Ares was adopted at about 7 months old on August 20, 2011. He was a wild white puppy that would jump fences, swim in rivers and lakes, fly over furniture, lay on top of tables, and lay down in water.
Ares traveled between Nevada and Texas, playing in the forests of Flagstaff, the parks of Albuquerque, the huge dog parks with lakes in Amarillo and Dallas.
He was a super smart, super strong, super stubborn, supercute Superdog. My beautiful Bubba monster. I miss him, his sweet kisses, his big paws, and his fuzzy warm fur. I love you Ares. It was the hardest day ever to watch you leave me after 12 years together. My stunning boy Ares aka "Whitey" "Bubba" "Bubbie"

01/20/2011 – 08/11/2023

Michelle Underwood
Las Vegas, NV

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