Romy found me in Riverside. She was sleeping in the sunshine on the patio, just a few months old. I didn’t immediately capture her to be an indoor cat. It just began to rain and didn’t stop for two weeks. There we were, at the beginning of 15+ years together. She birthed kittens, Millie and Ace, that remained her friends for life. Snowball didn’t make it. On the move to Vegas they meowed nonstop to Barstow until Kim Carnes “Betty Davis Eyes” on repeat kept them all miraculously quiet the remainder of the way. A few years ago, Romy and I were the only survivors on the way to an insurance paid Marriott stay. Once again the vocal stylings of Kim Carnes saved the day. We spent a week at the hotel working on character driven “Gayle & Pickles” Honorary K-9 unit. Dog whistles unavailable, photo included. Romy was the most beautiful Calico cat and the sweetest surprise of my life. An angel, like the markings on her face. Just know it! RIP Romes. Love, Mom

09/11/2008 – 03/22/2024

Mary Pilgrim
Las Vegas, NV

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