We got Kimo for my wife because we couldn’t have anymore kids. Turns out Kimo became ‘Daddy’s baby. He was my shadow, everywhere I went, Kimo was right beside me. I took a nap, he took a nap-you get the picture.

We’ve had other four legged kids but Kimo was the best companion I’ve ever had.

Very sweet and gentle and enjoyed savoring his meals. He was hands down the slowest eater! He’d take a bite, take his time chewing while looking around. Meanwhile, his sister Belle would sneak in and start eating the rest of his food.

He enjoyed being around his family and just hanging out. He didn’t like being in crowds (just like Daddy) and would always come over to me so I could pick him up and hold him.

There are so many memories and stories I could share about him.

We will miss you dearly my baby. Daddy and Mommy love you!

04/09/2006 – 12/26/2022

Michael Yagi
Las Vegas NV

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