Harvey…what an amazing dog! He was part of our pack for 12 years and lived for 17 long years. Harvey had a tough past before we rescued him at 5 years old. We gave him a lot of love, support, patience and care to help him through it. And he gave us back all his love and loyalty.
Harvey loved nibbling on his Max (from the Grinch) and Pickle (I'm a Big Dill) babies; giving hugs and kisses to his brother Xander (our son); guard dogging from his "spot" on the stairs; begging for food and eating his "nom-nom" noodles; being our protector puppy.
Harvey was so special. And we loved him so very much. Although we are so sad Harvey is no longer with us on this Earth, we know Harvey is with us in spirit, sitting in his spot, and forever being our guard dog. We love you, Harvey Boy!

12/15/2006 – 02/05/2023

Danielle Medcalf
Las Vegas, Nevada

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