I have loved many cats, but Ralphie is the cat that made me a cat person. I will miss his throaty meows and how he loved to love but also occasionally bite you. He woke me up often by kneading me, especially when I was pregnant.

This cat knew how to communicate with humans. Ralphie told us when he was impatiently awaiting his pâté by putting a rubber band in his dish. He got his name because it was what his meow said when he was saying hi, “Rrrrrrrrallllph.”

His favorite thing to do in the mornings was drink running water from the sinks and talk to his humans while they showered. Kevin was his person. He loved him like crazy and always rested across his belly and followed him around.

I will miss you always, Ralphie Ralph.

03/01/2024 – 02/19/2024

Angel Morgan
Las Vegas, NV

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