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An Ode to Junior James
By Rezadent

Junior James, Junior James, you elder boy, my friend,
You went in peace and quiet to the rainbow glen.
You gonna find all your kitty friends and romp around and play
As you journey, you will say ‘Humans, be okay!’

But we miss you friend, we will sing you happy songs
You scampered right into one one six and said ‘I stay for long!’
You had to be a badass hanging out in T-Park
But You got afraid and needed shelter when you heard the pitbulls bark.

And a boy said ‘hey, yes, come on in,
I'll teach you some new tricks,
Like fetch a toy and hide from Moe,
Until it’s time for us to move and go.’

Ya’ll grew up and moved out the hood to Shadow's Crest,
Where one summer day, a Queen arrived named Goob,
She had her babes in record heat and doubted they’d survive,
But Woman Wilz and Human Jeeves kept the Runt alive.

Wasn’t long before two Bros came in out of the cold,
Feral Boys were super scared and anything but bold,
But Woman Wilz and Human Jeeves tamed them both with food,
And now they have crowded in, like You, forever and for good.

Junior, you still be aloof, but might allow a pet,
Snugged up near the keyboard,
As safe as you can get,
You love the Human, that’s for sure, and never cause a tussle,
Chunka, Fivah, Sixah, Goob, they don’t have your muscle,
Cuz you were the elder of them all, and now you have departed,
Left us Humans, sad with love but not so heavy hearted.

You found us all and it’s all good, you brought us, Junior, joy!
Thank you Junior, thank you Cat Gods, thank you, Elder Boy.

– 06/01/2022

Las Vegas, NV

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