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11 years ago on July of 2012 we met you and your partner in crime Charlie girl at the Irvine Animal Care Center. You were found roaming the streets fully bathed with no microchip and no collar with Charlie. They kenneled you two together and I remember that pathetic look of sheer doom on your little face when we were about to take Charlie out for a meet and greet. Right then and there, we knew we couldn’t separate you two. So, on July 8, 2012 you and Charlie came home with us to create our little family of four. With Charlie being a daddy’s a girl, naturally you became a mama’s boy.

You were my grumpy little, instigating, territorial little man, but boy did I love you and I wouldn’t have changed a thing about you.

My little man, it seriously broke our hearts seeing your body whittle away. You stopped eating around February 10th. We decided to bring you into the vet on the 14th and they took some blood samples. When results came back on the 16th, we were told to immediately get you admitted into the hospital. You remained hospitalized for two nights and it was determined that there was not much more intervention that could be done. With a history of a heart condition and a new diagnosis of renal failure, plus concerns regarding your liver and pancreas, there were no treatments left to try that would not cause the other organs to fail. So, on 2/18/23 we decided to bring you home. We were really hoping that if we brought you home, we’d be able to get you to eat enough to get your energy up. But unfortunately that was not the case. Over that next week, we watched you get weaker, and thinner. And we knew what needed to be done. We had to make the hard decision to put you to rest.

As you all know, our dogs are our entire world. Oreo was just shy of 13 years old and we adopted him when he was 2. Having had to experience the loss of our two previous fur babies, we knew we wanted to do things a little different this time. I stayed home on 2/22/23 and spent the whole day with you giving you so much love and kisses and cuddles. I made sure to wipe up your face after each vomit because I know how much you hate things that stink. I even washed your dog beds throughout the day and constantly rotated them so you always had a fresh place to lay down. I hope those little things helped make that day just a little bit more comfortable for you. Sadie had been restless the entire time you were unwell. But at 5:30pm on 2/22/23, she finally relaxed, laid down, and fell asleep. And at the same exact time, you passed away peacefully in my arms with the assistance of an in-home veterinarian.

We miss you and we love you so much Oreo!

07/08/2010 – 02/22/2023

Edele and Nicole Onas
N Las Vegas, NV

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