Thank you for that magical day you literally walked into my life and adopted me. I wasn't looking for having a cat at the time, but there you were. Walking into my apartment on a beautiful March afternoon in 2006 through the open patio door, sitting down in front of me, and meowing. After five days, and not being able to find anyone who said they had lost you, you already had your first vet visit and gotten your name, a name that fit you so well. You were estimated at six months old at the time, so all through the years we always celebrated your birthday together every early October. For close to a quarter of my lifetime you were my special friend, my sweetheart kitty.

I am so sorry you became sick so fast. You were braver than I during those vet visits to find out what was happening to you. But you were succumbing to the illness faster than anyone could predict. It had only been a couple of short weeks since I first observed something was wrong before we knew for sure, and the only course of action left had to be done. I was certainly not coping well when I knew I had to make that hardest call I have ever made.

The house now feels empty, and the days and nights are lonely since you had to go away. No more meowing for attention, no more hitting me with your “stubby” tail, no more singing along with me when I sang to you. For however much longer I have on this earth, I will miss you and cherish all the love and wonderful memories of the time we had together. See you at the rainbow bridge my Princess.

10/01/2005 – 09/15/2022

Michael Singleton
Las Vegas

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