It was love at first sight, she was very sweet & loving. And, in the moment I named her Sweets at 3 weeks old.

She was a 4 year Pit Bull who was a protector and lover. She loved given my husband and I kisses. She enjoyed playing with her brother. It was truly never a dull moment having her around.

She loved to eat including eating her siblings food too. She enjoyed the outdoors and barked at every person who walked by, including if she noticed them down the street.

She was a great companion. When we felt alone she was there. When I cried she was there to lick my tears away. And, She was the best as cuddling.

She made our family feel so loved and made us laugh.

She loved us hard and we loved her just as much.

She was a very special girl. My husband and I feel so blessed to have had her in our lives.

Our house is quite without her, everywhere we look we imagine her there. Our hearts wish we truly had more time.

Our Sweetie will forever be in our hearts and our love will continue grow until we see her again.

03/28/2019 – 02/05/2024

DanYel & Lorenzo Williams
Las Vegas, NV

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