfriend” by your mama, and even your vet (Dr. T) nicknamed you a “Bad Ass Super Dog”. You were loved more than it was ever possible to show- but we tried our best to give you all our love all the time and to give you the best, most adventurous & fun life a dog could have. You were the best guard dog, even if you mostly protected us from other dogs – especially that pesky dog next door. You protected your little sister Luna, and she misses you so much. You & Luna were inseparable – littermates who only spent a few days apart when you were pups. It was destiny that you joined our family (thankfully the first family who reserved you changed their mind). With you, our family became whole.
Your favorite things were: food, meat, rides in the truck, going camping, playing, running laps around the yard- barking, hackling & “killing” toys when other dogs walked by our house, swimming, treats, belly rubs, head scratches, getting brushed, toys, taking warm showers, puppy nap time, Grandma & Grandpa (your 2nd favorite humans), Kitty, Luna, and of course your mom & dad. Your least favorite things were: loud noises, 4th of July (but you were smart & always found safety – either in our master bath shower, or in between mama’s legs), New Years Eve, being apart from your sister & parents.
You were a big goofy cuddly puppy who always had a sweet personality. You were obedient and never got into trouble – you stayed by our side, always watching out for us (your self-imposed duty to always protect us – especially your mama), and you did so until your very last day on earth.
Sadly (devastatingly), you got an osteosarcoma diagnosis in April 2020, and we made the tough decision to amputate & do chemo to give you the best shot at a longer life. You were only expected to live 3-6 months with that treatment, but you defied the odds and handled being a tri-pod dog like a champ. it didn’t slow you down one bit – you could still run, guard, swim and do all the fun things we always did. We discovered your cancer had metastacized into your lungs just before Christmas this year, and sadly, the best we could do for you was palliative care, and to give you all our love and soak up all the love you had for us in return for as long as you stayed comfortable and happy.
You carried yourself regally, you were a noble soul, always brought us joy and made us laugh, and guided (herded) us when we needed to stop and play. Everyone who knew you fell in love with you. You were our most special boy, and we will love you and miss you forever.
Love, Mama, Papa & Luna

Karl & Diana Poellinger
Henderson, NV

in loving memory of Rocksy

You were the best most amazing dog ever. I know people say that, but it truly was the truth. I wish we would have shown you that more towards the end. I hope you felt loved. You deserved all the love in the world. You lived such a long life and we are so grateful for you. Thank you for your selfless love and always being around us. Thank you for reminding me to do my loving while they are living. Thank you for literally being the best dog there ever was and being a part of my life. I miss you so very much already. I will love you always.

Vince and Christina Casas
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Brutus

Brutus was our big mush. He couldn’t get close enough to you and was generous with kisses and love. Saved from a terrible beginning, he suffered his share of struggles, but we did all we could to give him the best life ever and boy, did he love it. It was an honor to have him in our lives. He left us unexpectedly right before Christmas and left a huge hole in our hearts. We will love your forever. Go run free. <3

Rosemary Champlain
Henderson, Nevada

in loving memory of Millie

Millie you were a beautiful cat with the bluest eyes and the best personality. Our whole family loved you so much, it won’t be the same without you. You brought so much joy and happiness to our lives and we forever thank you for that. We will see you again someday, sweet girl. I love you.

Carol Shevetone
Henderson NV

in loving memory of Raisin

Raisin, you were my first baby and I am so thankful you got to meet our son and spend one last Christmas together. It’s only day 1 without you and I feel completely lost with you gone. You will always be my big muffin and I will always be Raisins mom

Kim Hess
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Doug

I miss the way Doug greeted me at the door. He would take my hand in his mouth and walk with me to the kitchen. Sweetest boy ever! Our home is not the same.

Tracey Klein
Henderson, NV

in loving memory of Elvis and Pumkin (aka Punk)

These guys made my world a better place.

D. Love
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Hrudey

Hrudey was the sweetest dog I ever had.
This house will not be the same without him.
I will miss our swims together and him jumping on the rafts in the pool. He loved it!
So many good times and memories.
That’s how I will always remember him.
Nothing but love.
R.I.P. Hrudey 😢

Mark Levy
Las Vegas

in loving memory of Haley

She was an elderly neighbor’s dog I walked. Haley barked happily and ran to me. I bent , and she licked my face. “Give me some of those stinky kisses,” I would say. She had dental problems, and I have sobbed loudly all week because I feared Haley suffered.

Sunday, December 19, she was going around in circles on the patio. Monday, she lay motionless but still alive. We are all old, and poor. Finally, the owner’s daughter took Haley to the vet. She was euthanized on the 13th. That same Monday, an ambulance took the 78 year old owner to the hospital with covid. The woman will survive, and her son lives at that mobile home also.

I needed some way to have a house call. Antibiotics from early November worked little, but I needed a diagnosis. I pray we did not let her suffer by mistake.

Mike Hayne
Las Vegas

in loving memory of Jazzy Girl

To my Sweet sweet Jazzy,

How does it feel up in heaven? Is it beautiful? I bet it is. Heaven is so lucky to have you. Go and play. Go and be free my baby. We miss you so so much. Thank you for being such a good girl, and the best loving pit bull in the world. You have brought nothing but joy, comfort, and love into our home. You have taught us so much, your companionship, your loyalty, and your unconditional love. We will never stop thinking about you. Your memories will live on forever my baby. We LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU SO MUCH! Sleep peacefully my sweet angel. Until we meet again…. Xoxoxoxo

Malei Fuimaono
Las Vegas , NV

in loving memory of Ricky

Ricky our beautiful brave boy was chased by a neighborhood dog one day , he ran up a huge tree we had in our front yard and would not come down. The whole neighborhood came out to help and with a long pole from a pool cleaner we coaxed him down and back into the house. He was a stray cat that I was feeding but loved to venture out even after we rescued him. After this incident he was a much happier indoor cat who loved hanging out in the sunroom and playing with his other cat buddies. We miss him terribly. He was always cautious of strangers but loved us and trusted us to care for him. The house feels empty without him. He brought us so much joy and comfort. Rest In Peace our handsome boy Ricky.

Ricky Reisfeld
Las Vegas, NV.

in loving memory of Tabouli

Tabouli transitioned peacefully the only way she knew how-elegantly and in style, surrounded by beauty and the love and warmth of her parents. She chose me as her mama 11 years ago when I was “window shopping” at the Anti-Cruelty Society in Chicago. As the young girl who was eyeing kittens nearby proclaimed “I think you two were made for each other”. Nothing was more true. Tabouli enriched my life from the start, charming everyone who met her. Her gentle, sweet presence brought me more joy than I ever knew was possible, eventually becoming the ultimate daddy’s girl when her papi came into her life 9 years ago. From Chicago to Iowa to road tripping to her last and favorite home in the sunny desert, I’m forever grateful for the special memories we created together. I honor your spirit.

May you lounge on your eternal throne like the sun goddess you are, get lost in french jazz, receive an ever-lasting amount of brushes and lint-rolls and enjoy sardines to your heart’s content.

God’s given us years of happiness here
Now we must part
And as the angels come and call for you
The pains of grief tug at my heart
Oh my darling
My darling
My heart breaks as you take your long journey
Oh the days will be empty
The nights so long without you my love
And when god calls for you I’m left alone
But we will meet in heaven above

Bridget Murphy
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Cisco

Our guy Cisco…we’re all heartbroken and miss you dearly. Thanks for all the love you gave us and for putting up with the training classes when you were just a little guy. I remember how proud you made us when you earned your CH title. All of our out-of-town family members were so impressed with how gentle and loving you were…you did that! I remember how you always snuck into Sandra’s room to lay on her bed and how you wouldn’t move even when I caught you…you would just hold your head up as if to say “can’t you see I’m sleeping”. I still never figured out how you opened the door. No need to worry about Sasha we’ll take good care of her for you…our home will never be the same…thanks for the memories.

Gene Ramos
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Duke

I am so sad to say that my little Duke crossed the Rainbow Bridge today. He was an unbelievable sweet and loyal family member for nearly ten years. He will be sorely missed by his mom, his brothers Clancey and CJ and his sister Amy.

Dorothy Engler
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Charlie (Goose)

We’ll Always…Always…Always Love You Charlie! Our silly Goose…When we left the house we always were sure to say “See you later Charlie”, so you knew we were coming back. So now we honor your unconditional love everyday with a “See you later Charlie”. We miss you!

Las Vegas NV

in loving memory of Major

To our beautiful baby Major, you brought such love and joy to our family! You will forever be in our hearts and memory…rest in peace my love…

Brenda Bennett
Las Vegas, Nevada

in loving memory of Dodger

Dodger was a legend every memory was a good one , he changed my life and I will always be grateful for my son Rest Easy my son till me meet again

Las Vegas nv

in loving memory of Sophie

Sophie was my first fur baby and will always be a part of me. She was loved more than I can say.

Wendy Arnold
Henderson NV

in loving memory of Max Upham

Max was a beautiful soul. He taught me how to love again. He will be missed so much. He always was by my side and made my bad days better.


in loving memory of Wrigley

We’ve had a great run dog. I will see you again someday and I know you’ll be the first to greet me. I love you hoss.

Michelle Nillas
Las Vegas

in loving memory of Snoop Dogg

Your wings were ready but our hearts were not. Gone but never forgotten, thank you for being our best friend for the last 14 years. Until we meet again my sweet boy.

Amanda Budd

in loving memory of Ashlee

In loving memory of Ashlee. She was my rock for so many years and would always keep me on my toes. She is a pit bull mix and changed the minds of so many about the breed. I love you Ashlee you will always hold a special place on our hearts.

Eulala Rupp
Henderson, NV

in loving memory of Safiah

My Babygirl Safia leaves her pain behind and now runs free….. with her new wings.
Leaving behind brother Cooper9 yrs old and Mom.
We have you imbedded in our hearts. ❤️
Our hearts ache and yet we know you are Free. ❤️
Be free-Be Happy Baby Girl!

Sindhu Das
Las Vegas

in loving memory of Tiger (Ti)

Tiger came to us 19 years ago and she was 21 when she passed. Her best friend for the last 15 years was Rad our little dog. She looked out for him and he looked out for her. She will be missed dearly buy the whole family. Rest in peace are sweet girl we will see you again one day💕

Rhonda Dudoit
Las Vegas NV

in loving memory of Sox

We had 14 beautiful years with Sox. Our hearts are broken without him by our side. He was our “zen” pup…. so chill. We are blessed and grateful to have had his unconditional love. We cannot thank Dr Joan enough for her grace and compassion in this difficult time!

Tina Retka
Las Vegas NV

in loving memory of Max

Max was a beautiful dog with a beautiful soul. Our lives will never be the same without him💔

Lynne Degnan

in loving memory of Riley

It was love at first sight 16 1/2 years ago. Not sure if we rescued you, or if you adopted us. You gave us your love and we gave you our hearts. You filled us with so many happy memories. You showed us unconditional love and loyalty, and became our little protector. You were in every part of our family life. Not a day has passed that we don’t think about you and remember our cherished moments together. You weren’t our pet, you were our little boy.
We can’t say goodbye… so as mom said every morning when she left for work, and her final words to you. See you later alligator, after awhile crocodile, mama loves you!
We all love you and miss you!

The Vassiliadis Family
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Tank

Tank loved to swim in the lake . And case birds.

Bergstrands family

in loving memory of Ethel

Ethel was with us for 15 amazing years. She had a sassy side that you immediately fell in love with. Beside sunbathing and tricking us for treats she brought joy to everyone in her presence. We couldn’t have asked for a better companion.

RIP sweet girl, we love you more than ever.

Ethel Mannina
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Dixie

Dixie was always up for an adventure or car ride. Some of our families fondest memories with her include camping, swimming, and walking desert trails. If she couldn’t find a ball she would substitute with a rock!
She will be loved forever by so many family members and friends. We love you Dixie

Amy Reyes
Las Vegas,NV

in loving memory of Greta

My Dearest Greta,
Forever wouldn’t have been long enough with you, my Girl. I didn’t know when we met almost 3 years ago, that I was as lonely as I was. Believe it or not, I had dreamt of a dog like you, and then unexpectedly, like a bull in a china shop, you barged in and took up all the space in my home and my heart. By simply being yourself, you filled my heart with so much joy and love, and that is where I will keep you forever, deep in my heart.
Thank you for reminding me of the simplest pleasures – early morning walks, dew-soaked grass, light breezes, shady spots under a tree. Thank you for helping me to slow down, for showing me how to soak things in. Thank you for making me laugh every single day. Thank you for your unconditional love, for your butt wiggles, and for your giant paws. Thank you for the many sun-soaked naps we shared by the pool. Thank you for the sweetest snoring sounds that rocked me to sleep every night. Thank you for your toothless smiles. Thank you for the countless happy memories I now have. Thank you for finding me, and for rescuing me from a funk I didn’t even know I was in.
If I could do it all over again, I would, and I wouldn’t change a thing, except perhaps finding each other sooner. Rest easy Baby Girl. I’ll see you again. You are the sweetest soul I’ve ever known. You are, and forever will be, my greatest and most precious love. I love you forever Greta Girl.
All my love,

Lindsay Grieshaber
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Ceci

Dear Ceci❤️

We rescued our beloved Ceci from the humane society animal shelter in Utah. She actually picked me snd my son out as her new family, as we walked through all the cages filled with abandoned animals. She barked so hard to get our attention.

When we brought you home, you pranced around in the yard like a little show horse. Your smile could light up a room. You were always so gentle with other people and other animals.

You were our little fury speed bump in the kitchen too! Always underfoot when someone was preparing food, knowing there was a Scooby snack in sight. And you somehow made it known that a closed door was never an option in the house. You demanded free patrol access as you followed us everywhere… and I mean everywhere… ensuring we were in sight of your constant protection… even when most of your teeth were missing and you were looking more and more like snaggel puss with your tongue hanging out to the side when you smiled.

Even when Daddy went in the backyard to clean the pool, you went on puppy patrol. Surveying the yard by walking all around the pool, ending on the patio furniture curled up by my feet with a blanket.

You were a great sister too to Misha and the boys . Always taking a backseat, and allowing Misha to steal the attention.

It was so painful to see you so sick. We loved you so much and kept hoping things would turn around. But in the end we saw the peace that finally came over you as you slipped away and into the arms of my dearly departed Dad.

Together you will be able to walk, run, and see the amazing heavens above without pain or old age to hinder you.

Run as fast as the wind my dear Ceci..”Ceci is soooo fast”. We love you. Until we meet again..💔🙏❤️

Debra Jenkins
Henderson, NV

in loving memory of Martini

My sweet beautiful Martini!
I originally bought you for a friend as a birthday gift and when she told me she didn’t want a cat there was no way I was giving this little 3 month old fluff ball away. You and I conquered life together ❤️ You were by my side as we moved over 15 times in 3 different states. You always adjusted to your new surroundings immediately just knowing we were together. I will miss our cuddles, catnip parties, backyard bird watching, cat dances, and the love you always showered me with. You never took crap from your pitbull brothers and always kept them in check on who was queen bee in the house. I was blessed with 16 years full of adventure and love with you and I look forward to seeing you again one day sweetheart
❤️Cheryl, James, and baby Brooke

Cheryl Rybacki
Las Vegas, Nevada

in loving memory of Hendrix

I grew up as a military brat and wasn’t allowed pets because we always lived on base and my parents didn’t want to deal with one. When I met my future husband we both fell in love with our friends dog and swore that if we ever had a chance to give him a good home that would be the only dog we wanted. Lo and behold our friends went thru a bad patch shortly thereafter and divorced and neither could take the dog. Therein begins my love affair with my sweet boy Hendrix. He was so many things to me: my first child, my protector, my confidant (my husband and I were both active duty AF so deployments are real), but most importantly he was a dream come true that I had held from childhood. The dream of having a dog to love, protect, and cherish as long as I could. Hendrix was an adventurer, when my husband was away due to a TDY or deployment, Hendrix was always by my side. I was told this stage of life is difficult because you start to question what kind of life you gave your dog…..I have looked deep and can honestly say I have no regrets. Hendrix was my gentle giant who experienced a full life of adventure, really good food, fun, but most importantly love. He left a legacy behind and nobody else can fill it. My heart will heal with time but he will always be my fierce protector, and my gentle giant. I love you so much Hendrix…..wait for Adaline for me…..

Amber Noll
Las Vegas, Nevada

in loving memory of Stretch

Stretch had the sweetest face, cutest little howls, and funniest tail wag out there. He could make anyone’s day better just by looking at them with his big brown eyes. He was a central part of our home, mainly because he took over everything: the couch, our new blankets/throws, and even our bed. 🙂 He showed us unconditional love and an unlimited amount of snuggles. All he wanted in return was to be held and maybe a few peanut butter dog cookies. We will miss him everyday and were so blessed to have him in our lives-even though it seemed far too short.
We love you, little buddy. You’ll always be our favorite sweet guy.
-Mommy and Daddy

Sarah & Steve
Las Vegas

in loving memory of Beau Darlington

Beau Darlington was adopted from the San Pedro Animal Shelter in November 2011 at 10-12 weeks. There is dedicated team of volunteers who trap and rescue feral kittens in the south bay area. He was a mix of tabby and Siamese cat, which is common for feral kittens in San Pedro, CA.
He quickly bonded with my male cat, a black Manx named Pugsley and they played and napped together as two good friends. My parent’s cat elderly cat Rudi joined us for two years and Beau made him feel welcomed and they enjoyed their cat tree time together.
In 2016, I adopted a mini cat Midgette at 4 1/2 pounds and she and Beau, now 22 lbs, were a Mutt and Jeff team with Midgette always trying to get the upper paw over Beau.
I am glad Beau came my way in this world and I know he enjoyed a good, happy life in my care.

Kathleen DiGregorio
Summerlin, NV

in loving memory of Boss

Boss loved his greenies and squeaky tennis balls. He loved to play fetch and go on family walks. He loved car rides and rolling in grass. Most of all we know he loved us. He will be missed more than words can express, but we are so thankful to have had him on our lives these past nine years.

We love you so much, Boss! You will forever be apart of our family.

Sean and Allison O’Donnell
Las Vegas, Nevada

in loving memory of Bella

Bella was the snuggliest, smushiest, funniest pup. We’re completely heartbroken without our girl. Despite being a bulldog- she was an avid swimmer. She would go bananas any time she saw one of us get a swimsuit on. We will miss playing with her, swimming with her, snuggling with her and loving on her every day. Mommy can’t sleep without the soft hum of your bulldoggie snores sweet girl. Rest In Peace Lou Lou. 💖

Erin Warner
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Vesely James

Vesely was the best furbaby we could have ever asked for. He was his mama’s bestest buddy through 14 years life. He also loved his “Buggy” so much by annoying her always. He gave us his unconditional love always! Cute, too smart for his own good, a little houdini at times, a foodie, super affectionate and silly. You are missed so much and we love you so very much our little bean. Mama and Buggy love you ALWAYS & FOREVER <3

Frida & Lora Benin
Las Vegas, Nevada

in loving memory of Toby Alexander

Toby Alex ! From the first day we brought you home, my tiny kitten full of spunk, you were a pure delight. Thank you for choosing us that day to be yours. You shared 18 beautiful years of your precious spirit with us and we are forever grateful. Your whisker kisses are missed dearly.

Anthony and Andrea Morgan
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Pooper

Pooper loved to sunbathe, we would catch him spending hours outside just laying in the sun. On his last day, he spent the morning doing his favorite past time and soaked up some last sun rays before crossing the rainbow bridge. He lived a long, playful, and spoiled life of 16 years and 3 days, and I hope he felt all the love we have for him throughout his life and in his last moments. I hope he’s doing zoomies now, with all his teeth back, eating all the guilt-free French fries he wants. We love you Poops! ❤️🐕

Jeff Stults
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Sampson “Sammy”

We adopted our beautiful Sammy over 12 years ago. During that time, he showed us how life would be lived….which was on his terms. He brought us companionship, silliness and love. Most importantly, he kept me company during these crazy times. We miss you but you finally get to rest in peace. You are one of the best and you’ll always have a place in our hearts <3

Rosemary Champlain
Henderson, Nevada

in loving memory of Daisy

My favorite hello and my hardest goodbye❣️ Daisy was my best friend and companion. I love you ❤️ so much.

Karen Hackler
Overton, Nevada

in loving memory of Brownie

Brownie, we miss you buddy.

He was my best friend and companion for 15 years. I didn’t want to let him go, but had to say goodbye in the end. I’ll always love him.

Daryl T.
Henderson, NV

in loving memory of Mosley

Mosley, Mofles, Mo-Mo….was the best boy ever. We sure do miss you sweet boy. Love you.💙

Noelle Herring
Las Vegas

in loving memory of Lola

Lola was a rescue pup from the streets who learned to be loved and in a home for the first time with us. She gave us 13 years of happiness. Lola was such a girl and will be deeply missed.

Stephanie Murphy
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Mo

Mo was a loving cat…just loved being around us and doing his own thing! Miss you so much buddy

Colleen Bellacose
Las Vegas Nv

in loving memory of CJ Snygatto

Our precious bulldog CJ was the center of our world in our home for 11 years. He was a bundle of energy during his younger life who always kept us on our toes to keep up with him. As he matured he wasn’t quite as energetic, but he certainly found his voice as he was never shy about letting us know when he wanted his belly scratched or when he wanted a treat. He loved hanging out with us in the backyard and getting sun whenever he could. He passed one month ago today and his absence truly hurts every day. His positive energy and love always filled our hearts and our home. We have so many wonderful memories of CJ and we’ll always have those to hang onto in the future. But his loss has left a hole in both of our hearts that will last forever. We are truly blessed for CJ to have chosen us as his mommy and daddy. What a wonderful spirit and soul he had. We love you CJ and we’ll see you on the other side for your next belly scratch!

Mommy and Daddy

Charles Snyder
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Gin-Gin

No time on earth is long enough to share
With the animals we Love, or prepare our hearts to say GOODBYE.

Sharon Orzechowski
Henderson Nevada

in loving memory of Bobby

The neighborhood kids used to say he had a “dragon eye” and ask about him when he was still allowed outside. Had to have that eye removed later in his life.

Michele and Victor
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Mr. Puss Puss

Dearest Mr. Puss Puss,
You brought us so much joy and you had a long life here on earth. Thank you so much for all the love and cuddles and laughter that you brought to our family. I hope you enjoyed your last years as king of the castle. We miss you my little one. See you on the rainbow bridge. I’ll meet you there.
All our love,

Mar’ia Adkisson
Las Vegas NV

in loving memory of Yoda

In Loving Memory of Yoda
9/23/2008 – 08/21/2021

We miss you so much dear Yoda . But we know that you’re in a good place now without pain .
Thank you for the 13 years of love , support and cuteness you gave us . You’re in our hearts forever .

Jacqueline Abesamis
Las Vegas , NV

in loving memory of Jazz

have to thank Dr. Toby! He is amazing, kind, caring… all superlatives apply to this guy! I have to include that most human funeral events are not as beautiful as they way he took care of my girl, Jazz and her Mom and I.

Thank you more than words can say Dr. Toby!

I’m including a puppy photo of Jazz… it shows her inner personality that she shared with us every day of her life! She was so loving and such fun to be with!

John Nasshan

in loving memory of Jazz

I lost an amazing friend this past Friday, August 20, 2021. She was the daughter I never had, she will always be in my heart. She gave us 13 amazing years of her unconditional love. My beautiful standard poodle Jazz took her final breath at 6:30pm that night. I’m heartbroken.

Over the years of her beautiful life, Jazz was kind, loving, playful (she loved to play ball) and regal. She helped teach our other baby, 3 year old Maddie how to be a great dog. She was a family member who loved us all… even when my grandkids pulled her around by the ears! An amazing girl! She was also the Grande Dame of our dog park.

She didn’t come to greet me Friday morning for the first time ever, and I had the feeling she was in trouble. She’s been physically slowing down and appeared to be growing weaker for the last week or so. She laid in her favorite spot all day today as her breath became more and more shallow. I sat with her and rubbed her neck, behind her ears and belly (her favorite places to be rubbed), and talked about her life, all the wonderful things she did for me, and told her how much I love her. She passed quietly, peacefully and I believe, painlessly. No crying, no moaning, it’s almost like she just went to sleep and stopped breathing. I’m glad it was peaceful. A Grande Dame like Jazz should go peacefully and painlessly. I guess God must need her for something.

The hospice vet came at 8pm to discuss what we wanted to do and to take her safely to the crematorium.

This is the one of a kind dog that you never forget. I’m heartbroken.

Now my 3 year old Maddie is the lady of the house.

John Nasshan
Henderson, NV

in loving memory of Sophie

My Sophie girl was one in a million. I would have never made it through the last year without her. She was the light of our lives. Dr. Toby is a god send. He made a very hard time a beautiful tribute to my little girl. I didn’t think I could make it through but with the help of Dr. Toby we made it. I can’t thank him enough for his tender demeanor during this very difficult time. Thank you Dr Toby you are a real hero in my eyes.

Kandee Mathews
Las Vegas, Nevada

in loving memory of Leela

Leela was born three days after my husband and I were married. As long as we’ve been a family, Leela was here. She is our first baby…born in raised in Japan, to Hawaii, and laid to peace in Las Vegas. Our girl lived her best life. Leela is gentle and crazy, huge and happy, wonderfully lovey, and just one of the most beautiful beings I’ve ever known.
My family is so grateful to have had Dr. Alyssa support and guide our decision to prevent trauma and discomfort for our girl. The expertise, compassion, and comfort from Dr. Alyssa made a sad situation happily peaceful.
Our hearts are broken because Leela’s not here, but our 4 year old son reminds us that she now “just lives in our hearts forever” and if that ain’t the truth…
Always living your best life, my girl. Still. We love you the most, Leelanaderdarthvaderlabradorretriever.

Hayley B
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Macy

Macy was a stray kitten only 5 months old when I found her starving on the streets. She was such a grateful and sweet kitty that was so loving. She was always kind of a loner when it came to being around my other kitties, but she was always so loving with me. She and I had a good 14 year run and I am so happy that we had that time together.

I will miss my Macy so very much and I believe that I will see her again on the next journey. A big thanks to Dr. Toby for making her transition so peaceful….it made my last goodbyes much easier.

Deborah Cooper

in loving memory of Oby

Oby came to me over 19 years ago as a feral kitten that had been separated from her siblings. She lived a charmed life with me since that day we first met, but most of all she was my partner through thick and thin. I will miss her immensely! I know that I will see her again in the next journey, but until that day, I will keep her in heart.

Thank you to Dr.Toby for making this very sad day so peaceful for my Oby….. I can’t imagine any other way to say my final goodbyes!

Deborah Cooper

in loving memory of Pepper

Always the sweetest and gentlest baby ever. You did not have a mean bone in your whole little body! I loved the way you would try and hang your whole body out of the car window when we were driving!!! We could hold you only by your tail!!! I always thought “no! He is gonna jump!” But you never did! And I loved how you would bark (the only time you barked) when your water bowl was not completely filled. You did not like bowls, it had to be to the brim. I use to say “Pepper, you have little issues!!!” But we loved you anyway. All your little issues and odd ball traits, is what we loved most about you!
I loved you your entire life! I will miss you the rest of mine!

tina molaro
Las vegas, NV

in loving memory of Chunka (Moo Moo)

The very first day you came home you were a tiny ball of fur, scruffy until I bathed you. You were shaking and I put you on the bed, you laid down and were calm. From that day on you owned my heart. Our journey was long, but not long enough. You were my child before I had children, you saw me through relationships, ups, downs. So many memories but not enough.

I’ll never get used to not having you with me, I may come to accept it, but I won’t get used to it. You knew it was time, I knew it was time, I am so happy to have had that final night of cuddling. Your little black lips and crooked teeth, your happy days, your excitement, your love, support, and how much you are loved will be forever a part of all you have touched. We all love you and hope you are comfortable and together with the family members that were waiting on the other side. Until we meet again my love. Shalom.

Doe’t ik dy seach lang ferlyn
Wat docht it dochs sear as ik d’r wer oan tink

Ik sjoch dy, Ik hear dy, Ik fiel dy, eltse kear opnij
Hjir bin ik, Wêr bisto? It is al lang lyn.
Hjir bin ik, Wêr bisto-It is te lang lyn

Do bist net oars dan leaf
Want do dochst gewoan neat ferkeard
Ik hâld fan dy, sa asto bist
Datst dat dan wol efkes witst…

Ik hou van jouw Mooie Moo Moo.

Alexis de Vries

in loving memory of Abby

We adopted our sweet Abby back in March of 2012, and she soon became the princess of the house. Though she tried our patience for her first two years with us, she finally realized she had found her forever home and settled into a lovely life of tons of TLC, walks, snuggles, lots of toys, and yummy treats. Her favorite pastime was hanging outdoors, especially if her humans were outside too. She was always on the hunt, chasing rabbits and lizards, and was the best gardening companion ever! You left us way too early Abby and we all miss you so much! I know that BlackJack and Harley were there to meet you over the rainbow bridge, which is comforting, and we know that someday too, we will all meet again. Rest in peace our precious Abby.

Rue McBride
Henderson, NV

in loving memory of Mico

Mico brought me more happiness than words could ever say. She was the smartest dog I have ever had. My heart is broken. I miss her so much. I love her with all my heart. and I tried to give her a great life. I miss you Mico and I will always love you and I will never forget you. And I know one day we will be together again.🥰❤️

Shirley A Childs
Las Vegas

in loving memory of Wrigley

Wrigley was found alone as a 6 weekish puppy in Arizona. We learned about her a few days after she had been found. After waiting a couple weeks we were able to pick her up. What a little fur ball. She shed an insane amount but every piece of hair was worth it. What an incredible companion. She loved to run and trained me for a half marathon. Wrigley brought her A game when stalking her dad. One of their most favorite games to play. Wrigley was a foodie and enjoyed the finer things of life. She was gentle, patient and protective as each one of her brothers entered our family. Wrigley took care of us. She was our little dog mom and came on all our family trips. She knew our emotions and supported all of them. Her howl was one of a kind as much as she was. Wrigley was a massive presence in our home and was fiercely loyal. The boys loved to be chased which was their ritual after her baths. Open that door and she would be after them. Little feet thumping and little boys screaming and laughing and that howl. Precious noise that I will always remember. Id smile and laugh while cleaning up towels and all the hair. We had a good thing. Wrigley heard everything and knew everything that was going on. She was a part of it all. Some of our greatest joys in her later life were playing in the snow. She was a puppy again and it filled us every time to see her so passionate and playful again. In her final week Wrigley ate like a queen. She was served all her favorites and was never left alone. We did all we could to be as loyal to her through that difficult final week. It all came on so fast but despite the physical limitations her mind and compassion remained. How we all miss you, Wrigley!! Thank you for being such a love, comfort, support and joy in our lives. Roll in the grass, dig in the snow, catch/pop water balloons, open all the presents, get those bunnies, RUN again baby girl. You’re such a good girl Wrigley! Best dog ever… love you, love you.

Kami Crowe
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Honey

“Little Moo” was her side name , paid $100 for the runt of the litter turned out to be the best companion we could ever ask for. She was full of love and joy. Rest easy Pooster you made every day special rain or shine.

Christine Hansen
Las Vegas

in loving memory of Ali

Ali is a loving, strong willed, determined, yet very talkative dog. She loved her walks, sleeping in the bed, and a social butterfly. She loved people, and her belly rubs !

Jeff & Marjorie Strong
Las Vegas, Nevada

in loving memory of Maika

Maika was so loving so smart and so loyal to me We miss her so terribly already , you took some pieces of me with you , run free and fly high my sweet angel i will see you soon 😢😢😢❤️❤️❤️❤️

Michelle Rosen
Las Vegas Nevada

in loving memory of Dodger Blue

Our boy Dodger will always be in our hearts and we will miss him every day. We will miss our afternoon swims in his pool during the summer, his smile, him barking and being excited when we get home and a bunch of other things that we can go on and on about. His little brothers Slider and Catcher miss having their big brother around too. We love you Sonny Boy!

Monica and Lisa Moya
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Maika

always loves playing no matter what circumstance she’s in..

amara shaun
las vegas, nevada

in loving memory of Dusty

We rescued Dusty in November 2016 and he crossed the Rainbow Bridge on July 3, 2021. There is not enough time or words to describe the joy he brought into our family when we least expected a new rescue. He joined our family and became an amazing companion to our other rescue pitbull girl named Storm. He gave her courage and taught her how to live. Dusty and Storm were ‘one’ and every single moment, every single day, was filled with fun, laughter, happiness, silly behavior, playtime, tug of war, chase, toys, swimming, and unending adoration and love from family and friends. Dusty lived with purpose every day and had routines and ‘business’ to take care of throughout each room in our home to include his yard. He was the biggest presence. In a mere 6 days, we learned our seemingly healthy boy had a rare heart cancer and there was no way of knowing earlier nor was there any treatment. Our entire family gathered around our beloved angel to say goodbye. Tears flow and hearts are heavy. Dusty, you are loved and missed more than words can ever describe. Thank you for finding us my sweet boy.

Celeste McKimmey
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Max “buggie”

Max was the most loyal friend ive ever had. I spent 17 years with a very debilitating disease and he was the only one who wouldn’t leave my side. Every surgery, er visit or if i ever left for one day he was at the door waiting for my return. I could write a book about everything he did for me and the love he has shown me. Max showed me a glimpse of the pure love of God through his creation. I will never forget what he means to me.

Rebecca leahy
Las Vegas NV

in loving memory of Layla

Layla was rescued on the side of the 17 freeway in Arizona along with her brother who has already crossed over the rainbow bridge in 2014. Layla then became very clingy and much more loving and slept with us from that time on, right next to the side of me always. Recently, before her passing, she slept in the middle of our bed between us. Layla knew how much we loved her and how much she meant to us and that she was a part of our lives and our family. She purred her way into our heart and there will always be fond memories of her every single day. Thank you Dr. Toby! You are just what we needed for our family to give Leila a peaceful passing we are so grateful and thankful for you. You truly are a blessing to people who need Personal attention and comfort in these times. We love you for what you do and just can’t thank you enough for helping us through this difficult time losing our beloved Layla.

Michelle & Marcus Hillan
Boulder City, NV

in loving memory of AWOL

I reduced this Angel off the street running 35mph. I opened my car door, he jumped in, sat on my lap and the rest was history. I love you AWOL 🐕❤️

Breelyn Shelkey
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Willie

Sir William “Willie” Fitzgerald loved to play fetch with his best friend, the youngest of my four daughters. They were inseparable and constantly fighting for the best seat in the house (next to mom). We miss you Willie Ann Sue!

Samantha Perkins
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Daisy

I hope you’re playing “birdie” in Heaven, Sweetpea💜.

~ Love You Forever… See You Again Baby Girl ~
💙 Mama Lynn

Las Vegas, Nevada

in loving memory of Daisy Mae

Daisy always loved birthdays and holidays. She enjoyed her balloons, flowers, and presents with great joy!
Thinking of you always, Mama Ten Bears!
❤Love Always,
Mama Lynn & Little Bear

Mama Lynn
Las Vegas, Nevada

in loving memory of Daisy

🌼Our sweet Daisy will live forever in our hearts. She will always be my miracle girl: surviving and recovering again and again… until it was her time to rejoin Heaven’s angels. I feel that she was an angel sent to me from Heaven, blessing me with the gift of her love, companionship, patience, and playfulness. She is the best Mama Dog in the world, birthing a litter of 10 healthy puppies when she was only a year old. Daisy Mae, your Baby Bear misses you dearly, as we all do. She made me a better person with her unconditional love. I can’t imagine my life without the gift of her love and precious life. Daisy, you are so loved by those who know you best. We will miss and cherish you forever! 🌼💜💐💖

Lynn, Little Bear, & Grandma Emily
Las Vegas, Nevada

in loving memory of Jasper

Jasper, you are my soul dog. You had my heart the moment you came into my life that hot summer day (June 9, 2012). From that moment on our bond was indelible. You were my whole world and I promise that I will keep you in my heart forever. I love you to the eternal depths and beyond, I love you more than words could ever express. Until we meet again…

Amy Lee & Matt Long
Henderson, NV

in loving memory of Kona

There are no words to express how much Kona has meant to my life. To say that he saved me is an understatement. There were times in my life when I didn’t know if I could take care of him properly…or give him the home he needed. But he ALWAYS gave me the strength to take care of myself so I could take care of him. We lived in a 300 sq foot apartment together. But, the love between us was never lacking and it was the only thing we had. For 13 years he was the best friend and dog that a girl could ever ask for. He protected me, loved me, guided me, gave me hope and a reason to live on… even after he was gone. He came into my life like an angel. I was his dog sitter for 2 years before adopting him at 3. I would dream of the life I would give him and always hoped we would make it to the next great chapter of my life TOGETHER… a yard, a home, and a family. He didn’t suffer long in the end and the greatest gift I gave him was never leaving his side. I had hoped that he would be here with me to start the next chapter of our life together. He died a few days after I moved us into a bigger apartment. There are no words to describe the pain of losing your dearest love one to such a terrible illness as cancer, or why these things happen, but I know we will meet again. Until then, I will continue seeking the dreams that we shared.

Sara Jean Deegan
Las Vegas, Nevada

in loving memory of Dino

You were fierce, loyal, mommy’s baby boy and, as daddy says, “an attention-getter”. You gave us so much purpose, devotion, love and laughs. Our hearts will hurt without you but our lives are better because of you. Heaven has gained a Sheriff.

Jim and Christine Zades
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Odin Leon Guerrero-Gimena

You’ve always been such a mommy’s boy and you will always be my greatest friend and companion. Spending the last week with you with as much time as we can was so tough because we held on as much as we could to the normalcy of coming home to you and just being together and watching movies but reality constantly hit us from how much your health has declined from all your illnesses. When we looked in your eyes, we still see that goofy and loving boy that captured everyone’s hearts that truly got to know you, but we knew you were just trying to hold on to the strings of your body. The house feels emptier these days and suddenly feels like there’s so much space. It’s bittersweet finding comfort in the hundreds of pictures we have of you and coming to terms that at least you’re no longer struggling. Mommy and daddy miss you so much Odin. We all miss you and love you. Thank you for blessing our family with your love and amazing personality throughout the years. 💕🐾

Patrick Gimena & Ajae Leon Guerrero
Las Vegas, Nevada

in loving memory of Hank

Hank was given to me and became my son. always there ,always loving to everyone. in my heart tell we meet again

John Moore
Boulder City NV

in loving memory of Stryker

Stryker was the sweetest, most loving dog and I will miss him forever. His happy and goofy smiles, and wagging tail when he saw us. Truly the only one who never judged and loved unconditionally. One of the funniest memories we have of Stryker was when he was around a year old, he loved tearing down my Mom’s garden, and one time he pulled out an entire cactus from the root and he had thorns all over his mouth. We had to pluck each one out between 2 of us and my Mom and brother had to hold him down because it was not easy with a 50 pound pit bull. He never went near the cacti again! I am grateful he will no longer have to hear the noise from the fireworks this 4th of July because he was terrified of them, even though it will be a sad day because we got him on 4th of July, 2009. Rest In Peace bubba, love you furever, Mom.

Adilene Nieto

in loving memory of Moxi Galindo

Moxi came into my life years ago as a rescue dog. He brought so much Love, Joy and Sunshine to me. And he was loved and adored by all his family. He was such a special little guy. Full of life and energy.

He loved our walks around our neighborhood and loved going to his favorite Park. Where he was loved and admired by everyone who passed by him. Especially by all his fur buddies small and large. His special treat after the park was going to Burger King. He loved all our adventures together.

His Celebration of Life was at his favorite park. Where he gained his angel wings. He is our little guardian angel now. And will forever be in our hearts, and memories that we will cherish. We loved our Moxi dearly. Rest in Heavenly Peace our Sweet Moxi.

Ileana Galindo
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Remington The fabulous Corgi

What we would go to sleep at night he would be next to my leg and with his belly up want me to rub his belly and when I fall asleep you would always kick me for this foot to wake me back up to keep rubbing his belly I miss him so much

Vera H Miller
Las Vegas NV

in loving memory of Remington The fabulous Corgi

Remington was always very vocal he had this little sound he would always make sound like he would talk to you in different ways and he always made my heart feel so good do I feel lost and empty without bim to I feel like if I could just cut my heart out of my chest to pain would go away. Everywhere I look now I see think he’s there I have to take a double take because I know he’s not

Vera Miller
North Las Vegas

in loving memory of Buddy

Buddy was a stray that picked us on May 17, 2020. My boyfriend and I had lost our dog to cancer in December of 2019 and had never owned a cat. We couldn’t turn our back on that innocent, loving face and heart nose. He loved his new home and all the attention he received, and he brought us such joy and happiness in return. He was old and had some medical problems, but we tried our best to make his last year peaceful and full of love. We will miss your cute little personality, but we know that you are now happy and free of all the discomfort.

Stacey Ray
Las Vegas

in loving memory of Rivers

This is hard… RIP Rivers Reed. 2011-2021. We got you to help AJ get over his fear of dogs and you were very successful at that! We named you for our family’s favorite football player and you took your place by the couch while we watched many a game. You were my hiking partner – while Winslow was always trying to keep up you were forging ahead to make sure all was clear – but never getting out of sight. You were a good boy Rivers. And you will be so missed

Paul, Lynne and AJ Reed
Las Vegas, Nevada

in loving memory of Porsche

We adopted Porsche from the Animal Foundation, she was abused as indicated on her card. She was 6 years old when we adopted her. As soon as I laid eyes on her she looked at me and that was it, she was ours. She was a gentle and loving dog always giving kisses and hugs. I must say the NPH was excellent way beyond my expectation. Toby was excellent, made us feel comfortable as well as Porsche. I would highly recommend Nevada Pet Hospice to anyone. I cannot say enough good thing
About NPH. Thank you Toby from Myself, Regina and are beloved Porsche.

Thanks Don and Regina.

Donald and Regina Moyer
Las Vegas, Nevada

in loving memory of Samantha

Samantha was the perfect sweetheart, always looking for belly rubs and demanding attention from every human she encountered even though she had stinky paws🐾She was definitely our shadow never allowing us to leave her sight, and when we reappeared she would sing, well basically whine, in excitement.

Thank you, our sweet Samantha, for giving us 12 wonderful and joyous years, bringing so much life into our home. You have taught us what unconditional love is. I’m sure you and Juicee are having the best time together in heaven. When the time is right for us to be together again, we will run to you like you have always done to us during your time here on earth.

Rowina & Lloyd
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Abbey

To our beautiful girl, Abbey you will never be forgotten. Although you were adopted only 2-1/2 years ago (01/22/2019), you quickly worked your way into our hearts and became a valued and loved member of our family….
Rest in peace Abbey. Your sister Gypsy Rose will be on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge to greet you and show you around.

Gail Wright

in loving memory of Bella

Bella had a great personality, determined, and loving. She loved the water and loved to boss her two younger siblings around. Bella enjoyed the many years of walking and hiking, playing in the sprinklers and chasing kitties. Bella was a daddy’s girl and was at the door to greet him every time he would come home. Bella was a big part of our live, we cherish the time we had with her, we lover her tons, and miss her already. You’ll always have a spot in my heart, I know that will meet again on the other side.

Tonie Silva
North Las Vegas

in loving memory of Luke

His record for tennis balls in his mouth at one time with no assistance from us is 4. He loved his tennis balls.

Luke was meant to be our dog! He was our boy. We will miss him everyday for the rest of our lives.

Joe Wilson
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Ramiro

Ramiro was the best dog ever. We loved him so much. He travelled with us from Mexico to Miami and finaly Las Vegas. Ramiro was always happy to see anybody and was friend with any other dogs and cats. He gave us so much love.
We will miss him so much and will never forget Ramiro

Sara & Jean-Marie Auboine
Las Vegas

Jean Marie Auboine
Las Vegas NV

in loving memory of Cookie aka Precious Love

My love, precious or fatty girl. You had a true heart ❤️ of a lion and a fighter. When we got you you ended up getting parvo. You were a true fighter and beat that along with some other small issues. You were the best dog we had and you truly were our love. You even liked it when we sang to you too. Go rest with GG and we will miss you our precious love

Cortez Family
North Las Vegas

in loving memory of Artica

Our sweet Artica left pawprints on the hearts of everyone she met. She loved hiking and traveling. She loved hiking in Mt. Charleston, Valley of Fire, and Red Rock. We would pay extra for pet friendly hotel rooms so we could come with us on trips to Texas, Utah, and California. Thank you to the staff at NV Pet Hospice & Dr. Toby from the first shaky phone call we made we felt like part of the family. We will miss you forever sweet girl, run free in doggie heaven.

Christina & Chad Vyse
North Las Vegas

in loving memory of Bobby

Bobby had a great head shot on Nevada SPCA even though trauma left him blind in one eye. He was a 3 year golden lab mix when he came to us. He was able to eventually recover from PTSD. He was a good boy and older brother to Julia who came into his life a year later at 5 months. Julia is an 11 pound Chi-Maltese, so their wrestling matches were way more entertaining than anything WWE could offer. He had some fave toys over the years and liked his treats. He was a champion if messy eater of food. He tried to carry on to the end but his body just could not do it anymore. So he left us with quiet grace.

Laura Lynch and Myke Sammons
Las Vegas NV

in loving memory of Emma

We got Emma at the beginning of our relationship when we moved to Missouri. I’ve always wanted a dog since I was a child. One day Nathan texted me a photo of Lab puppies a lady was giving away near his work. He asked if we wanted a boy or a girl, I chose a girl. Naming her was easy. As a FRIENDS fan, I knew if I ever got a child or pet- I’d name them after Ross and Rachel’s daughter EMMA.

When we brought her home, we got prepared. By buying books to gates. We even watched Marley and Me prepare us for a life with a Labrador.

Emma was a very mischievous puppy. She ate everything of mine. Shoes, couch, and Sonicare toothbrush. Nathan was spared.

She enjoyed her Missouri life. We lived on 13 acres where she would run and chase rabbits, play in the winter snow, and lay under us while on the hammock in the summers. She enjoyed the water and would jump up and down near the front door to let us know she wanted to go outside. Our Aunt Tootie would come to say hello every day when we were at work to make sure she was okay. Her favorite toy was Fred, a small red dog toy from PetSmart. She never tore him up. She loved bones, belly rubs, and getting to see why was in her stocking Christmas morning.

Over the year’s she had numerous nicknames, from Em to M&Ms. Her Aunt Suzi gave her a country middle name of Jean, and her Aunt Ashley would call her “Sweet girl”, Grandma just spoiled her.

Emma was raised with a stray cat named Harvey and was her baby brother she protected. Later came Agnes, another car she protected.

We moved back home with our furry tribe in 2016. Where Emma was sad not to have her 13 acres anymore. But still loved us the same.

After we adopted Oliver in 2016, Emma had her hand full protecting her furry siblings. We called her the “Sheriff” as she would walk in to see what was going on when any of them would act up.

Like, at the end of Marley and Me we had to say goodbye to our baby girl. It was just as heartbreaking as we expected. But, blessed to have her home while we said goodbye and got to rub her soft Labrador ears. She had Fred with her too.

Emma leaves behind her furry brothers; Harvey; Oliver and Max. Her two dads, her Grandma, and her many Aunts and Uncles who loved her dearly.

Emma will be missed.

Wesley and Nathan Powers-Sabugo
Las Vegas, Nevada

in loving memory of Sweetpea

Just when you think your heart can’t take anymore… it’s broken in a million pieces… 💔My baby girl Sweetpea was every bit her name – the Sweetest, most loving baby I’ve ever known. So intuitive and such a snuggle butt. She will forever be a part of me, in my heart and I will miss her every single day for the rest of my life. I’m completely Shattered 🥺💔🐾

Brenda Stallworth
Las vegas

in loving memory of Gracie Mae Holden

Gracie was the best girl her and her sister Mazy were inseparable. She was only six and left us to soon her little body betrayed her. She was with me through the good and the bad and always made my life better. I hope I did the same for her. I miss and love her so very much. Heaven got one of the best run, play and feel good baby girl we will see you again all our love from your mama’s and sister Mazy.

Teresa Holden

in loving memory of Max

Max came into my life when I was 26 years old. I had just turned 26 on March 20th 2006. He was born February 10th, 2006. I walked into a Pet Store (stopped doing that; didn’t know at the time about puppy mills) in May of 2006. And there he was. All the other Shih Tzu siblings were full of spunk and crazy puppy energy. Not Max. Max’s face basically said, “PLEASE… GET ME OUT OF HERE. I HATE DOGS. LOOK AT THE SHINANIGANS GOING ON IN HERE!!!! Look how well behaved and calm I am… Doesn’t that sound MUCH better than all of this nonsensical puppy drama!!??” I said, “I want him please.” The rest, was 15.5 years of history. He was a pure bred Shih Tzu, papers and all. Frankie I had adopted from an animal shelter previously, so he was about 2.5 years old when I adopted him. It had been a LONG time since I’d had a puppy; to train, puppy pads, crying nights.

Max has seen me through most of my coming into my adult life time period. A lot happened in those 15 years. I went to college, moved with me NINE times in 15 years. He’s been there with human losses and pain, and celebrations and good times. He was my quiet alpha; didn’t know he was one, but he certainly was for me. He was my good boy.

Max was in the back yard, with the other 3 and Daddy. Long story short, Max fell in the pool. More like walked in as apparently Max thought he was Jesus. My husband was trying to use the pool cleaning scooper to scoop him to the side of the pool as Max would just keep swimming to the middle, terrified when he saw Jesse. I ran out there after hearing Jesse yell Noooo, oh NOOO… Needless to say he had been in there probably 45 seconds at that point. It was 8pm. 40 degrees out and the pool was 32 degrees. I jumped in into the deep end and grabbed him and got him out. Into a warm sink of water as he is ROOSTER CROWING the loudest I’ve ever heard.

I know this was meant for just a memory. But Max is bigger than just one memory to me. He’s 15.5 years of life. Moments become hard to remember especially every single one. But I have tons, and so many photos and videos… Today is hard. The absence is LARGE. It’s painfully obvious, he’s at the bridge.

Thank you so much, Dr. Toby. Your kindness, gentleness and even my other 3 in the back room who typically hear stranger voices and bark the whole time, stopped 30 seconds after your arriving; you’re something special.

Max was so blessed to have you, Dr. Toby. We all were. Thank you for making his last earthly memory, not so terrible for me to look back on. It was painful, of course, but it was so beautiful and calming too.

RIP my Maximus Pantistrapimus. Aka, Poochino, Chino, Tiny Chino, BooBoo, Telescope Neck, The Rooster and SO many more.

I love you, Max. My Baby Bean.

Mary Trotta Cabaniss
Las Vegas, NV.

in loving memory of Cosmo

My best buddy in the world Cosmo could snore. He could peel the paint off of walls with his snoring. When Dr. Watson gave him the first drug, Cosmo went to sleep and he started snoring. That was the final joy he gave us in his 12 years of joy giving. He was free of pain and confusion. He was again Cosmo. My wife and I laughed and than cried a moment or two later when he stopped snoring. He had passed. I meet and knew Dr. Watson maybe a total of 90 minutes. What she did for my wife, Cosmo and me will never be forgotten. She took a absolutely horrid time in our lives and made it bearable. I will never forget the kindness and care she gave me, my wife and most of all, my best buddy in the world, Cosmo.

Bruce Fleeger
North Las Vegas

in loving memory of Alice

I adopted Alice in 2005 when she was about 2 years old. She was everything…she was so loving, silly, social, loyal, friendly to anyone and everyone. She was absolutely beautiful with her bright blue eyes, dainty long arms and lynx point Siamese features. When my husband came into our lives, he fell for her instantly. She loved to lay on us and get as close to our faces as she could. She helped us so much when we lost our little Bella in 2015, and we could tell she grieved as well. Alice was our rock and our constant companion, especially throughout the entire shutdown when neither of us had work and we felt stressed about our future. Dr. Toby could not have been kinder and more comforting to us all, and while she made her peaceful transition, all my husband could do was keep thanking her while we cried. He had the right idea~ Instead of only grieving the loss of her in body, I will forever be so grateful for her enormous presence in our lives! We still feel her spirit so strongly in our house, and thanks to Dr. Toby. and the caring, compassionate staff at Nevada Pet Hospice, we can take comfort in knowing she passed peacefully and free of stress in the place she loved to be. We are so grateful. Alice, we will love and miss you with all our hearts, always and forever!

Dena Massaro-Williams
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Charger

You’re the one who rescued me! You will forever be a part of me. You are my baby, my big boy, my best friend, my protector. You were so sweet and strong and goofy. You wanted to be wherever I was and on my lap – (all 75lbs of you). You gave me unconditional love and got me through some painful times. I don’t know what I’m going to do when I come home from work and you’re not there to greet me like you haven’t seen me in months. I will miss you all my life 😢 and when God calls me home to heaven, I pray you’re right there – Running to me! 🙏🏼
Mommy Loves you Sweet Baby!

#PawPrintsOnMyHeart 🐾

Brenda Stallworth
Las Vegas , NV

in loving memory of Charger

You’re the one who rescued me! You will forever be a part of me. You are my baby, my big boy, my best friend, my protector. You were so sweet and strong and goofy. You wanted to be wherever I was and on my lap – (all 75lbs of you). You gave me unconditional love and got me through some painful times. I don’t know what I’m going to do when I come home from work and you’re not there to greet me like you haven’t seen me in months. I will miss you all my life 😢 and when God calls me home to heaven, I pray you’re right there – Running to me! 🙏🏼
Mommy Loves you Sweet Baby!

#PawPrintsOnMyHeart 🐾

Brenda Stallworth
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Penny Pudgins

Our sweet little girl had the most gentlest soul… She was loving beyond compare and enjoyed being around everyone she met. Penny loved her belly rubs as she would stretch her paws out to grab our fingers. Her name was elaborate, because her spirit was. Penny Nona Winchester Pudgins. This calico had so much to offer, from her cute meows, playful rolls on the carpet and doing yoga with her mommy. Penny was a rescue cat, and like so many senior cats it’s sometimes harder to get them homes, but once we saw Penny we just new she was the one. She came right over and started showering us with lovers right away.
She was both mommy & daddy’s little angel and now she is our little angle from above.
“Penny, you taught us what love is all about…Daddy will miss you putting your arms around him. Mommy will miss your sweet kisses. Will miss you wanting to eat all of our leftovers and the times you’d wait for mommy by the shower. It won’t be the same not seeing you lounge in the sun watching the hummingbirds and will miss our adventures to the Ocean and Sedona…but we know your at rest without pain, and that was our gift to you, even though it broke our hearts… May you rest peacefully sweet girl” Will love you forever!!!!
*Thank you Dr. Watson for your incredible empathy, compassion and gentleness during Penny’s transition to her new home in heaven. We couldn’t have done it without you. Your a true earth angel…

Samantha and Charlie Rivero
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of PENNY PUDGINS

Our sweet little girl had the most gentlest soul… She was loving beyond compare and enjoyed being around everyone she met. Penny loved her belly rubs as she would stretch her paws out to grab our fingers. Her name was elaborate, because her spirit was. Penny Nona Winchester Pudgins. This calico had so much to offer, from her cute meows, playful rolls on the carpet and doing yoga with her mommy. Penny was a rescue cat, and like so many senior cats it’s sometimes harder to get them homes, but once we saw Penny we just new she was the one. She came right over and started showering us with lovers right away.
She was both mommy & daddy’s little angel and now she is our little angle from above.
“Penny, you taught us what love is all about…Daddy will miss you putting your arms around him. Mommy will miss your sweet kisses. Will miss you wanting to eat all of our leftovers and the times you’d wait for mommy by the shower. It won’t be the same not seeing you lounge in the sun watching the hummingbirds and will miss our adventures to the Ocean and Sedona…but we know your at rest without pain, and that was our gift to you, even though it broke our hearts… May you rest peacefully sweet girl” Will love you forever!!!!
-Thank you Dr. Watson for your incredible empathy, compassion and gentleness during Penny’s transition to her new home in heaven. We couldn’t have done it without you. Your a true earth angel…


in loving memory of Babies

Babies, aka: Her Royal Highness, came into my life as a foster dog. I failed miserably as a foster mom and adopted her 3 years ago. She was the Queen of her house and loved only me. I was totally ok with that because I loved her too and will miss her terribly. She’s joined Scrumptious the rat across the Rainbow Bridge now, and I’ll see them again one day.

Mari Alvarez
Las Vegas Nevada

in loving memory of Gingie

Gingie is a shy but very vocal one. He always let you know if you did something to displease him (like sneezing). Always such a sweetheart. Natural born hunter/ exterminator extraordinaire. Loves bird watching. Foot fetish. A big fluffy baby. Daily conversations in the kitchen of you scolding us to feed you faster, or when we return home past the curfew you placed on us (sunset). A guardian to our home & our hearts.

Although distance kept us apart, he always had my heart till the very end. There are many loveable cats in this world, but there will always only be one Gingie to me.

Wendy Aliyas
Henderson, NV

in loving memory of Gingie

I am blessed to have had gingie be part of my life. He was the sweetest cat and craved attention all the time. He was very vocal from the moment he was adopted.

His mother saw something very special gingie the day she she first laid eyes on him. He captured her heart and soon after captured mine. He is loved by everyone who got to know him. He will be deeply missed.

Josh Caetta
Las Vegas

in loving memory of Oscar

Oscar was our best friend and companion, the smiles, the joy, and talks he shared with us will always remain in our broken hearts, from his passing.
He came to us 10 yrs. ago about the same time we lost our 1st schnauzer (Rilla) at 13 yrs.. Oscar helped us through that tough time which left a crater hole in our hearts.
He was a wonderful travel companion as we traveled working out of a RV most of his life..
When we got to Las Vegas 3 yrs ago we promised him a doggy door and a patch of green grass. Which he was always checking to make sure his door was open. There were times he would stick his nose out just to check the temperature. If it was too hot he would turn around and go back to his bean bag and wait until it cooled off..
He liked going to the boat on the weekends. He liked walking the boat dock meeting new people and yelling at kids for running on the dock….
He had a full life and we had fun.. San Diego we got bicycles and hooked him up with a chariot ( bike trailer) to take him to the dog beach. He just loved running with the other dogs and probably the only time he didn’t mind getting wet..
This last health episode he had we knew that he would not recover from it at almost 17 yrs old. That’s when we called Dr. Toby to help us through this one. What a kind gentle person. We have utmost respect for him and the service he offers. For this was the best gift we could have given Oscar at this time. Oscar shook like a vibrator every time we took him to a vet clinic or groomer and Dr. Toby came right to Oscar’s bedside. He went peacefully and we could not have asked for more.
Until we meet again, our little friend Oscar,

Thank you

Thomas Kitzmiller
N. Las Vegas

in loving memory of Agatha Kitty

Agatha loved the Nevada sun. She would perch on the stone waterfall and survey her domain. At night she would scale the bunk bed and cuddle with our boy. She was the sweetest cat with the most sinister glare. She will live forever in our hearts and our minds.

Robert Weaver
Las Vegas

in loving memory of Birdy

I rescued my little senior fur baby 5/20/2017 when she was 14 years old, it was love at first sight❤️ She was a sweet old little girl, always let me know when she had to go potty, always wanted to sit on my lap and was very protective of her mama! She was a big comfort to me when I was dealing with a loss. She wouldn’t let me watch certain TV shows that had dogs in them like “Top Dog” or K-9 cop shows as she would constantly bark at the TV😊. It was just me and her at home, I feel lost without her😪. Dr Todd with Nevada pet hospice was very informative, soft spoken, reassuring, compassionate and never made me feel rushed. I am so glad I opted for in-house euthanasia and was able to love on my little fur baby until she got her angel wings💕

Linda Scott
Las Vegas, Nevada

in loving memory of Pancakes

Pancakes was one of a kind, everyone loved her because she was so sweet, fun, full of energy, and was your friend immediately. There was not a day where she didn’t show me her love and happiness. She is and always be my best friend, she is missed terribly. Until we meet again baby girl, Mama loves you.

Eugenia Peña
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Sierra

Sierra was my BFF for 16 years. She was there through my divorce, the death of my father and the death of my mother. She was, most times, the only one there for me. I will deeply miss her 💔

Sheila Newmiller
Las Vegas NV

in loving memory of Stain Gushi

Stain was a lioving fur baby. He was always there when we needed him. He loved his walks, especially when we went to the park. His favorite parks had the splash pads. Stain could stay there for hours if we let him. Stain was loved by his mom, dad, sister and brothers. We will miss you Stain. Rest in Love!!!❤️❤️❤️

Donna Cristobal
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Juicy

Juicy loved to snuggle on anyone’s lap! If you sat down for a few minutes she was sure to help herself up on to your lap or chest for a nap. She liked to play and talk with her mouse. She rolled around on her back in the sun to give herself a good back scratch. She loved her morning meals. She let you know if your petting bothered her with a little love bite but then followed it up with several love licks. She was truly a blessing to have in our lives for so many years. She will be dearly missed.😿😽

Mimi Johnson
Henderson, NV

in loving memory of Artica

Our sweet Artica left pawprints on the hearts of everyone she met. She loved hiking and we took her to Mt. Charleston, Valley of Fire, and Red Rock. We paid extra for pet friendly hotel rooms so we could come with us on trips to Texas, Utah, and California. Thank you to the staff at NV Pet Hospice & Dr. Toby from the first shaky phone call we made we felt like part of the family. We will miss you forever sweet girl, run free in doggie heaven.

Christina & Chad Vyse
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Duke

Duke was my big, beautiful boy. He came to be mine because his first family foolishly abandoned him. Their loss!! He was a Lab/Great Dane mix with long legs, a big smile, and a gait like a stallion. His disposition was that of a kind heart, volunteering slobbery kisses at a moment’s notice. He was the picture of patience and tolerance when his sidekick, Melody, got too rambunctious. His departure leaves our household with a big void. But if anyone could soothe the painful process of letting go, it would be Dr. Toby and his compassionate team of counselors. These people are the kindest, most caring and sincere people anywhere!! What a blessing it was to find them through a friend’s recommendation. Thank you, Dr. Toby, for all you and your team do. May God bless you ALWAYS.

Paula Morningstar
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Amber

Amber was adopted at 3 months old in Northern California. For the past 15 years she has been my best friend and best companion anyone could have asked for. She was there for me through the good times and bad and she will forever live in my heart.

Cynthia Raichel
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Bailey

We brought Bailey home when she was 7 weeks old. She was so loved and was adored by anyone who met her. She loved playing ball, going for walks, car rides and snuggles. She will be missed forever.

Arlene Raynolds

in loving memory of Tula

Tula was adopted by our son in a Las Vegas shelter when she was 2 years old. When he moved into an apartment that was not suited for a dog very well, we took Tula. It was the best decision we ever made. She fit right in with our other pup and soon would be in a household with two other dogs and a cat. Tula loved them all and they loved her. She was the best and sweetest dog that anyone could hope for. She brought us so much joy that will last us our lifetime. We all miss her, including her best friend Lily our Maine Coon cat.

Barbara Maletsky
Las Vegas, Nevada

in loving memory of Coco

My little hiking buddy gifted us with more than 16 years of love! Runs, walks, hikes and snapping everyone into place;-)

Julie Soldati
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Sully

Sully was part of our family for the last 11 years. My girls and I were just so blessed to have so many great memories with him. He was truly a giant love bug

Lisa Ritchie
Boulder City NV

in loving memory of Barney

Our lives are forever changed for having been so lucky to have Barney in our family. To the most handsome boy, we miss you so much. I’m not sure how we go on without your love every day. You were the sweetest boy and our wolf pack will never be the same without you. No more pain for you sweet baby. We love you always.

Kristyne Fountain
Las Vegas, Nevada

in loving memory of Sassy

Our Sassy girl. Loved everyone. Chatted incessantly. 🤣. Forever happy. She was our strength and our companion. Gave so much more than we could ever give her. Selfishly 17 years wasn’t enough. You will be missed our sweet sweet Sassy girl.

Thank you Dr Toby and staff for making her passing what she deserved. ❤️

Troy and Tracy Morris
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Oso

My sweet Oso always protecting me and caring about your siblings. Your brothers Jack and Luna are so proud of you.
Rest in peace my little angel, you are in our ❤ forever.

Alma Dominguez
Las Vegas

in loving memory of Winslow

Winslow was one of a kind. That pup had no quit in him. We will miss him so very much.

Reed Family
Las Vegas, Nevada

in loving memory of Miss Pearl

We were privileged enough to give Pearl the last couple of years of her life with as much love as possible. She came to us with many health issues, but we didn’t care. We gave her the love and affection that she deserved her entire life. Our hearts are broken and we already miss her so incredibly much. Thankful for our few years together and all of the compassion from NV Pet Hospice. We can never repay you for taking care of our sweet girl the way she deserved. We love you sweet girl.

Colleen Paradiso
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Grissom

We took Grissom on vacation in 2017. He had the best time checking out the Redwoods and investigating the beaches and Lake Tahoe. I will always remember the smile he had on his face spending time with us.

I will miss you and love you always, Grissom.

North Las Vegas

in loving memory of Nutmeg

Nutmeg was a sweet gentle loving best friend.
During her 22 years she never put a paw wrong and made an impact on everyone she met.
She loved her tummy rubs and had the best purr ever. She loved the sunshine. One of her favorite things was “helping” me plant flowers in the garden. I miss my little helper so much.
Dr. Toby showed so much love, compassion and understanding. With his generous help we were able to give Nutmeg a beautiful gentle passing, in our sunshine filled garden. Thank you Nutmeg for giving us so much love. We will miss you always and forever. 🐈💕

Shala Mata
Las Vegas, Nevada

in loving memory of Duffy

Duffy aka ” Duffernutter”
Duffy was a rescue off the streets of Southern Nevada. She endured many hot desert days and traffic laden streets before we took her in. A very skittish kitty at first, she quickly gained a special place in our hearts. Always playful, making us laugh, with her quirky ways of batting and pouncing on her favorite fish toy with those big beautiful paws of hers. She was a joy to have as a part of our family. As sad as we are to have lost her we are thankful for the time that we had. We gave her a good life filled with love. That’s all she really wanted after all. Big hugs and thank yous to Dr.Toby and staff. We love and appreciate all that you do! You make end of life decisions peaceful and dignified for all involved.

Las Vegas

in loving memory of Charlie Hustle>

Charlie was always ready to give his stinky little kisses on the nose of anyone who would let him. He had a tail that moved like a pompom when he was excited. His best friend his entire life was Pug the pug. They were inseparable up until the last couple months when Charlie didn’t want much to do with anyone as his liver cancer progressed. He was the most cuddly loving dog you ever could’ve wished for. I am so so sad to lose him, but comforted knowing he’s no longer in pain. Dr. Toby was extremely compassionate and helped me be strong and calls for Charlie during the process. As hard as it was to finally commit to do, there is no more peaceful way I would want him to make his transition. Heartbroken, but extremely grateful for our 14 years of memories together. Thank you for all your support and compassion.

Jennifer Shydler
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Ace “Poopie”

Ace “Poopie” was my first baby. He came to us at 9 weeks old and instantly stole our hearts and food. He was a home-doggy but loved the occasional walk. I’m sure he’s stealing someone’s sandwiches, humping all the stuffed beavers, swimming in a bathtub, and cuddled up next to anyone that would love him. He was a loving wiener dog and will be forever missed. We love you Poopie Doopie! 🐾💙

Tiffany Johansson
Las Vegas

in loving memory of Mischief

Thank you for choosing me. 21 beautiful years of snuggles, cuddles, and full of love We love you and will never forget you. Rest in peace my beautiful Mischief.

Ebone Pierce
Las Vegas Nevada

in loving memory of Heidi

Our baby girl came to us at the age of two and half as our first dog. She was a rescue from American Cocker Spaniel Rescue in Spanaway, WA. She was so beautiful, loving and active. Soon enough, we started taking her to performance dog shows. Heidi won three High in Trials at AKC obedience trials during her prime, including a surprise win from Open A class as the total underdog. She was also the naughtiest dog in America (Fido Magazine) for her counter surfing antics. Above all, our baby girl loved to model and pose for cameras. She recognized all forms of camera and would offer to pose even till her very end. Thank you Heidi for the unconditional love and patience. We will love you till the end of time.

Stella Rowlett
Las Vegas

in loving memory of chatty

We will miss our chatty as she gave us pure love as we loved her . as covid19 struck our nation and was shut down a cist grew on her stomach and broke open .We could not find any one open to help us. during these months chatty tried to heal herself but it was to much for her and we finally got help to ease her suffering, We love you sweet girl and you will surely be missed.

Michael R Hilwerda
Las Vegas

in loving memory of Copper Larsen

Miss you Copper. You are always in my heart and soul.


Aunt Joann
Reno, NV

in loving memory of Peggy

Our baby stayed with us 9 years. The last 8 months were a fight against cancer. Dr Toby gave us peace for the last moment we spent with her. But Peggy is not about this last moment. She is about being my shadow. She was my best girl, my bathroom supervisor, my swimming pool life guard, my kitchen right hand, my hot water bottle, my yoga partner, my alarm clock, my guard dog, my clown, my companion. We are grateful she left peacefully, on her favorite couch, with my body against hers. Our last cuddle. Thank you for that.

Ewa and Phil Halverson
Las Vegas, nv

in loving memory of Shelby

Shelby came into our life as a senior dog. Through the first 7 1/2 years of her life, she endured a lot of hardship and neglect with vast majority of her existence being spent alone in a backyard.
Our family (my husband David, our Labrador Arthur and myself) welcomed Shelby into our home with open arms.
Shelby repaid our love and compassion tenfold with her joyous demeanor, unquestioned loyalty and unconditional love.
Shelby never complained or whined, even in her last days when she was in pain and discomfort.
She was so thankful to be in a home that showered her with love and affection, and all she wanted to do is to reciprocate and make us happy. Which she did immensely.
The incredible pain of her loss is tempered by the knowledge that for 2 1/2 short years, she filled our home with joy, happiness and love.
We all miss you Shelby. I, especially miss……extremely miss my Guardian Angel and Body Guard. Most of all, we will miss her sweet loving face holding her toy in her mouth….and when she runs, she gallops like a horse…such beautiful creature from our Almighty Lord.
We all love and miss you, Shelby-doo.
Rest in peace my dear angel, my dear old-girl-Shelby-doo!
Thank you Dr. Toby and your entire staff for your compassion and kind hearts.

Celeste and David Wilkinson
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Molly

Molly was the one pup we held back from the only litter of American Bulldogs we had from her mother Ruby and her father Grady. She was fiercely loyal, loving and gentle..and she loved swimming …swimming and more swimming! She gave us more joy and fulfillment than a human can ask for! 🐾♥️ Dr. Toby helped Molly cross over last night to meet Ruby, Grady and Gus! She went with such love honor and dignity. We thank God for Dr. Toby and his entire staff for giving her and our family peace in her passing! 🙏🏻♥️🐾

Karen Hughes
Las Vegas Nevada

in loving memory of Jack

Jack and his “sister” Lola came into my life on July 6, 2012. They were already 8 and 7 years old, but they made my family complete. Lola sadly passed in November 2019. They were with me through the good times and bad. Adopt the older cats, they are so worth it. Jack was my best buddy and there is a hole in my physical world now, but he will always be with me, along with Lola. Thank you Jack. I love you.

Diana Hull
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Duchess

Duchess was exceptional. She was *the dog* of a lifetime for both my husband and I. She did everything with such exuberance even in her final days when her body was failing her. Her warrior spirit was something we as humans can only aspire to. Her love was the purest kind, and I am forever grateful to have known it. I only pray to be a fraction of the human she believed me to be.

Duchess came to me during one of the most difficult periods of my life; she quite literally saved me because she needed me and I, her. She taught me so many life lessons along the way. I will forever be thankful to her, and she will be my furrever angel.

Words are not even enough to encapsulate what a gorgeous soul she was; to know her was to love her. She brought comic relief to the mundane, turning treats into throw toys with a wiggle-butt that just never quit wiggling, making sure you knew every single morning that *TODAY was going to be THE GrEaTesT DaY EVER* and her snuggles were top of the line, always finding a way to be your glue-baby and squeeze in, her emotional intelligence was uncanny. Fiercely protective of her people and the home, yet all gooey and sensitive as soon as you gave someone the stamp of approval.

She lived her life with the sole purpose to please and left it all out on the field every day, without fail. My heart feels utterly shattered in losing her for she was so many things; my baby, my friend, my protector, my constant…it’s devastating, but in her honor and spirit I know it would make her sad if I stayed sad, so I shall summon all my strength to live how Duchess would; with bravery, tenacity, eagerness, and always seeking to find humor in the world even when it is difficult at times because that is what she would do. She was truly one of a kind and will be forever missed. Rest in peace now, my sweet girl, my sweet angel…

Jenny Casiello and Family
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Luna Pugstable

Cheers to my lady who bossed me around and helped me fall asleep each night.

Alexa Rabini
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Missy

Today, we honor the life of our beautiful Missy, we love you and will hold you in our hearts forever.

Patrick Dickinson
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Ladybug

Ladybug was so sweet and loving. Loved family and being close. Such a good friend and companion. Always vigilant to protect her family and home. She’s running and having fun, sharing her sweetness with others over the Rainbow bridge.

Regena Ellis
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Lola

Goodbye sweet girl. We miss tremendously. I hope you’re enjoying all the treats at the Rainbow Bridge and cuddling with your big sister, Ava.

Rebecca Seibel
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Oliver

Oliver was my main man for 16.5 years. He moved with me 8 times and was always by my side through many big + small moments in my life. I miss him immensely

Kim Hess
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Scooby Doo Gonzales

Scooby was the absolute joy of our lives. Incredibly loyal and kind, always excited to see us and she loved to go for walkies and bye-bye’s (car rides). She was also most known for guiding us to the pantry where we had her good girl treats stored. We loved that she would tell us when she was a good girl and wanted a treat. She will forever be missed but her light will always shine bright with the rest of the Angels in Heaven. Until we meet again, we will always love you, always.

David & Linda Gonzales
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Murphy

Always smiling always hungry. Always loving

Stan& Patty Wiggins
Las Vegas

in loving memory of Coco

Coco, you have been an amazing protector, a loyal friend and always provided unconditional love. You are our other baby and we love you so much, and are so very thankful for the time we got to share with you. Until we see you again, please know how much we love you. It was hard to let you go, but there is some relief in knowing that you are now free from all pain and anxiety.

We love you Coco! Thank for you being the best!!

Dr. Toby, Lindsay and Nicole showed such care and compassion during this most difficult time, and we are so grateful to have found Nevada Pet Hospice. Thank you!

Tianna and Bryan Painter
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Buddy

Buddy! Buddy was our only family pet for our three kids, who are now grown. He was a beautiful and sweet red-tri Australian Shepherd, who had really soft hair. He loved us so much and was very devoted to us. He was very friendly and loved people and other dogs. He would follow us around the house (I called him my shadow) and liked to sleep where he could keep an eye on us. When he wagged his short tail, his whole behind wiggled back and forth, and it was so cute. He loved playing ball, especially with my son, who could rip the ball out of his mouth (Buddy was bad about dropping it). He was a very picky eater and a loud barker too.

When he was 14, we found out he had Cushing’s Disease, and he started having problems with his liver, and he also suffered with arthritis. Eventually he had so much pain going up and down the stairs, he would stay downstairs or sometimes we would have to carry him. I moved to a one story house, and we helped him as much as we could for a couple of years, but he was in so much pain and was taking several pain meds a day. He had trouble getting up and walking, and usually took two walks a day his whole life, and now he couldn’t even go for a walk. Finally we decided he was suffering too much and it was time to let him go.

Dr. Toby was so understanding and compassionate during such a painful time. He was so kind to us and Buddy when it was time to say goodbye. I am grateful for all our wonderful years with Buddy and grateful to Dr. Toby for helping us with our difficult transition.

We miss you and love you so much, Buddy, and will keep you in our hearts forever… xoxoxo

Holly Weinstock
Henderson, NV

in loving memory of Harley

Harley was my “Hachi”, an amazing beautiful Saint Bernard. He touched and capture my heart beyond. His perfect coloring and built always brought him attention. Children often called him Beethoven. His heart was beautiful he loved his family and always welcomed strangers. Thank you Dr. Toby for your compassion and friendship…..Harley went peaceful and quiet and you made us feel better about this journey that ended.

Gary Nelson

in loving memory of Scrumptious

Dr Toby is an amazing human being. Yesterday, we had to say goodbye to our little rat Scrumptious. We loved her just as anyone loves a dog or a cat. She was sweet and gentle and wanted nothing more than to be with her humans. She would follow me around like a dog, come running when I called her and would give kisses and accept them back happily. That little rat even house-broke herself! We got Scrummy when my daughter’s co-worker’s snake wouldn’t eat her. Thank God my daughter saved her and brought her to me. She was a $1.50 rat who ended up living like a queen, and for 2+ years she knew nothing but love. I pray Scrummy’s legacy is that people will look at rats as the loving little creatures they CAN be, if they’re just shown kindness.

Mari Alvarez
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Gibbs

This photo shows Gibbs on January 1, 2021, on his first adventure of the year. Gibbs, aka Mr. Gibbs, was greatly loved and is terribly missed. He came to us over 7 years ago, when he was reported as six years old. He always seemed younger, being a bright and curious soul his entire life. He never revealed anything about his life before coming to us, but we surmised that he used to be in the circus due to his love of costumes and ability to dance. With us, Gibbs became a hiking dog and has summited many great peaks around Las Vegas (including Mt. Charleston), and hiked in far and remote reaches of Nevada, Arizona, and Utah. His coat matched the color of Spring Mountain limestone so perfectly that he often sported a bandana so he could be seen. Around the house, he loved barking at people for long periods of time, and was always ready for a walk. Gibbs often generated great excitement from neighborhood dogs when he strolled by. Gibbs was always eager to jump up into a lap, and he probably loved sitting in laps more than anything.

Gibb’s housemate, Abby, misses him very much, and she and his friend Gunner spent many hours with Gibbs on the trail and around the house and neighborhood parks. His friends Chinle, and Wolfie were also hiking pals. People always loved meeting Gibbs and commented on his grand beard, but his most special people include Austin, Barry, Jane, and Justin. For myself, Gibbs was my shadow on the trail and often so close on my heels that I could not see him when I turned around. His intelligent expressions were so clear you could hear the words he was thinking. There are now no words big enough to capture my grief.

Gibbs was well cared for by kind people that are also excellent veterinarians. First by Dr. Paetz, then Dr. Ina who gifted us a little more time with Gibbs, and finally Dr. Toby who gently guided Gibb’s passing. We are grateful to them, and to friend Dr. Crissy. And we will be forever grateful to Gibbs for the love he gave us every single day.

Jenny Chapman and Family
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Sebastian

Sebastian loved grass. He accepted all forms of it but his absolute favorite was freshly cut grass or newly seeded sod. He would run as fast as he could across it, wriggle on his back in it and just turn in circles of happiness.
What did he see in those green blades? What did he smell in its freshly watered squares? Just purest joy.
When I close my eyes, I see him in the meadow running across an emerald, slightly dewy field of grass. Running without abandon and flopping down at will. You are dearly loved and we will see you again, my baby.

Carol Luna
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Copper

Not all beagle, not all pointer, Copper was the quintessential hound dog, charming with intermittent manners .He was a smart, devilish rescue who was able to scale and land on 4 foot counters, eat your entire sandwich and disappear before you ever noticed. He was partially fearless, perform daring acts of 180 degree walking while tethered to his harness, but letting you check oiut the scary noise from downstairs

And before his end, he was there at the critical time for others. He comforted Grandma Elaine in the nursing home and in the hospital. He gave love and provided incredible solace to Grandma Penny, easing her anxiety near her end.

Copper was one of a kind like Frank or Dean. He was a “chick” magnet. And if he had thumbs, he would have stolen the car, with the top down, flirting with the ladies.

Paul Larsen & family
las vegas, nv

in loving memory of Cooper

I brought Cooper home when he was only about 4 weeks old, too soon but his mama had left the litter on their own. He was the best from day 1, I think he potty trained himself and always just seemed to understand everything I said to him. He was definitely an old soul. He was a comfort through some rough days and shared in so many happy days as well. He will be greatly missed but went in the best way possible thanks to Dr Toby. Thank you for helping my boy move on with no stress or fear, just surrounded by love ❤️

Tracy Krueger
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Scooter

Afer 911 and losing my father in the same week. I was going through anxiety and some depression. I decided it was time to get a dog. I like to say I found Scooter but he really found me.. I have a lifetime of memories with him and was very blessed . He was everything to me.. I loved him more then words can express.
I’m grateful for Dr Toby making the decision of letting him go a very peaceful and beautiful gift I could give him…

Brigitte Benadi Reaney
Henderson Nevada

in loving memory of Zeus

Our Mr.Lovable- zooozee! we will be celebrating all the love and cuddles you gave to us. Now, Give a big hug for me to our Diva Mr. Milosh, I will miss you both- Dad xoxo

Eugene Colon
Las Vegas

in loving memory of Lover

My Lover was the most amazing companion I could ever have. He was always there for me in the most challenging times during his lifetime. I will always miss his headbutting and sneezes on my face for my morning wakeup calls. It was so hard to say goodbye, but I know he’s in a better place. I will always be grateful to Dr. Toby for making the process as gentle, loving and caring for Lover and for us.

Danelia Flores-Sahagun
Las Vegas

in loving memory of Rotti

I first saw Rotti online. He was found living on the street in Southern California. Once we saw his face we just had to make him part of our family. My daughter and I drove the four hours to meet him and after an hour together we knew he was our dog. As soon as Rotti walked into our front door he knew he was in his forever home. After some amazing years together he will be forever missed. However, while drinking my morning coffee looking out of the back window I swear I can still see him outside playing with his furry sister.

Barbara Viscosi
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Mellie

Over the course of my 55+ years, I have experienced every level of pain conceivable.
At least I believed that to be true until yesterday. As I held her paw, petted her head, looked into the sweetest eyes imaginable and told her that I would love her forever, Mellie the Mu Dog and I said goodbye and she slipped quietly away from this life.
Ash was amazing and took care of setting up home euthanasia with a very spiritual Doctor. Mellie had been slowly losing her vision and the use of her hind quarters. Ash and I had been staying close to home to help her however we could. Mellie Mu had an incredible will to stay with us and continued on even though she would struggle, fall and get stuck. Helping her up and to get around was not an issue for me, yet it would have been selfish to think it was how she wanted to go on.
I had all night and yesterday to spend time with her. After all these years I was certain that my love for her was an absolute and there was no way I could ever love her more and yet I did with every passing minute. On here last day, Ash got her that slice of Birthday cake she always wanted to eat. I let her “steal” a paper towel loosely tucked in my pocket so she could meticulously shred it into the tiniest of pieces which was one of her favorite “up to no good pass times”, aside from stealing ribeyes from the counter in her younger days. We ate little bits of all the things she was never supposed to have, but nothing that would make her sick.
Mellie and I religiously spent time by the spa – her on a beach towel or hammock and I in the water. For our last time together, we spent a quiet half hour just being together in our happy place. Scrapper our little rescue and Ash met Dr. Toby at the side gate to allow him in and we all sat as a family for the last time. Mellie who’s M.O. was typically a wild act of bounding to her feet to say to happily greet any visitors. Over the past few weeks, I could see the change in her spirit. The will was there, but she was too tired to go on. She managed to give Doc a proper Hello from her hammock and rested her face back in my hand. It was beautiful yet so incredibly sad, serene and full of love in equal measures. It was time, and try as I might, I simply was not ready for this. It took everything I had to hold it together so I could smile and love on her while the sedative took her into twilight and then last dose took her to peace one of the last intact pieces of my heart broke and my soul cried. Throughout my life I have lost family, friends and pets to disease, suicide, murder and natural causes yet this feeling was so different, and I don’t think my soul will ever feel the same until the Mellie Mu and I meet again. We had a bond that transcended things I probable will never understand but I am so grateful for it.
I’ve never utilized a Veterinary Hospice before. In my opinion, with the right Doctor, it is the most comforting and compassionate service to say goodbye to a suffering loved one (pet). So – I want to take a moment to thank Dr. Toby Goldman at Nevada Pet Hospice who felt like a family member and conducted the process with heartfelt sensitivity, like an actual service. Historically, I am not a man who easily expresses many emotions so for Toby to console a 250 pound Polish man, crying like a child, and making him feel OK about it was a feat unto itself.

Steven Grodkiewicz
Henderson, NV

in loving memory of Crash

Crash or Crashie Poo as we preferred to call her was the kindest and sweetest Rottweiler you would ever meet. She loved giving kisses especially to kittens and babies. She always put a smile on your face and crashed right into your heart. So many people miss you Crash, we’ll meet again and play catch and eat spaghetti together. We love you and miss you so much, you’ll forever sit pretty in our thoughts and hearts.

Monica & Anibal Flores
Las Vegas, Nevada

in loving memory of Aimee

Aimee aka Pudgie, you will be missed! You were the sweetest cat ever, a loyal companion and compassionate to your family. Aimee was always there for her girls when they needed a friend. Her presence in the room would bring a smile to anyone’s face. She had the softest fur and an easy going disposition. We also referred to her as the proverbial fraidy-cat. She enjoyed the backyard and we never had to worry about her going elsewhere. Aimee loved eating ham so much, we would have to spell out the word when mentioning it, or she would come running waiting for her favorite treat.
Aimee will be forever in our hearts. Rest in peace.

Mary Racine
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Bodie

Our Bodie was the epitome of a Golden Retriever. He was calm, and helped others be calm. He easily accepted all people, which helped all people accept him. He was always ready to go for a ride in the car, or go for a hike, yet he was equally happy to snooze at home with his family. He passed on as gently as he lived, and has left in hole in our hearts that time will only partially fill.

Jim Cargill
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Shorty

Shorty, Shorty Dude, Duder, DoDo, Dewey, Mama Do, Stinky Do, JuJee, JuJu … We’re so thankful for that day 12 years ago when Daddy & I went shopping for a new dining room table and came home with you instead! What a gift you were …

From a clumsy puppy, tripping over your big feet to a gentle giant everyone adored, you made our life complete. Oh how we’re gonna miss your big goofy smile, your “side eye”, your snoring, your drool, even your flying slobber lobbers… Your sweet, sensitive, yet protective personality and your resilient sometimes stubborn attitude filled our hearts with gratitude daily. How very grateful we are to have experienced life with you. You will be missed beyond words but will be forever in our hearts.

Until we meet again Shorty Dude, we love you.

Kathi Behrens
Henderson, NV

in loving memory of Tess

Run free sweet girl…run free…you are no longer bound by anything, stretch those once aching limbs, stiff joints, breathe deep now, and when you look around and wonder where we are, it will be but just a moment ago we were together. We will again explore those distant misty fields, meadows, marshes, and mountains like we did before.

Rest easy now. Wait for us. We will be there.

You were Karen’s girl and were everything we thought you would be and more. Know you are loved and terribly missed.

God’s speed sweet Tess. You brought joy to everyone you met.

Karen Jones and Dan Malueg
North Las Vegas

in loving memory of Berlynn

Berlynn was and will always be our beautiful girl. She was our protector, our swim buddy, our good girl. While she was alive she wasn’t a fan of too many living things…but she loved us and we loved her back. We will be forever grateful for that love and for the years we had to spend with her. Her spirit is fierce but her body was always kind of fragile. RIP sweet girl…we will always miss you…until we meet again on that rainbow bridge.

Kate Stack
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Bailey

Bailey was the best dog ever. He was so smart and vibrant and loved his family so much. It was such a blessing to have Bailey with our family for so long. He gave us unconditional love that we will never forget. Rest In Peace Bailey Boy!

Michelle Donaldson
Las Vegas, Nevada

in loving memory of Yeti

Yeti was found one morning tied to a door at The Animal Foundation and he ticked all of the “hard to adopt” boxes—big, senior, and in need of vet care. His mouth was in such bad shape he could barely eat. We wanted to give a good dog in a bad situation a great home. It was love at first sight and on March 29, 2018 all of our lives changed for the better.

It was often said that we all won the “Shelter Lottery.” Our starter Shepherd was a handsome, calm, affectionate, and sweet-natured boy. To make it up to him for losing his manhood, three rotten teeth, and half of his tail, we showered him with Gucci refrigerated dog food, multiple walks per day, soft beds and pillows, and lots of fun squeaky toys. He gave us the perfect daily excuse for exercise and fresh air, kept the backyard “aerated” with his digging/excavation projects, sprinkled the house liberally with Shepherd glitter, and provided nightly pre-dinner entertainment. His final gift to us was a wonderful Christmas week that started with him opening his present to me in the most spectacularly hilarious way imaginable, using the Christmas tree as a back scratcher, opening (i.e., shredding the wrapping) his presents, and presiding over his loot.

The day after Christmas, unfortunately, was the beginning of the end. We are extremely grateful to Dr. Toby for helping us give Yeti a peaceful ending at home with the people he loved and that loved him. We miss the Big Lug terribly, but count ourselves incredibly lucky to have had him in our lives.

Julie & Phil Fluhr
North Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Cholo

Cholo was the most precious, heavenly gift from God…he loved his “Bunny”…and he loved sitting beside his Daddy watching his Seahawks win. Such a valiant soul♥

Lora Chamberlin
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Tiki

Tiki you were always the brightest ray of sunshine in the room on everyday. We are so grateful for the incredible LOVE that you gave to this family. You will never leave our hearts. Simply the BEST!

Jessica Hecht
Las Vegas, Nevada

in loving memory of Missy

Missy was a huge part of our lives.
Wether it be errands, outings or vacations Missy went everywhere with us. Her personality and the sparkle in her eyes lit up everyplace we went. Many times groups of people would gather to take a turn at petting her fluffy coat and to take a close up look at that inquisitive look on her face.
Missy, words can’t describe how much we miss you. Heaven for me is you playing in the grass waiting patiently for us to be together again.

We will love you always,
Mom and dad

Karl Burke
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Moki

Moki was our very calm, peaceful and laid back dog, yet a True Guard Dog towards us and his brother bulldogs. He never complained about anything and always found comfort on his dog bed. RIP my dear old friend !

Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Bruno

Bruno came into our lives at less than a year old in 2009 and throughout time endured with our family hardships and growth. When we were given the diagnosis that he had cancer, our hearts broke. Through his strength, he fought through it more and gave us three more weeks before crossing the rainbow bridge.

He was loved and pampered his last weeks with company always around him and passed at home with the help of a local vet surrounded by his loving family.

Bruno was a huge, strong, handsome, and kind hearted 130 pound protector for his family but had a soft playful heart. Kind and forgiving to his “makulit” sister Mandi and wise and unselfishly loving to his entire family for all his 11 years. He loved to eat anything and played whenever chance he got. We all felt safe at home and would always protect us at night with his keen ears and eyes always active around the house. Our big boy always wanted to be with company no matter what. His playful howls, handsome face, curiosity, helpfulness, and noble and wise attitude will be missed.

No matter where you are Bruno, we will miss you always. We love you Bruno. You’ve left an impression in all our hearts and made us better. Thank you Bruno for your love.

Jay Perez
Las Vegas, Nevada

in loving memory of Bouncer

😻Baby Boy Bouncer, Mommy and Daddy misses and loves you so much and you will always be a part of our hearts and soul forever. We will miss all of your kisses, cuddles and love, as well as other things like having you lay on your chaise lounge in my office and sit on Daddy’s desk while he is working, relax on the sofa and watch TV with us, sleep between mommy and daddy on your little pillow, eat dinner with us at the dining room table, hearing your little paws and seeing your adorable little face. Mommy and Daddy love you so deeply and you will always be our precious little baby boy. We know that you will be visiting us often and giving us lots of signs! I love you so much my little sweet angel❣️

Leslie O’Connor

in loving memory of Bouncer

Bouncer was one of the most loving and beautiful spirits that I have ever had the honor to encounter in my life – his enduring spirit will live on in our hearts forever. He will be missed so much, but he will will always be in our hearts.

Kevin O’Connor
Henderson, NV

in loving memory of Smudge

He was the best cat ever. Knew how to open doors and would wake up to find random closet doors open. He would patiently wait every morning to get his fresh water with ice cubes.

Michele Averitt
Las Vegas

in loving memory of FiFi

Fifi was such a loving dog. She filled our home with love and happiness. She had a way to light up your face. Whenever you hand her a treat, she was ready to do five tricks in a row to hurry you so you can just give her treat. She loved people and always tried to get their attention. If you were not paying enough attention to her, she would crawl under your arm and make sure you notice her. When it would get dark and close to the time I get off work, she would wait for me near the garage door. If I was sad or feeling sick, Fifi would cuddle right next to you. Last December, Fifi got really sick. She had an enlarged heart and required oxygen. She was able to give me 11 more months to enjoy her presence. She was physically getting weaker towards the end of her life but she never gave up on giving me her love. She hung on as long as her body would let her. In the end she was able to say goodbye to everyone she loved and she passed away sleeping so comfortable, something she hadn’t felt in a long time.

Catherine Chen
Las Vegas, Nevada

in loving memory of Bam

Bam was about a year old and the neighborhood cat when we moved into our home 15 years ago. As soon as I became aware of him, I fed him and gave him attention whenever I saw him. This went on for a couple of months, and then one day Bam showed up on our doorstep with an injured leg. I think he knew I would take care of him. Our next-door neighbors, who were Bam’s primary caretakers before we moved in, gave me their blessing to take him to the vet and to ultimately adopt him. That was the day he officially became our baby boy.

For the next 15 years, we loved our sweet and gentle boy with all our hearts. He adored being brushed with his Kong cat brush, and he gave the best cuddles, nuzzling his head against my neck and purring while I gave him scritches. But the independent spirit he acquired from being on his own for the first year of his life never left him. Despite my best efforts, he never adjusted to being an indoor-only cat, although he did become very fond of being with us inside as long as he could get out whenever he wanted. He was always adventuresome and seemed to feel a responsibility to keep an eye on his neighborhood. I once told the little boy next door that I tried to make Bam stay inside for his own safety, but that Bam protested so much that I gave up the idea. The young child said wisely, “You have to let him live his life.” And live his life he did! I eventually affixed a GPS device to his collar so I would always know where he was and could also see where he’d been. I saw that he went all over the neighborhood, having adventures to which I wasn’t privy, but that obviously delighted him. And he always came home to our loving arms.

Bam was recently diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. He held his own for a while, but then started to go downhill quickly. We knew that Bam didn’t want to live a life of debility, so rather than subject him to heroic treatments, we decided to let him go. As I held Bam in my arms, Dr. Toby lovingly took him on his final journey. Rest in peace, Bam. We will always love you.

Kathryn K.
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Bailee

Bailee was only eight weeks old when we adopted her. She was smaller at that age than our two Maltese so for a long time she thought of herself as small and never attempted to jump a low fence we had to keep the others off a certain area of grass. When we took care of a friend’s Jack Russell, Bailee quickly learned how to follow his lead, jumping onto our covered sunken spa and over the low fence. Her favorite place to lay outside was on top of the spa after that.
Bailee had some fun traits we miss. Her “dad, you’re home!” dance at the door every night, or her “time to eat” bark after planting herself in the middle of the kitchen so she wouldn’t be forgotten. She loved her food and treats. In the morning, if mom slept too late, she was there to make herself known. She would put both front paws on the edge of the mattress and push it until mom got up! If she wanted anyone’s attention, she would put her paw on their leg until she got what she wanted. She didn’t mind being vacuumed after a brushing.
Bailee loved to go on walks but her knees would bother her because she was bow-legged so she was content laying by the pool, soaking up the sun. At our other home in NW MT, which is in the mountains, she liked exploring the property or laying outside, even in the snow.
Bailee was our sweet “baby girl”. We didn’t know how sick she was until she didn’t want to eat. We discovered she had cancerous tumors on two organs which caught us off guard. She never acted like she was in pain but two weeks after diagnosis we could tell she was miserable so we knew the cancer was winning.
We will forever be grateful for Dr. Toby coming to our home so she could be outside, surrounded by those she loved and who loved her. We miss her very much!

Pete & Debi Fergen
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Yoda

Friday, we said, “Goodbye” to my special friend. I’ve had Yoda for 16 years. Yoda was diagnosed with lymphoma 3 years ago and was given 2-6 weeks to live. We decided to not do chemotherapy and despite the odds, he lived a quality life. With each veterinarian visit, the doctors were amazed he was still with us. Although his departure is sad, he gave us 3 years we never anticipated.

My life has changed so much in the time that Yoda and I spent together. Never could I have imagined how special he would be to me on the day I brought him home. I’ll miss him for the rest of my life and I feel so grateful to have been loved by him.

Yoda taught me that a diagnosis and a prognosis are just best guesses. He also showed that spirit, heart, loyalty, connection, and love matter more in the end than anything else.

Thank you for 16 years Yoda Bear ❤

Jacquie Evans
Las Vegas, Nevada

in loving memory of Diesel Dog

Diesel dog lived a life full of adventures! His favorite pass time was being the lifeguard on his boat on Lake Mead. He loved camping and hiking. He also loved a good happy hour on a patio! But even more importantly Diesel was his mother’s boy. He sensed her sadness or fear before she did. He would sit on her to cheer her up and even lick her tears. He loved being on of the boys with dad and running, playing, and protecting his little sister pup, Tula. Diesel got a new role as protector when his baby sister was born 8 months ago. Diesel cheered up everyone who walked through the door of the Pagon house. He will be immensely missed and forever remembered.

Olivia Pagon
Las Vegas

in loving memory of Manny

RIP Manny. 2002 – 2020. We had to say goodbye to our little chihuahua this morning. He was the best little handsome loving dog anyone could ask for. He had the sweetest soul and we will miss him tremendously. Have fun in Heaven with no more pain my sweet little bug. Xoxo

June Kohl

in loving memory of Kialla

Our sweet Kialla girl was the light in our life. She loved to swim, go for runs, and never let us forget to give her a late night treat.

Mandy and Jimmy Greathouse
Las Vegas, NB

in loving memory of Jasper

His favorite things were pizza crusts and tennis balls. I’m going to miss you, buddy.

Henderson, NV

in loving memory of Carmella

She was a suitcase loving huntress whom I lost in my closet one time too many. She loved laser pointers, staircases and sunny patches. I will miss you my sweet girl and your night howls. Never enough time #goodbyemylove

Las Vegas

in loving memory of Bayou

We adopted Bayou in 2003 as a 6 week old puppy in Mississippi where we moved to for work after living in the Middle East.
She received her name “Bayou” for the swamps that were close to where we lived. From Mississippi we moved to Louisiana for 3 years and moved from Louisiana to Northern Japan for 5 years. Bayou used to love to run through the snow and play in the rice patties. After we retired from Japan,we moved to Henderson Nevada where Bayou lived out the rest of her life going 4 wheel driving and side by side trips not to mention traveling in our RV.
She was the sweetest and a loving companion to me and my wife.
Good bye sweet girl, you are no longer in pain.
Thank you Dr. Toby for your complete professional assistance in a very hard decision. Your the best.

Michael Pobanz
Henederson Nevada

in loving memory of Tasha aka angel ears

For 13 years Tasha was my baby girl. Her mom Cindy and I loved her so much. Tasha was actually named after a TV i had. Her name as a puppy when we adopted her was June. So to keep her and her brother junior from getting confused. I came up with the name Tasha from the Toshiba tv i had thus Tasha became her name. My 2nd fondest memory of Tasha would be the love she gave Cindy and I every day of her life. Love like Cindy and I had for Tasha and Tasha had for us was unconditional and pure. Every time I saw Tasha she put her ears out like angel wings,thats where she got her nickname Angel Ears. I love you Angel Ears and miss you.

William morton
Las vegas

in loving memory of Tasha

Tasha was my baby girl, my diva, my comfort and my love. She was with me in many troubled times and I’m glad she let me be her mom. For 13 years she was by my side through thick and thin. It’s going to take some time for me to get past the lonely feeling I have now. My home is too big and too quiet now. I love you baby girl.

Cindy Pierre
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of ACE

Ace was my best friend, my protector, my assistant in the kitchen (cleaned up anything that fell) . He comforted me when my life was
in turmoil and loved me unconditionally when I
returned from a 3 day trip. Best cuddle buddy
in my whole life. Loved all the animals on my
ranch in his younger years. He saved my Moms
life by waking me up when she collapsed in a
diabetic episode.
Yesterday was one of the most difficult decisions I had to make to allow Ace to crossover. Dr. Toby made it comforting and reassuring that it was
I miss him more than words can express but I know he is whole now and we will be together again. Until then, I Love You Ace. ❤️❤️❤️

Diana Castaldi
Las Vegas NV

in loving memory of ACE

He was a hard working ranch dog in his younger years.
Became my ultimate protector and best friend till the end.

Diana Castaldi
Las Vegas NV

in loving memory of Little

We adopted Littles housemates at an adoptathon in NY. Little being 5 years younger was adopted through a seniors program to another family that wanted him to replace their dog that they had just lost. Needless to say Little was not what they were looking for and since we had his brothers they called us right away and offered him to us. We loved every day with Little. He was funny, sweet and loving. Our hearts are broken and we will miss him always. I’m attaching a pic that was taken by a professional photographer at NSAL in Port Washington, NY. It’s Little and his brothers all reunited. Now they are reunited again 💔 PS we also want to thank Dr Toby of NV Pet Hospice for making Little’s transition from this life to the next a beautiful and loving experience for us all.

Alisa Egan
Las Vegas

in loving memory of Bob C

Our sweet boy Bob C crossed the Rainbow Bridge 🌈 today. He was 17. He was my moms boy and when she passed in 2015 I adopted him because I knew how much she loved him and would want him to be loved and taken care of until his time came. Bob C and I drove 8 hours to get to LA from Northern CA. It was a peaceful ride, I felt he knew I was going to protect him for the rest of his days. He went from being a tough outdoor mountain kitty, ruling the land (thus his bent ear), to retiring in the city with my husband and I as an indoor kitty. He transitioned well and we did the best we could to make his new life a good life. I like to think my mother took him back home to be with her today. He was kind of a living link I felt I still had to her life, so it’s especially hard to say goodbye to him. But I am so happy he was a part of our lives, and I believe he enjoyed those last few golden years with us too and I think that would have made my mom very happy. RIP mom and RIP Bob C. 💙💙💙

Kara Emry
Las Vegas, Nevada

in loving memory of Coco

Coco came to us Christmas 2006. We We’re getting ready to go have Christmas breakfast at my brothers house and all I could Here was my husband telling this dog to get into the house. I finally asked him who he was talking to and he thought it was a dog cookies because cookie and Coco look identical. The only difference with Coco is that she was skinnier than cookie. Coco was not in the best of shape when we found her but when we took her to her vet he said I am glad that She found You because now she has a chance to live in a long loving life. We loved her and gave her the best life until She took her last breath yesterday. RIP my little CoCo who lived to be almost 23

The Cortez Family
North Las Vegas Nevada

in loving memory of Porter

Porter was adopted in the mountains of Colorado and despite his short stature he was a hiker from the beginning. He hiked in Colorado, California, Wisconsin, and New Mexico, people loved seeing his tiny legs scurrying up hiking trails. When he was home he was the cuddliest, sweetest, couch-companion.

He was with us for 14 long years and had many many girlfriends. He was a great big brother to Schnitzel and his new little human sister, Audrey. He has left a big hairy hole in our life. We miss him very much.

Sasha Schroeder
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Venus

Thank you, Dr. Toby, for your positivity and kindness, and for helping us when we really needed it. You gave me something to focus on other than a terrible loss, and for that I am very thankful. Oh Venus, we miss you. All your friends at the park are very sad. Star and Sally miss you terribly. But, we’re focusing on this being a happy sad and remembering our adventures. Oh Venus, we were like pirates from the same ship running around just for the fun of it, and we were thick as thieves every step of the way. I hope I spoiled you enough because you deserve it. You brought a smile to my face several times each day, and I thank you so much for that. I love you and will see you in my dreams.

Pam Hall
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Archie

Yesterday was one of the hardest days of my life. Saying goodbye to my faithful companion of the last 13 years. You were “rescued” at 1 year old from a shelter. But there is no doubt about who rescued who. No one was happier to see me every day and you always had to be touching me. You were a big ole lap dog and visitors would laugh when you would hop into the Lazy Boy with me. You adjusted well when we moved across country to the desert even though I know you loved running and playing in snow Chicago. I will miss you forever but I know I will see you again. God does allow dogs in heaven I’m sure. Rest easy bub.

Rob Robertson
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Harley

Harley, you were a one of a kind boy! It was love at first sight the day we met and you put on the first of many “hey, look at me” shows! You truly were our little clown. Watching TV or computer videos will never be the same without your “comments” on the animal activity in the video! You could identify commercials by the first note of the music and would jump up to watch. We had so much fun playing catch with your favorite ball; you delighted in snatching the ball out of mid-air!

You never cared where we went or what we did as long as we did it together. We will never forget the love in your eyes when you would lie on our laps just looking up at us. You made our lives better by just being here with your unconditional love and boundless energy. Thank you, sweet Harley. Rest in peace.

Ken and Cyndi Wilson
Las Vegas

in loving memory of Lula

I’m not sure I really have the words I want to honor Lula with, so I’ll let Jim Henson do it instead.

“This looks familiar, vaguely familiar,
Almost unreal, yet, it’s too soon to feel yet.
Close to my soul, and yet so far away.
I’m going to go back there someday.

Sun rises, night falls, sometimes the sky calls.
Is that a song there, and do I belong there?
I’ve never been there, but I know the way.
I’m going to go back there someday.

Come and go with me, it’s more fun to share,
We’ll both be completely at home in midair.
We’re flyin’, not walkin’, on featherless wings.
We can hold onto love like invisible strings.

There’s not a word yet for old friends who’ve just met.
Part heaven, part space, or have I found my place?
You can just visit, but I plan to stay.

I’m going to go back there someday.
I’m going to go back there someday.”

I’m Going To Go Back There Someday from The Muppet Movie, 1979.

Sarah Vone
Henderson, NV

in loving memory of Mia

Our hearts are breaking today as our 14 year old Malamute, Mia, crossed the rainbow bridge. I’ll forever miss her “I love you’s”, when she’d put her paw on your hand when she wanted you to pet her, the way she danced and pranced when she got excited and the swish in her tail whenever she went for a walk. You were everyone’s favorite. We love you Mia. Rest peacefully.

Tanya Wulff

in loving memory of Puss Ayala

Our beloved Puss, you will be so very missed. We got you when you were only 6 weeks old. I remember that day like it was yesterday. You popped your head out and of this birthday gift bag for Alexia’s 3rd birthday. It was love at first sight. You brought us so many beautiful memories for 16 years. You filled our home with so much love. We will always keep those memories close in our hearts! We love and miss you so much. Thank you for all the love and support you have given to us. Rest In Peace Sweet Puss. We Love You!

Lisa Ayala
Las Vegas, Nevada

in loving memory of Cocoa

Our dear sweet Cocoa will be greatly missed. She lived a full, fun loving 14 years as part of our family and all her quirky traits made her so special. Her personality was one of a kind. Her strength always amazed us. Rest In Peace and run free baby girl until we meet again. We will always love you our precious Cocoa and you will always live strong in our hearts ❤️🐾. And thank you Dr Toby for your sincere kindness

Dawn Marotto
Las Vegas, Nevada

in loving memory of Zoe

We got little Zoe when she was 10 weeks old. We had went to that breeder for a different dog, but couldn’t resist how friendly and sweet she was. For 16 years she has brightened our lives, she was such a treasured member of our family. Where we go from here we don’t know but we are so glad she’s no longer in pain. Rest in Heaven Zoe and we will see you again❤️

Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Baby

Baby was just that from the time I brought her home. Sweet loving and just loved to play with her other friends in the house. Izzy and nanook. She had a playful way about her. But her favorite thing was to lay around in bed. She loved laying in the sun. She never did anything wrong. Just sweet as a baby. I loved her so much. I Know she is with nanook in heaven know. That is the only thing that keeps me from being so sad is that she joined her buddy nanook. Baby was 16 and made my life and journey with her Wonderful and full. Rip baby girl😘🐾🐾🐾 I miss u so much

elizabeth grabill
Las Vegas nevada

in loving memory of Harley

Harley was such a sweet loving dog. The first time I met him he reminded me of a fuzzy baby bear. He was a good cuddle buddy with the kids and enjoyed going on walks around the neighborhood. He was our buddy when we would go out for ice cream and to the park. He loved helping his momma with work in her office and loved swimming. He will be forever missed and loved by the kids and I. RIP Harley.. until we meet again.

Lindsey Perez
Great Bend KS

in loving memory of Harley

Harley was a big boy
Harley was a good boy
He bought his dad and mom much joy
Sometimes he would even play with a toy

He kept them safe
He kept them warm
He’d always be there waiting
When they’d come home

He stayed with them
As long as he could
If he could have stayed longer
He certainly would

He will be greatly missed
That is a given
But he’s crossed that Rainbow Bridge
And is now in doggie heaven

Carolyn K. Pelletier 9/4/2020

Carolyn Pelletier
Las Vegas NV

in loving memory of Harley

After a 2 year wait with a breeder in Colorado, Harley was born one of a litter of 7. When he was 8 weeks old, we drove to Colorado to bring him to his furever home. I’d never had a big dog before, so it was a challenge for me to handle him; he handled me. He was a real Daddy’s boy before his Daddy’s death in 2017. From then on, Harley was my reason for living.

With the 2020 quarantine, he was my lifeline. We were growing old together. He brought me so much joy, company, a reason to live.

I loved my boy and tried everything I could think of to help him when he developed Spondylosis and degenerative Myelopathy in his spine. We got one more year and celebrated his 14th birthday. The house is so empty without him, but I had to let him go when he couldn’t walk any longer. He was my everything and I’ll miss him forever.

Carol Lisowski
Henderson, NV

in loving memory of Dozer

We got Dozer after two years of dating and was with us through all of life’s ups and downs and taught us so much along the way.

He was with us and our family and friends during sickness and death providing comfort and support during life’s unfair times. He was with us when we left everything we knew behind and moved across the country to begin a new life.

He was with us during our happiest times. He was our white noise machine with his snoring and our personal heater at night when he snuggled up between us. He was there when we got our engagement photos taken. Unfortunately, he couldn’t be there when we said our “I do’s” because bulldog drool and a wedding dress does not match well! But he was waiting at home to love us as soon as we walked through the door like he did every time we left.

He was our only child and was spoiled as such. He got all the fancy dog beds and toys even though his favorite bed was one he got as a puppy that he didn’t even fit in and his favorite toys were plastic bottles and stinky socks. He loved his butt scratches, parks, tennis balls, and Grandma.

When he was first diagnosed, we knew the outcome would be bleak but he chose to fight. He fought for 8 happy, playful, and even more spoiled months until he let us know he was tired of fighting and ready to rest.

We are so fortunate to have had him in our life for the short 7 and a half years he was with us. He will be missed and loved by many.

Steph & Mike Najda
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Tabby Ray

Tabby was my ray of sunshine. My wonderful, grumbly old lady kitty who lit up my life. She had an opinion about everything, loved saltine crackers (or any crackers), lap cuddles, and sunshine naps. She will forever have a piece of my heart and I’ll miss her always.

Cathryne Anderson
Las Vegas, Nv

in loving memory of Samantha

Samantha and her sister Kami came to me as a gift from my parents in June of 2008. Two years later my parents passed away. Since then they have been daughters. Kami passed away in January of 2018.

Samantha has been the sweetest dog I’ve even encountered. She’s always been there when I was going to rough times and for my friends too. Sometimes she would sense someone in pain and try to cheer them up or comfort them in some way. She was a puppy with a heart of the purest gold and a gentle soul. She always knew how to get extra treats from you with her the look in her eyes.

Samantha was so well behaved that I often walked her without a leash and no one ever bothered me. She was loved by everyone who met her and is now with her sister. I’m sure I will find her again.

Louie P.
Las Vegas

in loving memory of Francis

Every morning Francis would wake me up for his morning biscuit, although annoyingly early in the morning he would always make me smile by wiggling his tail and running in circles. His favorite two things in his nearly 17 years of life was CHEEZ-ITs and sticking his head out of the window while having the fresh air blow through his hair. He was independent, loving, intelligent, mysterious, and restless. He was called “Benjamin Francis (button)” because the older he got, the younger he looked. Francis loved traveling, he has been to all of these places multiple times- Naples Florida, Florida Keys, Portland, Oregon, Washington, Southern and Northern California, Duck Creek and Pine Valley Utah. Francis will be greatly missed and is loved by many.

Tara Carlo
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Izzi

On a chilly February day, Izzi found her way into our hearts. We don’t how she got lost, but she found us. Izzi was a beam of light and showed her joy in the simplest things. I think her favorite thing was to be wrapped in a blanket, very snug. I called it a Dorito (doggy burrito) and then carried to her bed for the night. She loved to be just barely chased and nip at her butt with your hands. Her whole rear end would wiggle and her tail swishing. She would run from one room and jump into her bed so it would slide across the hardwood floor. But my favorite times were when she would climb up onto my chest, just look at me for a few moments and then drop her head and cuddle up. A beautiful spirit has moved on. Her energy will be missed and though my heart aches now, she had a full, wonderful life and I thank God for the time we did have with her. We love you, Bean!

Jared Flanagan/Patti Bilotti
North Las Vegas

in loving memory of Tybalt

My Tybalt,

It’s been over a year since you left me, and I still think about you every day. You were so brave until the very end. I never stop thinking about how lucky I was that I got to be your human. I know that all of your pain is gone now, but I still miss you.

karalee wagner
Las Vegas

in loving memory of Keilani

Keilani was born July 25, 2004. Her owner, Stephanie, was in college at the University of Arizona at the time. She wanted a mini dachshund and found an ad in the paper. She picked up Keilani when she was 8 weeks old. Keilani was the runt. She had 1 sister and 2 brothers, and her Mom’s name was Twinkie and her Dad’s name was Eddie.

Keilani loved to sleep in bed. In fact, if someone woke up who she was sleeping with, she would then wander into the next room on the house to find anyone else sleeping so she could snuggle with them.

She also loved suckling. She liked soft stuffed animals and somehow she knew where the head was because she always suckled on the head. She would do this for hours. One time she found a giant white teddy bear about 5 times her size and drug it up her doggy stairs into bed where she suckled its head!

She also loved to sunbathe. We would often times find her on a carpet in the kitchen right where a sliver of light was coming through.

She liked to hunt lizards in the back yard. She also liked to go for easy hikes in the desert and smell everything.

Keilani loved treats and chicken tenders were her favorite. She was 14 years old when she graduated Good Canine Citizen in Lake Havasu.

Keilani helped her mom get through college, optometry school, her first job in Arizona, finding a husband, and most recently moving to Las Vegas to help her Mom open a new business.

Keilani loved rosemary bushes and would often times wander into them, so she would come back inside smelling like rosemary. Every time her mom and dad smell rosemary, they will always think of her.

Keilani’s special day started with watching the sunrise outside with her mom and dad and drinking pool water. Then she took a nap with mom on the couch while mom and dad had coffee. She layed her head on Dads lap while they reminisced about her life. She then enjoyed breakfast in bed, which consisted of cupcake pancakes, ham, bacon, sausage, hash browns, and scrambled eggs. Then, she enjoyed more time outside and inside until she needed another nap. This time, she got to nap in bed with mom, dad and her sister Hershey. Then, her Aunt Natalie came over and she got to eat an In and Out burger in bed! She ate the whole thing! Next came art with her friends and family. She was pooped out after art but had some rotisserie chicken and then another nap in Mom’s arms, while watching Monster’s Inc. She enjoyed her last few hours with her Mom, Dad and sister where they talked about how special Keilani was and how much joy she brought to their lives.
She was with them through so many important life events, and they are so grateful for her. Keilani went to heaven August 1, 2020 and was surrounded by her Mom and Dad who were projecting so much love and giving her hundreds of kisses.

Stephanie Woo
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Pepper

Pepper was everybody’s snuggle buddy from a chubby little puppy to the end . She was my teenage sons first compadre , partner in crime and sleep over buddy . He lost his best friend with four legs . I am so thankful nv pet hospice was an option . Our old lady went so peacefully and was surrounded by her family . Pepper aka fat girl ,mommas and my old lady will forever be missed in our family . She really was the best dog ever and there will be more dogs in our family but there will never be another like her . Love Johnathan Jacob Matthew and Robin

Robin Cleveland
Las Vegas NV

in loving memory of Rupert Burke

Rupert Burke July 13th, 2008- July 28th, 2020

Rupert was born with 7 sisters and was in a kitchen outside of a little playpen running around and around as all of his sisters raced inside the playpen running from one side to the other side and back and forth in a small herd like fashion as he playfully tormented them. That was it, we knew we had found our new friend. On the way over to meet him for the first time, my husband and I were in the car and he said “I’ve always wanted a dog named Rupert”. I said I thought that was a wonderful name for a dog and so it was. We laid eyes on him and he was Rupert. He was a prince of dogs and always got the respect he deserved. He was sweet without being intrusive. He wasn’t the type of dog that was on top of you at every moment. Contrary, you had to give him the affection. When Rupert would suddenly and out of the blue go to you and give you a kiss it was special, you knew he meant it. He was the most loyal dog and wouldn’t leave your side if your were sick. He was an emotional sponge and if you got mad about something you better not let it show or he would shake like a leaf. He kept me from getting angry because I knew what it would do to him. He made me a better person. Rupert was such a humongous part of our family, of our lives. The only good in losing him is knowing he isn’t suffering physical pain anymore. For that I am truly grateful. He is survived by his mom and dad and girlfriend Gemma. Prince Rupert has left his giant paw prints on our hearts and souls forever. We love you darling boy always and forever.

RIP beloved Rupert.

Lynn and Michael Burke
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Uber

Born from a prestigious show line of Pedigree, Uber was a gentle giant; loyal and dedicated to his people. A natural born omnivore- he loved eating leafy greens. A head of lettuce core was the only thing Uber would growl over. He was a handsome boy whose best friend was the family cat. He would twirl for breakfast and loved going on adventures to the mountains. An exceptional swimmer who spent many days in the pool and a few laps around lakes. Uber did not care for hunting; he would rather make friends with all of the other animals. He was a cautious and concerned father and was very careful not to step on the babies. He is survived by his life companion, Suki and their 8 pups. He will be dearly missed.

Rachael Carter
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Jasmine

Jasmine, you were our world for the last 11 ½ years and we will miss you more than we can put into words. You brought us unconditional love and immense joy and we will forever treasure our memories of you in our hearts. Tinkerbell and Simba could not have asked for a better big sister and pack leader. You were simply the best doggy ever. You were so brave these past few months in your battle with cancer, but you told us you were ready to be at peace and we knew we had to let you go. You have now fulfilled your purpose in life and completed your journey. We couldn’t have loved you more, Pooh Bear. Amen and Bow-wow.

Dr. Toby and his team could not have been more caring and compassionate throughout the entire process. Our final goodbye was a beautiful and loving tribute to our fur baby in the peaceful setting Dr. Toby helped create in our home. We are forever grateful.

In loving memory of our Jasmine… December 19, 2008- July 27, 2020

Daniel and Susan Farris
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Sammy Dachshund Jr.

Quite simply. he was our friend and companion. His demands were few, he wanted to stay close to us whether on the couch or in the car. We adopted Sammy from a local rescue and enjoyed his company for ten years. He was a funny, sensible little man.

Sandra A Fallon
Las Vegas Nv.

in loving memory of Scout

Scout was the best! My loyal companion, always at my side. We loved long walks, going to the park to play, running in the snow, side by side naps, jumping on my bed to make me get up, looking for me when I was out of sight, and cuddling together. Unconditional love!
You knew me well and for that I was blessed. You will always be in my heart! I love and miss you my special girlie. Mama

Shawnee Fierro
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Lilly

There is so many wonderful memories of our Lilly. She loved everyone and all animals. Her favorite thing of all was swimming and just being with her family. And playing with her little brother Louie. We miss her immensely. She was the happiest girl and most beautiful dog. Thank you Dr. Toby for your compassion and letting our Lilly cross over the bridge in the comforts of her home peacefully.

Dawn and Paul Schultz
Las Vegas Nevada

in loving memory of Lidia🥁 Rich

Snagov story
Snagov was a Romanian stray dog I brought it from Romania 18 years ago.
I traveled to Bucharest, my native city to visit my sister. One day we did a trip to Snagov a little town close to Bucharest known as the tomb town of Vlad the Impaler ( Dracula).Driving to this town we ‘ve seen in the middle of the road 5 puppies about 3 month old. I barely stoped the car to don’t hit them, I took them in my car and drove ti the first restaurant in Snagov and let them over with other dogs usualy getting food from the owner of this restaurant. One of them didn’t want to staythere but followed me to my car 2-3 time. I said to myself ” this guy wanna come to America” so I took him I did all vactinations and got with me in my flight back to US. I named him Snagov of course.When he got 7 month old he met Princess a female dog I found it in a Flea market in Ca and I rescued her. They fell in love right away and got merried. They had 5 puppies which later I found them a home. Snagov was a good father he loved Princess who passed away last year.I think he could’t live without her so now they are together. Doctor Toby was his angle, helping him to go in peace to the Animal Paradise.

Lidia🥁 Rich
Las Vegas

in loving memory of Lidia🥁 Rich

Snagov story
Snagov was a Romanian stray dog I brought it from Romania 18 years ago.
I traveled to Bucharest, my native city to visit my sister. One day we did a trip to Snagov a little town close to Bucharest known as the tomb town of Vlad the Impaler ( Dracula).Driving to this town we ‘ve seen in the middle of the road 5 puppies about 3 month old. I barely stoped the car to don’t hit them, I took them in my car and drove ti the first restaurant in Snagov and let them over with other dogs usualy getting food from the owner of this restaurant. One of them didn’t want to staythere but followed me to my car 2-3 time. I said to myself ” this guy wanna come to America” so I took him I did all vactinations and got with me in my flight back to US. I named him Snagov of course.When he got 7 month old he met Princess a female dog I found it in a Flea market in Ca and I rescued her. They fell in love right away and got merried. They had 5 puppies which later I found them a home. Snagov was a good father he loved Princess who passed away last year.I think he could’t live without her so now they are together. Doctor Toby was his angle, helping him to go in peace to the Animal Paradise.


Lidia🥁 Rich
Las Vegas Nevada

in loving memory of Harley

Harley used to make funny noises every time when he gets excited when me and my mom come over to my grandparents house. When I walked outside in the backyard. I see him and he see me and as I kneel down, he came right towards me and he sniffs and gave me a couple of licks. And sometimes he messes around and runs around in the backyard like a crazy little puppy. He was loved by everyone including me. He was loved by his brother. And especially by his sister who he is now with her. He was also loved by our other relatives who came to visit from time to time. Even though they’re were kinda strangers to him.
But everyone loved him. He will be dearly missed and remembered as time goes by.

Chris Trujillo
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Mr. Boots

He was a great kitty. I was 16 and he was 8 weeks old when I adopted him. He was an out door/ indoor kitty for 11 years. He enjoyed laying in the yard and soaking up the sun. He enjoyed destroying the catnip plant. Then he became an indoor kitty when he came back into my life. At first he didn’t like it. Being in a new home with other kitties and not being let out was a bit hard on him. But then he got used to it. Made himself a friendly buddy again for me. I always loved seeing him there to greet me before I left and when I got home. Towards the end he had a lot of medical issues. We did everything we could but we knew we couldn’t keep being selfish. We made the hard decision to help him pass and the best way was here in his home. You will be missed Mr. Boots.

Kayla Terlitsky
Henderson, Nevada

in loving memory of Sunshine

My Special Sunshine,
Sunshine came into my life from a kill shelter at only two yrs old. The minute I saw her big brown eyes begging someone to help her I knew I needed her also. I was advised that she was not going to be there for adoption she needed two surgeries with many other problems. I left with this Special Angel in my arms that lasted 12 short years. Sunshine knew this was her home when we walked in our house, however, the only thing she needed was to kiss me. The bond we shared would never happen again in my life every day was a blessing for us both. Dr. Toby did the surgeries and put her on the road to happiness. When Sunshine became ill I took her to three doctors looking for someone to save her the same answer everywhere “nothing we can do”. I called Dr, Toby he came with so much compassion & his loving care guided Sunshine to the Rainbow Bridge.Our home is only long days and night for my husband and myself. We love you Sunshine.

Edith McGlynn
North Las Vegas, NV 89084

in loving memory of Kenai Wagner

Kenai 2007-2020
My Beautiful Sweet Boy Kenai has made his transition to Rainbow’s Bridge today. He is now able to run free with no pain and meet his buddies again. Kenai was the most beautiful soul I have ever met. I rescued him in 2009 after he had been to two homes. I’ll never forget when they brought him to our home and he ran directly to me. I told him he was now safe and at his Forever home. I knew he understood. He was gentle and kind. Loved all humans and his fur friends. I have an emptiness inside, however, it was time to let go. He was able to stay at home to make his peaceful transition. Good bye my sweet Angel till we meet again. Always in our hearts.
We love you forever. Mom & Dad. Thank you Dr. Toby for you kindness and loving words. You explained everything. You helped Kenai and us relax. You helped Kenai to be pain free even before his passing. our are a wonderful person. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Annie and Dick

Annamarie Wagner
Las Vegas

in loving memory of Hank

Hank was not just my dog, he was my “person”. When my family left me, Hank stayed close by my side and was my shadow. Hank gave me unconditional love. He was MY therapy dog and went thru very difficult times with me. I am devastated by the loss of my best friend.

Arlene Lovelace
Mount Charleston

in loving memory of Abby Gail Kola Sanders

Our baby lived a long and happy life. When it came time to let her journey end we were so happy to find Dr. Toby Goldman. We cannot say enough amazing things about this man and the way our doggie left. We are at peace and so is she. Cannot thank you and your team enough.

Amanda and Billy
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Rex

To my best friend We Love you and miss you ALWAYS, you were a part of our total lives, any and all decisions, family changes always surrounded around you, WE LOVE REX TAKE care YOUR Family Mom/Solo

Jeehan Williams and Solomon box
Las Vegas Nevada

in loving memory of Darby

My Darby, it’s already been a week since she passed and one of the most difficult weeks ever. Rescued in 2009 from the South Los Angeles Animal Shelter (red listed and scheduled to be euthanized that day) and lived in Huntington Beach, CA until we moved to Vegas in Sept of 2014. Darby was my best friend. She was gentle, full of energy and a super sweet pup. Everywhere we went, people stopped me to tell me they loved my dog.

I knew that I could not keep her forever and that someday it would come to this, I just never knew it would be this soon. I hope that shes having the time of her life up there chasing birds, cats and squirrels and that we can someday reunite. I will miss her until I take my last breath. Love you Darbs!

Matthew Thompson
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Figaro

My sweet baby Figaro…you will be missed more than words can say! It’s been a long journey and we were so blessed to have and hold you for as long as we did! It’s been such a difficult time over the past 3 months after we discovered a cancerous growth before summer started. Rather than put you through all kinds of surgeries that had no guarantees, we decided to let you live out the rest of your days the best we could trying to comfort you along the way. Lap of Love has been a God send to me and my family after having them assist us with our other cat Cody and they were just as wonderful through this difficult time yet again.

Debbie DePompei
Las Vegas, Nevada

in loving memory of Noodle

Dear Noodle, Boo, Slobber chops, Wibbly Bibbly and the many other silly names we called you.
The house is quiet and somber without you here, there is no huge lump at the end of our bed forcing us to sleep around you.
We miss your singing, your delicate kisses and even your early morning wake ups to need nothing at all.
we miss your sweet sweet face, your funny habits and your drool.
i wrote a poem for you a long time ago

The great grey dane, called a silly name,
watching Noodle sleep causes me no great ashamed,
every twitch, mumble and nauseous gas that escapes,
has me in rapture and hairs raise on my nape,
Boo, Bubba, Bub, my puppy love,
i hold you as my child in all that is above.

Alexandra Fabesch
Las Vegas, Nevada

in loving memory of Valentine

Valentine, my 16 year old Golden Retriever German Shepherd mix. You were such a good dog. Very loyal, playful, so smart, you always had to be next to me or mom thinking you would miss something. You never left the side of the table during dinner time because I would always sneak you a piece. You were such a big part of my life. Mom always claims she got you for me, but I know she got you for her. Mom was alone and you were always there with her. You would always get out. Roam around and visit the other dogs in the neighborhood. I would be worried that you would never come back..but, you always did and I was so grateful. I remember you would always be so happy going to the dog park. Whether it be to chase squirrels, tennis balls or other dogs. Everyone at the park thought you were such a lively spirit. And you were..Mom and I love you Val. More than you could ever know. I’m happy your not suffering anymore. You will forever be in our hearts.

Santanna Martinez
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Venom

Venom was a wonderful loving Dog to His family.. he was our Protector so we always felt safe with him being around.. he will be missed Dearly….

Brittney Hougaard
North Las Vegas, Nevada

in loving memory of Buddy

My Buddy is now at the Rainbow Bridge and can walk and run and play. He came to me when he was around a year old and just grabbed my heart and has held it in his paws from that very first moment. Bud will always have a very special place in my heart and I already miss him, his drooling and yes, even his farting. RIP Bud and run fast and free.

Nancy Graham
Las Vegas, Nevada

in loving memory of Cheyenne

Cheyenne was a rescue from The Buddy Center in Castle Rock, Colorado. She was 4 months old when we adopted her. We named her Cheyenne because it’s Native American meaning is “Red Talker” and that suited our red Siberian Husky who was so vocal. Huskies are known for their ability to “talk” and Cheyenne always had a lot to say. She also loved to sing as we discovered when our son was taking violin lessons and she would join in singing when he was practicing. Cheyenne was a nurturing soul. She had an innate ability to detect our son’s high blood sugars (he has Type 1 Diabetes). She would sit next to him and guard him until his blood sugar returned to normal. She was a playful girl. She once broke the fence down between our backyard and the neighbors so that their dog could come over and play. She loved all of the cats we had over the years and every dog she ever met. She loved snow but hated water. No swimming for her. Halloween was her favorite holiday because she got to greet all the kids in the neighborhood. She loved them all and they loved her back. Halloween will never be the same without her.

My beautiful Cheyenne. The best dog I’ve ever known. Wherever she goes, let there be snow.

Karen Hartling
Las Vegas, Nevada

in loving memory of Dannyboy

My Danny boy. My Shadow who went everywhere I went. Sweetest dog ever. Dearly loved by His Family, especially loved his mommy. Spoiled as hell, he for sure had a Great life. We will miss Him in Ours!!!!

Toni Fargo-Palmer
Las Vegas, Nevada

in loving memory of Shiro

I lost a treasured friend today,
The big dog who used to lay
His gentle head upon my knee
And share his silent thoughts with me.

He’ll come no longer to my call,
Retrieve no more his favorite ball.
A voice far greater than my own
Has called him to His golden throne.

And though my eyes are filled with tears,
I thank Him for the happy years
He let him spend down here with me
And for his love and loyalty.

GOODBYE, SHIRO! We’ll miss you….

Jocelyn King
Henderson, Nevada

in loving memory of Jimmie

You had an amazing loving spirit and touched all who crossed your path. I’ll cherish the memories of our long walks and great hikes. Will miss your reminders at 4:30pm every day for 9 years, that it was time for dinner.

I will forever miss you as my-wing man delivering golf clubs. Oh the road trips we took and the shady pet friendly hotels we stayed.

Your ferocious closed door warning followed by a gracious open door welcome to all who visited us. You were so proud and such a gentleman. You were a protector of our home, your sister, myself, and all who loved you.

You will be forever living in my heart, as I am so grateful of having you as my best friend.

Rest in peace Jimmie. You are now free to hunt the biggest fields, swim in the biggest lakes and track all the lizards you want.

Gary Wubbels
Las Vegas, Nevada

in loving memory of Annie

I remember the day we got to this house. It was a long trip from Ohio in the back of a van with 4 dogs a cat and two birds. Stopping at every rest stop to relieve ourselves and eat. Finally when we pulled up to our new home in Las Vegas we unlocked the door and let the dogs in. Annie was so excited as were her other friends. We opened the glass sliding door that led to the back and the pool. Annie had never seen a pool. She ran through the open door and into the pool. She was so surprised. One of my funniest memories of my girl, Annie.

Annie we miss you. It was so sad to see you loose your youth. We loved you from the time we first laid eyes on you. You always wanted to please. You were the best.

Daniel Heath
Las Vegas, Nevada

in loving memory of Elliot

Elliot is the sweetest soul I’ve ever encountered in all my life; he was an angel. And while he may have crossed the Rainbow Bridge, he will always live in the heart of my dear sweet wife, Elizabeth, and I. Love… Elliot was Love.

John and Elizabeth Thompson
North Las Vegas, Nevada

in loving memory of Rebel

Our sweet Rebel gave 14 great years to us. He’s traveled across the country and hiked to some incredible sites…by “hike” I mean rode in daddy’s arms while we hiked. But he loved it. He grew to enjoy long car rides, he loved Saturday’s at the park, and most of all snuggling close to us in bed. He loved his brother Dallas and he missed his family in Florida. We miss our boy so much. The house is too quiet now without the pitter patter of his little feet following mommy everywhere. Rest In Peace our little boy, we love you.

Amanda Boyson
Las Vegas, Nevada

in loving memory of Scruffy

Scruffy joined our family as an adorable rescue pup that my Mom fell in love with immediately. Mom and Scruffy were inseparable and enjoyed loving each other completely. When I would visit Mom with my sons Scruffy would be there as a very big personality in the house! She loved to eat and earned the well deserved name of chow hound. Mom had a large fenced back yard and Scruffy could be found barking it up with the pack of Yorkies that lived behind them. As my Mom’s health deteriorated Scruff stayed with her constantly and spent my Mom’s last day at her feet on the hospital bed. After Mom passed, Scruffy came to live with me and as my job took me around the US for work, Scruffy went too! She crossed the USA several times and got a chance to visit several National Parks and dog parks along the way. She was a great traveler and always easy to get along with other dogs, a Southern lady for sure. Our Scruffy has been a family member for so long and as I say goodbye to her I am also saying more goodbyes to my Mom, as having Scruff around was a connection to her that was immediate. How amazing that God puts in our lives a friend who loves and enjoys life in the now, no regrets or anticipations to color the moment. I am grateful for Scruffy and the love that she brought to us daily.

lesek bellamy
Las Vegas, Nevada

in loving memory of Speedy Gonzalez Aka Speedy G Aka Speedofolous (ofolous For Short)

On March 11, 2009, my husband brought Speedy home to play with my yellow lab. Being a big dog type of guy, I saw him and walked right passed him without batting an eye. I thought he was funny looking and I wanted nothing to do with him. He just sat there next to my sofa looking up at me with those “aren’t you gonna pet me” eyes. 24 hours later, I was so in love with this scraggly li’l mutt that I had to have him. I’ve grown up with pets all my life, but as an adult I was very particular about the kind of dog I wanted. Speedy came into my life and changed all of that. He showed me that a dog is a loyal friend and companion no matter what size, color breed, etc. Speedy literally changed my life. My yellow lab lived to be 19 years old. And when he passed, I adopted 5 more of the most amazing mutts. And I have Speedy to thank for them all. He was the matriarch of the bunch. Speedy loved to travel. He was happy to just go around the corner in the car. I owe so much to my ichiban son (that’s number one son in japanese). In January of this year, he was diagnosed with bladder cancer. I was told that he would probably live another 5 months or so. But Speedy was not done with me yet. He managed to live and love for 9 months. When my lab got old, I held on as long as possible because I didn’t have the heart to let him go. But I promised Speedy back in January that, no matter what I have to do and how much pain it would cause me, I would not let him suffer the way LuckyBoy did. The first indication Speedy gave me that he wasn’t feeling well, I fed him all the junk food he could eat and hugged him and loved him so much that he was ready to go. I like to think that I gave him a good life. But in all actuality, he gave me a good life. In all my life, I’ve never had a friend like Speedy. I will miss my friend and companion for the rest of my life. Rest easy my sweet Speedy G. You were the best thing that ever happened to me and I will never forget you.

Daniel Smith
Las Vegas, Nevada

in loving memory of Sammie

Our beloved Sammie-girl who blessed us with 17 years, 3 months of pure love has passed on.
Once in a lifetime they say a dog will touch your soul; my girl was this dog. Forever in our hearts. Run free baby🐾🌻🐾

Fran Giannotti
Las Vegas, Nevada

in loving memory of Rusty

Today we are sad, we lost our sweet, precious cat Rusty also known as ” the Gentle Giant”. Rusty liked to voice his opinions and would always let us know when it was time to bond. Rusty lost his brother, Tank, six months ago and he grieved. As brothers do they always had each others back and now that they are united again they will romp and play and protect those smaller and weaker as they did in life
Have fun boys and know that you are loved, missed, and will always be remembered. You brought such joy, love, and laughter to our lives.

Sammy & Linda Covelli
Las Vegas, Nevada

in loving memory of Samson

On Saturday, October 12th, 2019 our family had to say goodbye to our dear sweet Samson. His body was being consumed with tumors and his back legs just weren’t working like they used to. I couldn’t imagine a more loving and loyal dog than this little guy. He lit up our lives and brought us so much joy. We will miss his downward dog stretching in the morning and the rhythm of his little snore; sometimes not so little- haha. He was very playful and was always so great with our girls, Tori and Madison. 13 years with this little guy right by my side all the time. He wouldn’t leave a room unless I left first; loyal to the very end. He was an incredible gift to our lives. We have no doubt that he feels like a puppy again and he’s reunited with his best friend, Charlie in Heaven. Although we are feeling heartbroken and the house feels empty without him, we are so grateful for the endless memories with him that we will cherish forever.

Nicole Feely
Las Vegas, Nevada

in loving memory of Tahoe

It is with a very heavy heart that I announce that our Labrador Retriever “Tahoe” has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. Tahoe truly lived a charmed life of just over 14 years and now she can join her “sister” and partner in crime and mischief “Sahara” our German Shepherd who left us almost two years ago.

When Tahoe first joined our family as a puppy she was warmly greeted by Sahara who was 1.5 years old. Sahara soon taught Tahoe all of the tricks of living in the woods as at the time we lived on the foothills of Mt Hood in Zigzag, Oregon. Squirrels were the number one prey for those two.

When she was only 8 months old I had just finished BBQ’ing a 5lb whole chicken. I had it cooling off on the cutting board in the kitchen and upon passing by I noticed it was missing. When I walked into the kitchen I saw the cutting board on the floor and a young Lab looking at me with a wing in her mouth. She promptly swallowed it and there was not a speck of evidence left. She ate the whole chicken carcass and all!

Throughout the many camping trips and fishing and hunting adventures Tahoe was truly a sportsman’s dog. One time Sahara, Tahoe and I were in my old Jeep and were checking out hunting areas. I crawled up this old logging road for about a half an hour checking things out. When I reached the top I looked back and Tahoe was nowhere to be found. The back of my jeep was empty. It was just Sahara and myself (Sahara looked as startled as I was that she wasn’t there). I drove back down the road asking people that I passed if they had seen a Lab. Finally after going about three miles I got out my binoculars and spotted a black dot moving around in a river another half mile down the road. When I got there Tahoe looked up and calmly jumped back into the Jeep all soaking wet after having spent the last 45 minutes swimming in a portion of Hood River.

Besides retrieving ducks, one of her most favorite things to do was to go crabbing or crawfishing with me. As soon as I would approach the buoy that was floating on the end of the trap she would leap off the bow of the boat and retrieve it for me. The one problem I occasionally had was that I was usually crabbing during Salmon season and the seals and sea lions would also be in the bay. Tahoe would try and go play with them at times thinking they were her friends.

Once while on a road trip with my oldest daughter Mikayla as she was visiting prospective colleges to attend we stopped at Montana State in Bozeman, MT. Just as they were telling the prospective students about their famed ducks on campus and the fines that are issued if somebody harms one, Tahoe slips out of the motorhome and then I’m heard yelling “Tahoe leave those ducks alone” as she is running towards her prey. Fortunately I caught her but I think at that point Mikayla immediately eliminated Montana State as an option and tuned out the rest of the campus tour that day.

Another time when I was in Florida visiting my mom I had Mikayla in charge of watching the dogs. A freak situation that caused a gap in my fence (that I’m pretty sure happened as the results of Mikayla’s dog Molly who was an escape artist) resulted in Tahoe going missing. Kayla was very upset and called me at around 2:00 AM Eastern Time. Long story short after face book posts and looking on Craigslist Tahoe was eventually found. When Kayla went to pick her up she found that she was being treated like a queen. They fed her pizza and she even slept with them in their bed. I’m pretty sure Kayla took Tahoe back over to their house a couple of times for visitation because their kids enjoyed her so much.

Tahoe spent the last two years of her life living in Henderson, NV. She would sunbathe daily and up until recently would swim in the pool every day, with nine to ten swims daily not being uncommon. She recently celebrated her 14th birthday (one month ago to the day) but unfortunately that was to be her last.

Today Tahoe enjoyed her last meal one that I am proud to say was chocked full of all of her favorites (livers, chicken hearts, gizzards, squirrel, duck, chicken, bacon, beef steak, hamburger, cheese, select sausages, French fries as well as some whipped cream for dessert). Yes she eagerly munched it down. I can honestly say from the time she entered our life as a puppy up to and including today she never once missed a meal.

Today we enjoyed our last meal and beer together.

Run free Tahoe! You are now free of all your pain. I’m sure Sahara will greet you and show you around just like she did when you first joined our family.

RIP Tahoe!!! You will be missed.

Randy Ballard
Henderson, Nevada

in loving memory of Romeo Romeo

Romeo was with me for 16 wonderful years. He took on my quirky personality. Loved me to the moon and back.
I was with him when he passed at home loving him while he made his transition.
See you pretty soon Romeo. Miss you already!!!!

Lori Smith
Las Vegas, NV

in loving memory of Raven

We helped our beautiful girl Raven cross over the Rainbow Bridge after an 18 month battle fighting cancer. We are so grateful that we chose to have Lap of Love came to our home where Raven was surrounded by the love of her family as she peacefully crossed over. 🌈

We are grateful for the 11 years Raven gave us unconditional love, friendship and joy that she brought into our lives. Her love and spirit will remain with us always.

Rest in peace sweet Raven, you are in a happy place now where you can chase and catch your favorite ball again and no longer in pain. We will see you on the other side. 💔🐾❤️

We all Love you,

Mommy, Daddy and your best canine friend Oso.

Valerie Buchanan
Henderson, Nevada

in loving memory of Mocha

Mocha was a very loving, affectionate, happy and lively boxer to the end. She was a special part of our family. She was always so welcoming to everyone that came to our home. We would always tell people she looks big and scary, but she won’t hurt you, but she may lick you to death. Everyone loved her so much (friends and family). She always had to be in the mix of whatever was going on. She would wander around the house, the garage, front yard and back where ever people were checking up on all. She wanted to be a part of everything. She was like one of us. She would always follow the kids around or whoever was home, but as soon as I (mom) would get home she was right by my side and would follow me everywhere even if it was just to the next room. She loved to have her belly rubbed. It was always so funny when you would rub her belly. Her legs would start kicking like crazy cause it felt so good. It was so cute and funny. One of the last things I remember and had me laughing because of how smart she was when she was in the front yard and a lady had entered the gate and was walking to the front door. Mocha walked with the lady to the front door no problem, but as soon as they got to the door Mocha walked inside turned around and sat in the doorway and started barking. The lady had told me what happened, and I laughed and hugged and praised Mocha. She was such a smart and loving dog. Mocha we love you and miss you so much already!

Ulani Thiessen
Las Vegas, Nevada

in loving memory of Charger

In the most loving and caring memory of my handsome prince Charger. Charger was the runt of the liter and the last to be wanted. I drove down from Lake Tahoe and scooped him up at just 6 weeks old. He was so little. He would sleep on my chest at night and subsequently never broke the habit of wanting to sleep in bed with me, even when he grew to be the size of a small human lol. I used to blow my breath into his nose when his eyes were barely open. I wanted him to always know my smell as one of comfort. As he passed I did the same so he would know that his mom was there and he was safe. Charger loves to play ball more than any dog I’ve ever met. He was loved by all who met him. He was the sweetest, kindest, most loving animal and I could not have asked for more. He loves me more than anyone or anything. He travelled the world with me and went on so many adventures and met so many people. My best friend and companion is gone and my heart will forever be broken and I will always fee a hole where he once was. I am so grateful to Las of love for giving him the passing he deserved. In dignity, in the comfort of his home, surrounded by warmth and love.

Ashley Puida
Las Vegas, Nevada

in loving memory of Jack

I met Jack at West Flamingo Animal Hospital, after he’d been hit by a car and animal control picked him up in the middle of Tropicana. Animal control took him to the closest animal hospital to be destroyed because you know Dobermans are ferocious dogs. Lucky for Jack the staff at the hospital called a woman that bred Dobies, and she got in contact with DRNV and the rest is history. He came to us in Aug 2008, with no name – he looked like a Jack to me and he must have liked it because he responded to it immediately. He was the best dog ever, protector and friend – always knew how a face lick would cheer you up!

Melissa Despy
Las Vegas, Nevada

in loving memory of Sena

My baby girl, you are still so loved, and will be missed. You truly were the best dog.

Cari Cast
Henderson, Nevada

in loving memory of Starley Jack

Starley Jack was a blessing. She evolved into quite a character. She will always be loved and missed. She is an inspiration for me. I have never seen a dog fight so hard to live. With her pain, she still managed to show love. She had a strong desire to stay with me no matter what. Finally her pain and condition could not be handled any longer. She is @ peace now.

Eileen Clay
North Las Vegas, Nevada

in loving memory of Demi

She was my shadow, my happiness, my delight and was capable of driving a motorhome, killing trespassing cats in her yard, and danced daily under the swing. Although I was a breeder, I could not sell her..she had stolen my heart at birth. My pain at her loss is my selfishness, knowing objectively she is free of earthly pain. Demi, forever in my heart.

Judy Bowen
Las Vegas, Nevada

in loving memory of Sophie

How lucky we were to spend fifteen loving years with our magnificent Sophie. She was as beautiful on the inside as she was on the outside. Sophie will be forever missed by her family.

Scott and Shelley
Henderson, Nevada

in loving memory of Dot

Dot chose us one night when we were at a friend’s house. At some point, a precious, energetic grey tabby kitten was in my lap in an instant, claiming me as her Human. On the way home, you stood on all fours in my lap, looking out the window with great excitement. You knew you were going to live in a wonderful home, with a Mom and Dad who would spoil you and give you whatever you wanted. When it was brought up what we should name you, we decided on Dot, because you were such a tiny little girl, but you didn’t know that. You carried yourself like a proud Queen, knowing that you mattered and that you were worth more than gold. You immediately made friends with our senior Maine Coone, Valdiz, who returned the love just as quickly. Your friendship with him kept him young and fit. After all, he had to keep up with a little fireball who had suddenly come into the house. You loved your stuffed blue fish, and often brought it to us as a gift, or a way of showing your love. From this, you taught me generosity. You loved to be petted and scratched behind the ears and under the chin as most kitties do. But you didn’t like to be held. Oh no, not you – being held meant losing a little bit of your fierce independence, and you would have none of that. You did love to jump onto our shoulders to get a higher perspective; you loved to sit in the upstairs window around 10 am every day, and catch the sunshine in the east. You were an expert sunbather, I believe. Later on, you met Dash, a slightly younger female tabby. You weren’t the greatest of friends, but you respected each other – you gave each other the space you both needed, ate together, and slept on the same bed. Sometimes, you did groom each other for just a moment. From this, you taught me tolerance. You lived until you were nearly 18 years old. You went through many life changes with us, including three houses, financial difficulties, family deaths, job losses, and personal accomplishments. From this, you taught me to go with the flow and live in the present.

When we finally said goodbye to you, it was so hard to believe that you have been one of our life’s anchors. Seeing us in all stages of our lives, you remained calm, constant, and resilient. In the face of all the changes of our seasons, you never changed. Yet, always present, always loving. You will always be our Dot.

Kathryn Chavez
Las Vegas, Nevada

in loving memory of Koda

Koda blessed me with his presence in 2006. I adopted him from an animal shelter. They said he was found wandering the streets in north Las Vegas and assumed he was either 1 or 2 years old. He was the perfect gentleman and the sweetest dog I had ever met. The day after I adopted him I got a call from the animal shelter saying that he was scheduled to be euthanized but they ran out of the serum and he was going to be the first the next day. This angel of a woman who worked there decided after playing with Koda that he should not be put down. I adopted him the next day and we have given each other 14 years of unconditional love, protection, comfort, and commitment. His favorite thing in the whole world was eating…even though I’m pretty sure he didn’t taste anything in the way he inhaled everything. He loved going out and suntanning…no matter how hot it was outside. When he was younger he loved destroying…not playing with toys. He loved tug of war and going for walks. He used to run around in the back yard chasing shadows. He was really easy to please as long as he was with me.

Jenn Piscitelli
Henderson, NV

in loving memory of Hercules

My Dearest Hercules,

You were my companion for almost 15 years – that wasn’t long enough time with you. I have never been truly alone because you. Even after your sister Bella crossed the rainbow bridge you were there to soften the blow and keep our routine going. It was a blessing to take care of you, receive your kisses, and to be in your presence. You will always be my baba. We love you Hercules. Mom & Dad

Vanessa Szelezsan
Las Vegas, Nevada

in loving memory of Abbi

For 14 years she was by my side, always there training working playing. The protector of the flock, fighter of Bob cats and coyotes, and the occasional bad person. Police K9, EDD, and best of a great Hug-A-Pet and Monterey hospice. One of the best dogs ever, walking down the street at Halloween with the 3 yr old fairy princess one year was special!

Mike Gardner
Henderson NV